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  1. I think if I order two and only use one, I'm only charged for one. It's the first question I have when I call to schedule it. And this has nothing to do with the topic at hand...but moving is exhausting! :lol:
  2. I knew I wasn't crazy for thinking two! Thank you! I just don't see how it's possible to get all we have into one. I'm ordering two!
  3. We're moving 1300 miles and have had so many bumps along the way. After crunching dozens of numbers, we (think) that a UHAUL U Box is the right way to go for us. But I'm curious...has anyone used these before? Are they pretty decently spacious? I can't tell if we're going to need one or two boxes. I see the cubic feet and I am looking at our stuff....and I don't know. I marked off 8ft by 5ft with tape. I think we need two, but my overbearing but well meaning mother in law is insisting we need only one. Her basis is that we aren't moving a couch or a dining room table. We have, among
  4. Another vote for Otterbox! And ours is used to protect the iPod against my "drops everything" husband...not the kid!
  5. Between my husband and son, we have so many allergies that I just cook the entire meal allergen free. Dairy/lactose free, gluten free, nut free and nightshade free. It's.....not easy. But it's easier to eliminate all the allergens and start from there. But if it is just the one allergy, I agree with others when they say to set aside a portion and make a dairy free alternative. But do teach her about what is safe and what isn't - it's surprising to learn what has hidden dairy. I make sure that Deacon reads labels with me all the time so he knows what to look for. Also, I'm glad that y
  6. I agree with nearly every response here. The Hive always has such good advice. I also wanted to add that AirTran was cheapest for us last year - we checked every airline, had flexible days, compared airports, etc etc etc and AirTran was always a few hundred dollars cheaper. First bag/per person flies free. Three of us, round trip from LaGuardia to Orlando and then Orlando back to LaGuardia was $600 including taxes. Not bad for the middle of the summer! =)
  7. I chose that he does, but probably should have chosen that either of us does. He wakes at 4:10 am and is out the door by 5:00. If I am coherent and not falling over, I make it for him - but that's only about 2 times of out the 6 days a week he works. Hence, why I chose that he makes it. If I could fall asleep after he left in the mornings, I would do it daily. He's so appreciative when I do the easiest, silliest things, so it makes me love doing things for him. I just wish I could make my body do it everyday, haha. 4:10 is scary sometimes!
  8. I'm not exactly sure if what we do is "loop scheduling", but I think it is? There's subjects that we do every day (WWE1/reading assignments, SOTW, our Math, some sort of art project and whatever he wants to learn about (right now, it's space. Last month was dinosaurs...it's kind of a free period, so to speak. Whatever he wants and however often it changes is up to him). Then we are looping (I think it is, at least....for us, that means once or twice a week) our science, Geography, his piano lessons). We school year round, too, for various reasons. Like I said, I'm not sure if what we
  9. I am moderately creative. I can come up with a few things, but just like Mabeline, I can recreate anything I can see. Craftgawker is my favorite place to scourge up ideas and Pinterest is right behind in line as my second favorite! Much more crafty than artistic. My son wants to do a craft every day...so it's fun planning out the crafts. That being said, once I see the original idea, then I'm creative and can spin my own style on it. A favorite thing to do is to take yard sale tables, dressers, etc and sand them down, refinish the wood and repaint it. Give it a new life, sort of.
  10. 1. Your boy is absolutely adorable. 2. I love the name Oliver. 3. I say, go with your gut. 4. Your boy is so adorable. 5. I realize that 1 and 4 are the same, but they needed repeating. :001_smile:
  11. I don't remember since I was reading before age 2. :lol: I kid, I kid. My parents had been teaching me phonics at home instead of going to pre-school (which was so scandalous in my itty bitty town!), so I entered Kindergarten with a good idea on how to read, but they didn't start teaching us. So my parents kept teaching me at home and I really mastered how to read at about 5/6 years old. But when I entered 1st grade, they were teaching sight words. And had the nerve to tell my parents that they should stop teaching phonics, since it goes against what they were teaching. I remember my par
  12. Posted too quickly, I got my search function to work. :001_smile:
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