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  1. For us, I would take whatever math concept was being worked on at school and cover it in a "real life" way. It keeps me engaged with their school life and shows them the different ways the concept can be used. Other than that, I agree with everyone else...lots and lots of reading. It's a great excuse for more cuddle time! :hurray:
  2. It always makes me feel better if we can "end the day well"...it helps keep the hope alive when we have a rough start! :-)
  3. I love high school for just this reason! Although, sometimes I miss the times when they wanted my participation.
  4. Ok...so the key thing is meet in public, no getting into cars, and meet several times in person first, right? Thanks, guys! I feel much better. I just need to know how to navigate this issue.
  5. I have a 19 year old who just moved across the country to live with his aunt and uncle. He has only been there a week. Already he has arranged a date with someone through Tinder (?) later this week and is currently driving around with someone he met online as they show him around town. I understand that social media is the new normal, I guess, but I just can't see how this is safe. He's telling me, "this 5'2" is not going to murder me, I'm not an idiot, mom"....ugghhh! Is it just me, am I out of touch? I can't do anything about it anyway, but it's not unreasonable to be worried, righ
  6. Oh, phew!!! Thank you all for your replies. I feel so much better! :-)
  7. Hi, I was stunned when my daughter told me today she didn't want to tell me the subject of her essay. She is having one of her writing tutors critique it for her so I haven't even seen it. I was glad to see how proactive she has been about her education this past year because I've been so busy with my 2 year old. It never occurred to me that she might not want me to see it. Is this normal? Or am I missing something? I'm trying to not make a big deal out of it but I'd be lying if I said it isn't bothering me. Is this a "growing into independence" thing or indicative of something more serious?
  8. Thank you!! I found it available on My Father's World! Just finished ordering it and breathing a sigh of relief! Thanks, again!!
  9. I haven't figured out how to post to the sale board and I'm desperate...I am looking for this book for my daughter. Every place I've looked, it has been out of stock. Can anyone help??
  10. I don't watch TV anymore for financial as well as time issues. I just don't have the time and cable is so expensive! We watch some Netflix and Amazon Prime here and there with the kids...mainly kid stuff and documentaries. So, perhaps you can imagine my absolute shock when this past weekend, while on vacation in Atlanta (I live in a small New England town) I turned on the TV at 5:30am because the baby was awake and I thought, cool...a little fun TV time.. So, there's some news, lots of infomercials, some kid stuff...I'm clicking past the kids channels and then hit upon some shows, mayb
  11. Would love to but I fear we may be working (on a reduced schedule) during this summer! Trying to be upbeat about it...
  12. I haven't read the other replies but for us, we have met others through playgrounds and parks, bookstore (during bad weather) and places like Burger King or bagel cafes....basically wherever moms and kids congregate. Hope that's helpful. I find that when the weather warms up, it gets easier. Good luck!!
  13. I found having a newborn SO much easier than my now 9 month old who is everywhere and into everything! The only time I can get anything done is if he is confined to a crib, jumper, or backpack. I had to just take it a day at a time, sometimes things go very smoothly and I can stay a step ahead and sometimes no matter what I do, I'm completely lagging behind. At my house, things change constantly and I have to be flexible. I don't know if that's helpful...I'm feeling a little scattered today. :-)
  14. We always try to continue reading, writing, and math...especially math. It's too easy to get math-lazy (for us, anyway) otherwise! I find that I have so much more energy to do the "fun" type of activities that still teach these subjects in the summertime. During the regular school year, it's all I can do to try to stay on top of the lessons in the books, never mind doing anything creative and fun! :-)
  15. Completely agree! Makes me sad to see the stress put on the little ones and the lack of expectations on the older kids. I homeschooled my oldest until 11th grade. He is a senior this year and the stories he brings home are so hard to believe, I'd chalk it up to exaggeration if I didn't know him as well as I do.
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