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  1. Rosie, you are one person I would LOVE to meet IRL! :)
  2. 5' 8" size 9.5 (or 40) shoes. Pre kids, I wore an 8.5.
  3. Thank you. Is that it? :lurk5:
  4. Can you list all the complete "box" curricula available? My friend is a humanist and doesn't want to have to filter through books to see if they are secular. This is her first year and she's a little nervous. Grades 2, 3 and 5, if that matters. I've told her about Oak Meadow, but she would like to look at others. :)
  5. After Labor Day. Probably the second week of September. I want to wait until all the school kids are back in so we can enjoy the zoo and parks without them. :)
  6. I've used both and if you compare apples to apples, Sonlight is hugely expensive. Sonlight Core A (Kindergarten) $733.98 (complete) Oak Meadow K $385 (complete with craft kit and K-3rd manuals) Heart of Dakota LHFHG $242.37 My Father's World K $338. Living Books Curriculum Kindergarten $499 I think any *complete* curricula you purchase will have sticker shock, but it is a bargain basement price compared to any private school.
  7. Well, to homeschool one child for less than $300 a year, that seems like a bargain to me. There is a lot more in the Syllabus than just the schedule in the younger grades. Even though there are separate fairy tale books and craft books, the majority of the stories and ideas are actually in the Syllabus. In fact, you could easily just buy the Syllabus for the younger grades and use Grimm's Fairy Tales or Lang's, and Burgess and Clara Dillingham Pierson Animal books (all free online or at your library) for K through 2nd grade. Add knitting and an instrument, and there you go. I think i
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