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  1. I'm pretty excited for a bit more independent work this year! Language Arts: WWS1 Paragraphs for Middle School by Killgallon Analytical Grammar Vocabulary from Classical Roots A Getty Dubay Handwriting D-E Math: Singapore 5B, 6A, and 6B Science: Aristotle Leads the Way History: History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 2 (hoping to cover geography and literature here) Latin: Getting Started with Latin? Fine Arts: Atelier Guitar lessons Logic: Mind Benders Red Herring Mysteries
  2. I *still* hold my pencil "incorrectly" at 34, and my handwriting is some of the neatest you'll ever see.
  3. It looks something like this in our house: http://happyhomeschoolhippies.blogspot.com/2011/09/following-science-curriculum.html
  4. I really just cannot get in a groove with it. We just finished level 2 and my son loves it, but I feel like my implementation is lacking. I'm wondering if I find it odd because we started at the beginning, way below his level. Or if it is trying to manage all the different components, when all we really need is the book, a dry erase board, and a marker. Or maybe it has to do with the baby that fusses whenever w try to do it. :tongue_smilie: Will it get better when we move to more challenging territory? Do you have any implementation suggestions? Would it be bad to drop the cards and til
  5. Ours goes along with our history study of the Middle Ages: (1)*Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman (2)*Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray (3)*A Door in the Wall by Marguerite De Angeli (4)*Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman (5)*The Castle Diary of Tobias Burgess, by Platt (6)*Whipping Boy by Sid Fleishman (7)*Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry (8)*The Great and Terrible Quest by Lovett (9)*A Single Shard by Park (10)Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric P. Kelly and Janina (11)White Stag by Kate Seredy (12) Proud taste for Scarlet and Miniver Read aloud: *Canterbury Tal
  6. All of those are teacher intensive. Are you doing the same level for both of them?
  7. Whoa! :001_huh: Thanks for the heads-up. I'm taking this one off my wish list.
  8. I probably won't be terribly helpful because I only go through this with one child, but I can give you time ideas that might help since I use much of the same. For my 8yo ds doing level 2 on all of these: Singapore takes about 30 minutes total with instruction and work. WWE, if split into 4 days, takes less than 10 minutes. We do AAS in chunks instead of x days per week. We do one day for 4 lessons. At least for level 2. We will keep doing it this way until it gets challenging for him. FLL we do several lessons per day and spend maybe 20 minutes. HWT he does 2 pages twice per week
  9. We started in second grade and I feel we are right on schedule (whatever that is). My ds read a lot during first grade, but it was all his choice. My husband and I read some books when he did and discussed them with him. I just feel at 5, 6, and 7, play is still the most important part of a child's education and with his free reading and our reading aloud we seemed to accomplish a great deal.
  10. I like it! I'm going to use it for my rising 3rd grader soon. I think I'll use the TG on my iPad and only print up the states sheets. We won't do copy work here and we'll do dictation or narration on blank paper.
  11. We are starting OM1 with our 5.5 y/o. We'll probably go through the letters quickly...read the fairy tales, draw the letters. We will slow down when we get to word families. I'm using it for LA, social studies, and science. We will be using Singapore for Math. In the late winter or spring we will be ready to move into FLL1 I believe. I plan on spreading out the science and social studies though.
  12. If you buy on Amazon, the workbook is cheaper than the PDF...and you don't have to print copies yourself. I have four who will eventually go through it and I still think with the cost of ink, paper, and time, it is cheaper to buy the hard copy each time. Unfortunately. :glare:
  13. I would leave the wood and choose a bight robin's egg blue for the top. White is so hard to keep clean.
  14. I just started following everyone here. :) Off to make a new homeschooling room board. Here's my sort of disorganized boards: http://pinterest.com/chansemama/
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