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  1. I was thinking that too. . .wet nurses have become more and more taboo as our society "evolves"
  2. YAY!!! snow. . .it's still snowing at 10:30 (but it's not laying. . .bummer). DS woke up this AM and said "THE SNOWS ALMOST GONE!!!!" I told him it probably wasn't there in the first place. As I was pulling out of the driveway at 7:30, he was already running down the street to meet up with a couple of his friends who were already out trying to collect enough snow to make snowballs. I told them to go out on our back deck and make some snow angels. They're loving the snow day!!!!
  3. Us too in SC . . .actually it's no longer a possiblity it's definate for us. . .I'm so excited. Last time it snowed it was after dark and the kids ran out side in their t-shirts with cameras to take pictures (they're a crazy bunch!)
  4. That's why we've cut back on dining out. If prices had stayed the same we may have continued eating out several times a week, but it was starting to cost over $40 for 3 of us.
  5. I think I am going to take an exercise break today. . .I'll probably feel guilty for it though.
  6. Help! I'm gonna have to go find another cup of caffeinated coffee soon. I can't stop yawning! here's the rest of my vent. . .I've been exercising so much that I can't keep up with keeping the workout clothes clean! ACK!!!!! So here I am at work with no sports bra and I had to borrow a pair of gov't issue sweats this AM from DH. I have 5 sports bras. I run everyday and go to the gym every other day, that's at least 8 workouts a week. I have a gift card for Kohl's. . .I guess I'll be going over there at lunch. Maybe God's telling me to take a day off and wash some clothes when I get home! I'm really struggling with exercising today because I'm so sleepy!!!!!
  7. I think you'd be a great homebound teacher. I think most homebound teachers don't really "Teach" like they should. DD was on homebound off and on after her accident and it really caused her significant problems. All the homebound teacher did was drop off the assignments and pick them up. There was VERY LITTLE instruction, so DD wasn't learning the new concepts and got behind. . .hence why we just started homeschooling. A teacher that really wanted to teach would make that position such a blessing for many!
  8. Edisto Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah Island in SC Ocean Isle in NC If we go to the beach we usually go to one of those.
  9. Yep. . .but only if I can leave DH and the kids in the states! Just kidding?!?!?! Sort of. . .
  10. Sharon. . .my DS11 already does that! JO-I AM POSITIVELY ENVIOUS! I don't think that will EVER happen in my house!
  11. and NCIS. . .I'll be watching that b/c Mark Harmon is MUCH nicer to look at than Simon. (yes I've said that before on other boards today.)
  12. Oh you poor thing. . .I tried to sum it all up, but I think you'll like it better fcoming from FOx. . .Here's the link to the recaps. 8-9 and 9-10 was on last night. . .REMEMBER it's on TONIGHT too!!!!!! http://www.fox.com/24/recaps/season7/index.htm
  13. Well, I've been exercising my butt off and really staying in the weight watchers guidelines. . .my total weight loss. . . 2.4 lbs what. . .:001_huh: I know 1-2 lbs a week is the normal weight loss on this diet, but I thought surely with the exercise I'd do better than that. I just had to get that out. . .thanks for letting me vent
  14. I did some manual labor at work today (boxing up files and taking them to the warehouse) then went to the gym after work and did 2 circuits. Much better than monday.
  15. Finished memoirs of a geisha. Working on The Parting by Beverly Lewis.
  16. I walked at lunch yesterday. . .didn't get to go to the gym. But at least I've exercised two days in a row. . .GO ME!!!
  17. I DID AWESOME YESTERDAY!!!!!! I walked for 45 minutes (listening to Ac/DC and BonJovi. . .so it was a brisk walk). Then went to the gym after work and did two full circuits. I need to increase my food intake though, b/c I was really struggling those last few stations. Today I'm hoping the rain stays away so I can walk.
  18. Becky. . .me too! All the books out there in the world and we're reading the same one!
  19. I'm right there with ya! I went back to WW today. I'm a little testy b/c I drank my coffee this AM with NO yummy creamer. . .just sweetener. Yuck!!!
  20. DH makes a comment about my cooking skills EVERY TIME that darn commercial comes on with Lisa Kudrow. DH is the chef in the family. . .I'm an excellent baker, but not so much with the cooking. I have my own DS, so I might invest in the cooking program.
  21. I haven't read all the replys but I like paper (and lists too-paper lists actually) b/c it's right there in front of you all the time to see. It's harder to forget things b/c there right there in front of your face! slightly OT. . . I started a job at a company and asked if they could get me a rolodex for my desk to keep all my contacts in. They told me no. . .I needed to use the contacts feature in outlook. . .um, that's great, but when the power goes out cause there's a bad storm, I need to be able to call the babysitter or school to make sure my kids are ok. . .the computers only effective if you have power. I think there's a point when we can be a little TOO reliant on technology.
  22. Well Cindy, you wouldn't leave your kids home alone. . .now would you. :tongue_smilie: Wait a minute. . . that might not be a bad idea. . .hmmm
  23. Choirfarm. . .my DD did something similar when she was old enough to realize that smoking was bad for you. She would take them out of the pack one at a time and snap them in the middle, but not completely in half just enough so that they were still together and looked normal. She'd put them back in the pack and I was none the wiser. I'd pull one out and it would be snapped, pull another out same thing. . .she was such a sneak. . .I laughed about it and still do. I have had to quit due to taking BCP and being over 35, but the downside is that now DD is 18 and smokes. I'm hoping she'll quit soon, her boyfriend is pressuring her to. I'm glad I did quit and I do feel better about myself. I miss it sometimes (when I'm stressed out) but for the most part I'm hanging in there. Thanks for sharing your story.
  24. LOL. . .there are just some things that a parent just won't ever understand. That is so funny!
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