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  1. I just found this one that we like: http://www.funfonix.com/ Phonics worksheets for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers, free printable worksheets, printable phonics workbooks, and online phonics games for kids from Fun Fonix.com!
  2. And then at the end of the yahoo article it says that you don't need the shot if blood tests show that you're immune...most likely meaning a person who has had measles and now has natural lifelong immunity, not a person who was vaccinated and only has temporary immunity and the possibility of getting it at an older age.
  3. Thanks for sharing! That definitely gives me more to think about in choosing a major. :)
  4. Wow, there's so much to consider in the healing process. I'm brainstorming and posting quickly because I'm super busy. How about unsweetened cranberry juice, which is good for the kidneys and candida? Those chia seeds are super high in fiber, and so are psyllium husks. How about lots of veggie soup, since it's easy to digest as well as hydrating? Millet is a nice grain to go with the soup. How was the aloe juice? And how was the oregano oil? And probiotics or unsweetened yogurt? Don't forget Triphala and spices like asofoetida, ginger, cayenne, and cinnamon. No bread (unless it's yeast free) and avoid sweet fruits, bananas are really high in sugar and I imagine candida would thrive on that. Stevia may be a safer way to go if sweetness is needed. I honestly don't know much about vata, since most of my reading on ayurveda has been for my super kapha self and super pitta dh. GSE did it for me, and oregano oil did it for my dh. I'm cheering you on and hoping the best for healing and balance.
  5. Here's another Prince Philip quote: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation." -Prince Philip 1988 I imagine that this overpopulation he is talking about is of commoners, not wealthy people in power. This interbreeding royal family is huge and includes American presidents and many celebrities. The newlyweds are cousins. It's a lie that Diana and Kate were some commoners. Others in the family are Obama, the Bush's (more Nazi supporters), the Clinton's, the Kennedy's, Sarah Palin, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Celene Dion, and the list goes on and on. They even let it be announced on the news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjXFHFp7d7Y The brave souls born into this family that chose to change the agenda were Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and Princess Diana. We all know what happened to them. Considering that the big royal family has much more power and wealth than is ever revealed, there isn't much hope for dethroning. Our best bet is to pray for the hearts of the people in power to open and use their positions to serve humanity in a righteous way.
  6. Once, we were waiting at the airport for a friend to arrive. It's a covered, outdoor airport with plants growing in little garden squares. Right when the flight arrived and many people were coming down the escalators, they were greeted by a little boy peeing on the plants in the middle of the airport, well lit by the skylight above! :lol:
  7. I've seriously thought about it, too, but there are no schools where I am, and there is a Traditional Chinese Medicine school, so I'm working my way there instead. Ayurveda is my first choice, but there's no regulations in the US yet. My state only acknowledges naturopaths who graduate from schools accredited by the national accrediting agency, the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) in addition to regional accreditation. Here's their small list of accredited schools: http://www.cnme.org/programs.html Looks like your closest choices would be AZ or CT. I've heard good reviews about the WA and OR schools. My local naturopath graduated from the OR school, and she is awesome. She's also a midwife and president of the TCM school! She did not push vaccines when I needed proof of my ds's existence with a legit doctor's note (he was an unassisted homebirth and we had a hard time getting his birth certificate). The extra cost of a naturopath was worth not having to protect my ds from vaccine pushers. She totally respected our choices. There are a lot more TCM schools accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Here's their list: http://www.acaom.org/find-a-school/default.aspx?state=All&dicipline=undefined&programtypes=MasterAccredited The world is in need of more healers in this age. Long live ancient, natural medicine!
  8. I made one and laminated it. Each row of 10s is a different color and goes in rainbow order, so it is colorful. I also made each row of color alternate between light and dark, so all the 30s are green, 31 is lighter green and 32 is darker green. I also used MUS's idea of starting each row with a whole ten, so that all of the 30s are in the same row, ending with 39. I started out making my own wall stuff to save money, but now I find the stuff we make to be very special and nicely customized to what we like. We've made rainbow colored alphabet charts, odd and even charts, shapes, and place value charts. We've made number cards for games (or flashcards) with note cards, crayons, and watercolor paints. We also make our own calendar every month, which is on the wall next to note cards that have the days of the week and months of the year which we change every day to the day's date by moving the cards (with sticky stuff). It's fun, special, and cheaper! HTH!
  9. Coconut oil worked wonders for us. After just a few days of using it, all eczema was totally gone and never came back.
  10. Here's two sites with a lot of general info: http://www.ayurveda.com/online_resource/index.html http://www.holisticonline.com/ayurveda/ayv_home.htm Deepok Chopra has a good quiz to find your dosha (constitution): http://doshaquiz.chopra.com/ The powder mentioned before was hing, which is also called asafoetida. It comes from the sap of an herb and is dried and ground into a powder. Most Chinese and Indian food has it, so you've probably had it before. It aids digestion. It is really good! We don't do garlic, so asoefotida is like a nice flavor substitute without the strong smell. I'm all about supporting vegetarianism, and I personally believe that there is no need for fish or fish oils. Those omegas are in flax and hemp seeds and walnuts, and turmeric is a super anti-inflammatory spice. Cilantro has shown to be very effective in removing toxins, especially metals (like aluminum), which can help keep away Alzheimers. I also highly recommend avoiding fluoride. I don't know much about concussions, but my first thought was arnica. Thanks for this thread! I love ayurveda, and even though I'm just beginning to learn about it, I feel it makes a lot of sense for balancing and healing. I look forward to it becoming as well known in the west as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  11. Thanks for all the imput, too! I like learning more about healing. We all need it! The link works for me, so I'll cut and paste it all (I hope that's ok here). http://www.practical-ayurveda.net/candida.html
  12. Ayurveda can be very detailed, but as beginners, we can keep it simple. Here's a nice basic ayurvedic perspective on candida treatment to check out: http://www.practical-ayurveda.net/candida.html Be sure to check out the recommended diet in that article. Shatavari is asparagus and is recommended. Keep up the firey spices like ginger, black pepper, cayenne, oregano, turmeric, etc. Don't forget the aloe juice and coconut oil to cool it down if it's too firey for the gerd. Hing/asoefotida is really helpful for digestive fire, better than garlic, IMO. Check your health food store for it. It's in most Indian and Chinese food, so you've probably had it before. I think it's important to consider that acid reflux is a pitta imbalance, although the constitution may be more vata, the firey pitta aspect needs help. Balancing the digestive fire is what seems to be needed most. Candida is most common for people who are kapha, so that is why the diet and apple cider vinegar helped someone who is kapha. For kaphas, it's hard to loose weight. For vata, it's hard to gain weight. For pitta, it can go either way based on diet. Cures need to be specific because we all have different bodies and metabolisms. Triphala is good for balancing all doshas, so that is an easy, can't go wrong ayurvedic formula that your health food store probably has. As for neem, it is super bitter like GSE, and is a very potent herb that can kill most diseases. It's important to know that it is used for contraceptive purposes in India, and men take it daily for temporary sterility and women take it daily to avoid pregnancy. Fertility returns when neem is no longer taken. But do not take neem if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant! Tulsi is also called blessed basil and is an amazing plant. Everything about it is good, IMO...it is the queen of plants! Health food stores usually have it in tea bags. Restoring and maintaining balance is a full time job! Best wishes for healing and balance and peace. :)
  13. Wow! I can't imagine pulling out a molar without being in a lot of pain afterwards! How did he do it? At least you know now what really motivates him!
  14. Pregnancy symptoms are a good sign! The waiting to know part is hard, but there are things you can do that may help. Be sure to rest and lay down as much as possible. When getting up, walk the body up with your arms and don't strain the tummy muscles. Commune with the baby and your body and try to pray and hope instead of worry. Visualize the healing of the place of bleeding. Try to avoid any foods that could complicate the situation, nothing spicy or bitter, Italian seasonings, papayas, and anything too strong for a little baby. Be sure to get lots of natural iron from greens and tea and drink lots of fluids. Asparagus (Shatavari) is recommended in ayurveda to effectively stop a threatened miscarriage. Eat lots if you can! Shepherd's Purse can stop a hemmorage within minutes, so it is good to have around. Angelicas (aka Dong Quai) helps to naturally clean out the womb afterwards. If miscarriage becomes official, these herbs can help to miscarry naturally, but they should NOT be taken during pregnancy. Be sure to read more about these herbs before using them to make sure they are safe for you. Stay hopeful and rest well. Best wishes and big hugs for you! :grouphug:
  15. Ghee is clarified and the impurities in butter are removed, which helps with the many diseases that come from too much toxins or undigested food stagnating in the body. Ghee has less fat than butter, although they’re both saturated fat and should not be overtaken for the well being of the heart. A little ghee is good for all body types. Before electricity, ghee was made because it doesn’t need refrigeration and it was used as lamp oil. In the sense of it burning well, it aids digestive fire. It is good for high temperature cooking and doesn’t burn like butter does. In other words, ghee is cleaner than butter.
  16. I had 3 NDEs as a teenager. A genetic blood disorder made me fall for a few minutes into dreams. The first time was all black...nothingness, ignorance, void, space. The second time was all red...passion, desire, suffering, war, hellish. The third time was all white...goodness, comforting, motherly, safe and cozy feeling, heavenly. After that, I knew I had to take better care of my body, which I did and didn’t have any more of these episodes for a long time. I later learned that these three colors represent the three modes of material nature: white-goodness, red-passion, black-ignorance. The ‘white light’ is considered the bright shining effulgence of God. Then I had a miscarriage recently and lost a lot of blood and started loosing consciousness and leaving my body. Having young children to care for kept me in a constant prayer to keep my soul in this body for their well being. I was begging the Lord to let me stay here to help them. Then He guided me through my heart and told me to go drink coconuts. After doing this, all bleeding stopped and the miscarriage came to an end. I’m sure that I would have died if I hadn’t gotten a blood transfusion (which I really didn’t want to do) or drank a coconut (it’s similar to plasma). I’m amazed at how much the responsibility of having children has made me more attached to this body in order to serve them, fulfilling my duty as a mother. Ever since then, I have been devoting a designated amount of time everyday to praying and giving thanks for this blessing of life, aspiring to be a servant of the Lord and staying forever engaged in God’s service and guided to know what that is. There’s nothing like a near death experience to help a soul appreciate the blessing of a conscious, human life.
  17. My ds had a clogged tear duct when he was a baby and I put breastmilk in his eye as often as possible and it went away within a few days and never returned. Warm tea bags are a fun way to get warmth on the eyes, my kids love this! ‘Tea Bag Eye Man!’ I hope it heals quickly!
  18. For all of the vigilant tooth brushers our there, here's some tooth brushing songs to sing: (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star") Here's my toothpaste Here's my brush I won't hurry, I won't rush. Working hard to keep teeth clean Front and back and in between When I brush for quite a while I will have a happy smile. (Sing this tooth brushing song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row your Boatâ€) Brush, brush, brush your teeth Brush them everyday. We put toothpaste on our brush To help stop tooth decay. Floss, floss, floss your teeth. Floss them every day! Using the string to clean between Keeps the plaque away! Clean, clean, clean your teeth. Clean them every day! Your teeth will sparkle for years to come In the most beautiful way! Brush, brush, brush your teeth. Brush them every day! Happy, healthy teeth you'll have If it's done this way.
  19. My ds6 has no cavities and night nursed until 2 1/2. My ds3 has a lot of tooth decay and is still night nursing. I still think genetics is the cause because ds3's front teeth first appeared as if lacking enamel and started to decay right away, and his molars are so deep and hard to clean. I feel that extended night nursing was not the cause, but contributed to an already existing genetic situation. My poor toothed guy loves licorice root, the ancient chew stick. It kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Swishing hydrogen peroxide works well to whiten teeth. I'm just so thankful that kids get a second chance with their teeth!
  20. I'm glad GSE is helping. GSE has been a miracle cure for us for any kind of yeast overgrowth. Just lesson the amount if it aggravates anything. Alkalinizing with lots of bitter and no sweet is what I've found to be the key to healing many health problems, and GSE makes it easy to get lots of bitter. Other helpful foods for all of the conditions in consideration are aloe vera juice (before and after meals for gerd), okra, bitter melon, mint tea, unsweetened cranberry or pomegranate juice (aka grenada en espanol;)), and dark, leafy greens. Tahini is from sesame seeds, which are antifungal, and can make a raw foodist chubby. Dip veggies and make salad dressing with it for some weight gaining, antifungal food. Most of the food that will help gain weight will also feed the candida or aggravate the gerd. When the gerd is minimized and stomach rebalanced (aloe vera juice?), than more healthy nuts and oils can be taken like coconut oil, ghee (not canned, here's a recipe to make it from unsalted butter), olive oil, and sesame oil. When the candida is rebalanced, more protein and carbs can help gain weight. There is always a way to restore the balance...you've just got to find out how...and it's different for everyone! Best wishes for healing!
  21. Let me guess...it's the same story again...big bad guy's being mean so we gotta help our buddies take him out. Then our buddies become the new bad guy radicals to take over, so we'll need to overthrow and stop the new bad guys that we had been helping...only of course in a place that happens to have lots of oil or opium or something valuable. And the war profiteers enjoy in their mansions while the rest of the world prays for the wars to be over.
  22. Over half of the rodents where I am have leptospirosis, which can make people very sick and die, and it comes from rodent urine getting into cuts and openings in the body (usually through water). So, the idea of having a rat as a pet is unheard of here! I wish we had lepto-free rats!
  23. About 60 hours of minor contractions (3 days and 2 nights), with super intense contractions for the last hour before birth. It was good that the labor was long because he came out with the cord around his neck, and longer labor gives the cord time to stretch out for a safer birth. I drank valerian tea to sleep between contractions for those 2 nights. I highly recommend waterbirth...it's nature's pain killer. Get in the hot tub!
  24. This full moon is very special to Gaudiya Vaisnavas. It is called Gaura Purnima, which means 'Golden Full Moon' because it is the appearance day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who had a golden complexion and was born at the moonrise. He shared the glories of love of God through congregational singing and devotional service.
  25. LOL! I've seen many gecko vs. cockroach battles. Sometimes I hear a knocking on the window and find it's a gecko slamming the caught bug back and forth on the glass! As much as I can't stand roaches, I don't want to hurt or kill any living things, so I catch them and the kids have a blast letting them go down the road. All you need is a glass vase, bottle neck works best. Put some snacks in there and they can't crawl out! Once, I was doing the dishes and a cockroach somehow crawled on the underside edge of the counter and up onto my shirt! I freaked out...way too close for me. Oh, and I will not sleep with a roach in my room.
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