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  1. And yes, my ds is a dual citizen, which means he can get into and stay in America, but can also still be allowed back in to NZ who is only open to kiwis right now. However, quarantine is full, so they have just halted all new reservations for kiwis on AirNZ and Singapore Air for 3 weeks, so he may not be able to get back at all. And if he does, it might cost us $4000 to pay for the quarantine because he chose to leave. gulp. So many unknowns. But we are rolling with the punches, and seeing this as an opportunity for some life lessons.
  2. Piles of students trying to get apartments in Boston. I do think apartments are safer than a dorm situation as long as the students play it smart. Plus, looks like a lot of the seniors don't want so many restrictions on them, so are giving up their spots in the dorm and moving off campus. On the good side, this will free up space for all the internationals that chose to stay in apartments in Boston in March when the dorms closed down, who are now required to leave the country.
  3. MIT has invited seniors back and will consider petitions for students with difficult situations. It will run hybrid classes, but you must live on campus to attend in person as they want to keep campus somewhat isolated from the larger Boston community. DS could petition and would likely get a spot due to hardship (online classes run in the middle of the night here), but he is now organizing to rent an apartment in Boston with some friends and complete the semester online. MIT has given every student $5k reduction in tuition regardless of how much you owe -- so a larger percentage
  4. My guess is that they got it while in a quarantine facility. Here we have managed isolation which is for people who test negative and quarantine in a different hotel for people who test positive. In contrast to quarantine where people are required to stay in their rooms at all times, in managed isolation people are allowed a bit more freedom, like going for walks or enjoying some sunshine. But if someone has a negative day 3 test, it could be a false negative. So I'm sure there are positive people circulating in the managed isolation facility here in NZ. Not many, but I'm sure there are a
  5. Oh, it is a size thing too. And an island thing. But yes, we are back to normal with no masks and no social distancing, and 95% of our economy up and running. But we are set to have a HUGE number of problems based on the border restrictions. No country will get off lightly.
  6. I was looking at this part of the article: "The last cohort permitted to petition comprises seniors whose theses require laboratories, “practice based” work that cannot be done virtually" I definitely saw only what I wanted to see! 😞 So nervous about tomorrow when we hear.
  7. Just asking. 🙂 Yesterday's NSW/Vicrotia border closure was the first time the borders have ever been closed between states in Australia, so it made me think of the US. There is a first time for everything. As for 'crazy' NZ style lockdown, it was supported by 90% of the population. So apparently not crazy in this culture and not an over-reach of the government either. 90% is a shocking approval rating for anything in politics.
  8. You must have one negative test to leave -- we test day 3 and 12. So if you are positive at day 3 and negative on day 12, you can leave day 14. If you are negative then positive that means you stay longer until you have a negative test. If you refuse to get tested, you stay 4 weeks.
  9. NZ is requiring at least 1 negative test AND no symptoms AND 14 days to be allowed out.
  10. My guess is that he caught it while in quarantine, which is why it was over 14 days later he tested positive. This has been my concern with how NZ has been handling the isolation facilities. Too much mixing between people, but never letting people out of their room for 14 days is not so great either. We had someone yesterday, hop the fence and do a runner. 😞 The PM was hot. She said that 5 million NZers did not have to have a guard outside their homes to keep them in lockdown, and NZers in quarantine shouldn't need that either. The runner was prosecuted and fined.
  11. I was seeing that. So sad that the outbreak seems to be FROM the quarantine centers. There is now a discussion about whether we want our quarantine centers in city centers within high rises (with limited lifts) or if we want to construct facilities out in the boonies. What a mess. Also, we have the military running our facilities. So more strict than Australia had with using security guards. But NZ is watching closely. I heard a heart wrenching piece on a number of tower blocks being completely locked down like they did in Wuhan. They seemed to be all state-housing, so poor and o
  12. NZ may end up creating a quarantine free travel bubble with only certain states within Australia. So it is good to know that they can close internal state borders. The discussion is a bubble between Australia/NZ/Pacific islands/Taiwan maybe by the end of the year.
  13. I'm seeing the little states in New England doing quite well. How many border crossings could they have? The cut could be vertically down the borders between VT/CT/MA and NY. Or include NY and make the cut at the NY border for the region. 55 crossings is a lot of crossings but my understanding is that NSW is doing all the manning of the borders with their NSW police force not a federal force. ETA: Australia has a federal system like the USA.
  14. I've been very interested in what is going on in Australia as it is a warning for us here in NZ. NSW/Victoria border has been closed. The police are manning the 55 border crossings between the 2 states. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/nsw-victoria-border-closed-by-coronavirus-with-police-on-frontline-20200706-p559jb.html Is it possible for certain US states to do the same?
  15. No that is not correct. All freshman allowed, and all other students to petition to come based on hands-on coursework or family situations. MIT is to announce tomorrow. Harvard Newpaper link: https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2020/7/6/harvard-college-coronavirus-fall-plans/?fbclid=IwAR2Mh-OTLqeXMuKjKp_ZIYKq0zwtosl7KdF9U_SdtJnZbGvHU4ae0fFP8eg
  16. Harvard announces all Freshmen invited back, and all other students must petition to come back based on family circumstances, etc. https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2020/7/6/harvard-college-coronavirus-fall-plans/?fbclid=IwAR2Mh-OTLqeXMuKjKp_ZIYKq0zwtosl7KdF9U_SdtJnZbGvHU4ae0fFP8eg MIT announces tomorrow, and I am feeling a lot of apprehension especially now that Harvard is not doing what was initially proposed by MIT (juniors and seniors in person for the fall). We have tried to make lots of plans for different contingencies, but we can't actually get anything done until we know
  17. The wool filters used in the NZ masks use a specially bred sheep that increases the electrostatic aspect. Not just any old wool. They were tested to be similar to an N80. The ones we found have a cotton outer that is washable, and wool filter inserts that you can use for about a week and then dispose of. You buy the outers separate from the wool filter inserts so you can buy a pack of 10 inserts. But there are many different brands that are using the wool filter, so they have different constructions.
  18. They are available online, and NZ post is now working again. You should be able to get them.
  19. Yeah, I've seen you guys talking about them, but haven't really paid attention because we don't need them here. But now, I'm off to go find one. Interestingly the N95 masks here in NZ are not available in their online stores, only in the in person stores. My guess is that they were being sold out from international purchasers, and there are tradies here that need them. Hence, the in store only option. I'm curious if that is true for a pulse oximeter too.
  20. yes, very. We either need to ask if they are allowed in the dorm room, or just not ask and use one. I know that they cannot have tea kettles or microwaves in the dorm room, but perhaps they will make exceptions for mask sterilizations. I'm wondering if I ask. hmmmm
  21. Yes, my sister order some for her, and routed them through us so we could try them. They do feel a bit like a wool scarf over your face. 🙂 I don't think they will work for him.
  22. All good ideas, Pen. In the past, it is the bacteria that is trapped in razors and violin cloths that has caused the acne. He has never worn a mask, as NZ never suggested or required them. My dh is going to go buy some disposables today and have ds try them out. As for travelling, he won't have to wear one on the NZ flight to CA because no one will have it. But he will wear one in the airport in CA, on the direct flight to Boston, in the Boston airport, and in the taxi to his dorm. Then he goes into quarantine for 7 days. So he will need to wear it for 12+ hours on his trip over. As for t
  23. We have gotten him a special silver impregnated cloth for his violin hickey which was getting infected and bleeding. So perhaps we could find him cloth masks impregnated with silver.
  24. Does anyone have good information on home sterilization of disposable masks. We have been doing some internet research, but just curious if someone else is studying this. My ds will be leaving NZ for Boston in about 6 weeks. He has struggled with acne for years and has it under control, but I'm thinking disposable masks are the best bet. I can get surgical masks at the grocery store (on sale because no on here wants them), and the P2/N95 masks at the hardware store. He could use the surgical masks everyday, and the P2/N95 masks when on airplanes or in crowded areas he can't avoid. We are th
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