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  1. Don't know if anyone from the family is checking this page. I just wanted to let you know you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Molly N. beloved wife, mother, and friend is now resting in the arms of her Lord and Savior where there is no more sorrow or pain. She died peacefully tonight in a deep sleep without any pain. Thank you so very much for your prayers and concern for our family. Our family will always treasure your love and support during this time. Resting In Him, Katie
  3. Hello everyone, Mom still needs prayer that her platelets will increase and her kidneys will function properly. But today when I went to see her, she was responsive because they didn't have her sedated as much. Mom answered yes and no questions by shaking her head. She indicated that she was not in pain and that she did want music on. When asked if she wanted to see us (me and my siblings) by my dad she even opened her eyes for a brief second. Needless to say, we were VERY encouraged to see her respond. Mom's condition still remains very serious. Please keep praying and thank you all SO very much! :001_smile: Will update again soon! In Him, Katie
  4. Hello everyone, Mom is still hanging in there. They are giving her something to get her white cells elevated. They have to get them up so that they can do the chest procedure that gets the fluid out of her lungs and they want to do a catheter. That is our prayer now is that they white blood cells will elevate to a normal level. They have also put in an order for a blood transfusion that should be there by lunch time. My sister and I were home last night but we only slept a little so we are exhausted this morning. My dad stayed here for a little while too while my mom's sister stayed at the hospital so he could get some sleep. We are praying for a miracle and that the Ultimate Healer will heal her body. Will keep you updated as I can... Trusting in Him, Katie
  5. I hope you all can see this. I'm not really sure how to work this message board. The latest is that they have moved mom to ICU. It's a scary time for all of us and its been very emotional. They have her on a ventilator and something else that goes down her throat and is going to help get the fluid out of her lungs. She is okay right now though. She was resting well when I left. My aunt came today and is staying with her most of the night so that my dad can get some sleep. She was sedated and not alert when I left tonight. Earlier when she was kind of alert I told her I loved her and that we have lots of people praying for her. She was able to squeeze my hand three times for "I love you". I lost it then. It breaks my heart to see her like this. It's almost as if my mom isn't really here and has been replaced with another person. It's a weird feeling but God is still in control. I keep repeating the verse in the Bible that says "I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand. -Isaiah 41:10 I will keep you updated and thank you for praying! In Christ, Katie
  6. Hello everyone, This is Molly's daughter Katie. Please be praying for my mom and the rest of our family. Mom had chemo last Monday and on Thursday, she woke up with a terrible sore throat. She had a reaction to the chemo and it's called chemo mucusistis (sp?) She wasn’t able to eat or drink for a few days because of it so she got really dehydrated. My dad took her to the ER Saturday morning and they said that she was dehydrated and she has pneumonia. She hasn't eaten since Thursday because it hurts to eat, so she is really weak. She has been eating ice, but that is definitely not enough. The goal for the week is to help her throat to feel better, so she can talk without hurting and to get her to eat food again Under the circumstances she is doing well but it's hard to see her like this. They did put her on oxygen yesterday because her throat is extremely swollen, so her breathing levels were up and down. When we left the hospital last night, she was doing better than when I got there earlier, but it was pretty scary earlier when I got there. We have already had quite a few breakdowns. We have never seen her like this before and it’s really scary. I know that God is in control of everything that happens, but it’s hard to trust that everything is going to be alright when it feels like everything is falling apart. That's about it for now. Her main doctor comes back today (he has been on vacation), so we will find out more. I'll keep you updated! Thank you for all your prayers and concern. In Christ, Katie (Molly's daughter)
  7. I have two that need some help with vocabulary and although I love Wordly Wise, it's costly for two children. Thanks for your help! Molly
  8. It seems like I'm always coming here posting a prayer request. There are so many hurdles to jump in this cancer journey. It's hard to wage war when you are tired and weary. If you have time to intercede on behalf of my family, I'd be most grateful. I went to my thyroid doctor today and she had run many tests as she usually does. The liver and kidney levels do not look good. The iron level is very high as well. It was 44 last year and this year is 3000. It should be below 100. I've asked Dr. W (the oncologist) about how my kidney and liver were looking in the past and he always says fine. I've never seen the results, just trusted he knew what he was doing. I have been having trouble being anemic for the past week and a half. Things are not improving so I'm going to see him tomorrow. Please pray thatmy dh and I will have favor with him as we share the results from my thyroid doctor with him. I'm a little nervous about that plus I don't feel well and am tired and emotional. Something has to be done about my kidneys and liver levels though and the iron level as well. My dh said I looked yellow yesterday so my color is off. This is new territory for me and a tad bit scary. Please pray for our children and that they will rest in the arms of Jesus as we walk through this. I've had a few breakdowns lately and as much as I try to be strong for them, I can only do so much. The reality of all of this hits hard when the Mama can't hold herself together, ya know? Thanks for your prayers and I'll update when I can. Love in Christ, Molly UPDATE: Good morning! I had the blood transfusion on Wed. afternoon and all went well. I am so thankful for such a kind staff of nurses at our hospital. I've been there enough times now that they recognize me and call me by name. They also remember that I am a hard stick and I don't even have to remind them anymore. :-) I do have a little bit more energy this morning so hopefully by Monday when I go back for a check up, the numbers will be up. If not, then we'll make a decision about what to do then. I think Dr. Walker wants to get me strong and well again before doing chemo so I don't think I will have it this coming week. I told him I was tired of not feeling well and would prefer to get my body strong again. He agreed. The reason for the kidney, liver, and iron levels being so high is it depends what week after chemo when you test them as to what level you will get. The thyroid doctor checked them the week after chemo so they would have been high. Dr. Walker checks them right before I get chemo because that is several weeks after the last chemo and gives a true account of where we stand. This week is week three after chemo and they were already back in the normal range. When I had the usual thryoid labwork done, I never even thought about that was the week I had had chemo. I just went that day because I had time. So, hopefully this explains any questions about this. I will be keeping a better watch on these levels because I know how much this scared me. Thank you so much for lifting our needs to the Father! We're so thankful that there was a simple answer to our concerns. Please pray that the hemoglobin levels continue to rise so I will feel better. It needs to be 12.
  9. hemp powder taste like? I've always used whey, but trying to get away from dairy products. Any brand recommendations would be helpful also. TIA, Molly
  10. Please pray for my dd. She hit her head on a pole on Sun. and has had a slight headache, but nothing terrrible. This afternoon she feels nauseous, dizzy, tingling in her body and has a worse headache. She is quite panicked by this as these symptoms have hit her all at once. My dh is taking her to the dr at 3:20. She has a real fear of going to the doctor, so please pray for peace to fill her. I'll update when I know more. Bless you, Molly Update: She's fine. She just bruised it really bad. The dr. told her to take Motrin for the pain for the next few days to get the inflammation down. The other symptoms were anxiety related because she was afraid it was a concussion and that she had to go to the doctor. Amazing how the body works, isn't it? Thanks so much for praying WTM Mama's. We appreciate it so much.
  11. Just wanted to share that the CT scan I had today shows the fluid is GONE, there are less cells than last time, and that the radiation on the esophagus is decreasing! This is an answer to my prayer request! God is good! It was hard for the nurses to find my veins this time, so instead of three sticks, I got five this time. I will be calling in the morning to see about getting a mediport appointment in May for sure. :-) Dr. wants me to stop the inhaler and thinks that is what has been causing me to be so hoarse. Also, the chemo I'm taking causes sinus issues, so it could be that. We'll try dropping the inhaler now that the fluid is less and hope that takes care of the hoarseness. I surely hope so. If you could pray about the hoarseness and that the sinus issues would be minimal that would be great. I finally got the nerve up to ask the doctor today as I know many of you have asked when will I be finished with chemo. I am on a maintenance dose of chemo on a four week schedule. The type of lung cancer I have responds to this mixture of chemo as long as you stay on the maintenance dose. If you stop the chemo, within four to six weeks, the cancer would multiply rapidly. So, at this point, I will be continuing the maintenance dose . Of course, we are still trusting the Lord for complete healing. As long as I'm not sick with any other illnesses or the chemo tiredness, I am able to function at about 80% of what I used to do, so I am thankful for that. The Lord has helped me through 2.4 years now and I'm trusting him to restore my health and that I will live a long time. I am thankful for each prayer you have prayed on our behalf! May each of you be blessed for your faithfulness to pray for us. In Him, Molly
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