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  1. I stayed at a condo through Storytime last time we were at Disney. We loved Windsor Hills so much we thought it would be fun to come back and just stay at the resort. So, since we are not going to Disney this time, we'd like a bigger home since they are the ones with bigger pools.
  2. Thank you so much for all your advice! :thumbup1: Happy Summer!
  3. I am interested in staying at Windsor Hills or Windsor Palms the next time we are in Orlando. Last time I rented through Storytime as was recommended here. They were great, but they do not have availability for the time we want to go. There are SO MANY companies in Orlando that you can rent from. I am worried that some may not be as reliable as others. So, I'm hoping for recommendations here. Have you stayed at Windsor Hills or Windsor Palms in Orlando/Kissimmee? What company did you rent through? How was your experience? I know that some use VRBO. I'm thinking that since that is jus
  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! A very true point and one that I had never heard expressed that way! I think my perfectionist self doesn't like this truth. I want to find a way to "do it all". It is an important reminder that we can't and to pick life based on our values, not on a delusional perfectionism. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing. If I need this, I'm guessing others may too! I'm definitely sharing this! :001_smile:
  5. Thanks! I'd value your ideas WAY ABOVE 2 cents! I LOVE the part I bolded! I think that is great advice!
  6. I'm speaking this Monday night at our local homeschool support group. Here's the description of what I'll be talking about that was put in our newsletter: "Do you ever wonder if you have made the right decision for your kids when you decided to homeschool? Do you ever worry about whether you are cheating them in some way on their education? What about their socialization?" If you were speaking on this topic, what would you say? Do you know of any links to research on the topic of socialization I can add? Or any other kind of re
  7. :( Believing for you that your 55 year old self will look back at your 35 year old self and see how much better things became, and how - somehow - it was worth it all. Praying for that! Your post is a reminder to be grateful. Sometimes I get pouty and I forget that others have much more difficult things to deal with than me. My heart goes out to you tonight.
  8. Ok! I'll bite! (no pun intended) Why should I not ask for ketchup at the Whispering Canyon Cafe?
  9. Jennifer, I was going back through this thread and writing down everyone's suggestions on one piece of paper so I can figure out which one got the most votes, when I saw this post. I MISSED it somehow, the first time around!!!! We are going to be there for 7 days. Thanks so much for answering about the shows. It is much needed information! Sorry I didn't notice it earlier! :D
  10. Urpedonmommy, since this thread has been brought back up again, I just want you to know. I have thought SO much about your post. I have actually quoted it to many friends and family. It has really brought me peace. You have helped me put my unrealized dreams into perspective. You reminded me that I am here because, in part, I chose to be here. I chose to sacrifice for my children. I chose to make my life more about their needs than my own ambitions. Also, I love the part about moving forward means closing another door, and doing something well means doing other things poorly. This is
  11. Good quote! I agree. Maybe life is also about us rising above any "mistakes" our parents may have made. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to do this thing perfectly. But, overcoming some of the imperfect things my parents (who were wonderful, and certainly tried their best) did has made me stronger and has given me new perspectives in life.
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