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  1. I say... Kuh-rib-bee-un No clue if it is right or not. LOL.
  2. I would assume I don't have a clue what is going on in her home. I do believe unrepentant viewing of pornography is grounds for divorce. The word in Scripture translates as more encompassing than adultery. It actually means something more along the lines of sexual impurity. I definitely place pornography within that definition. I'd acknowledge prolonged unrepentant use of pornography and any number of other sexual perversions as grounds for divorce.
  3. That surprises me. I had an ectopic and lost my tube. I saw a OB specialist because I was also having fertility issues. He had a standing order for me to go get a blood test whenever I was more than 1 week late for my cycle (which happened frequently since I'm so irregular). I think part of that is because you can get false negatives with ectopics. I was also immediately scheduled for a vaginal ultrasound as soon as the blood work came back positive. I wouldn't wait.
  4. I guess I just wonder why they can't think of anything original.
  5. I hope you didn't think I was questioning your theater going. I wasn't. Just agreeing with you that people have different priorities. I love the theater, by the way. :D
  6. :iagree: Exactly, we all have our luxuries and that makes sense given our individual situations. My best friend though would find voice lessons a complete waste of time and spends much more money on hair and clothes because she works outside the home and feels it is important for her job that she look a certain way. I spend more than most people on skin care items for my family. If we were to go down the list, I'd probably blow people away with how much we spend, BUT...my husband has psoriasis and my children have eczema and other topical allergies. So the expense suddenly makes more sense. However, in a WTM skin care financial comparison I'm not really likely to go into all the details of our physical ailments. LOL. I have no clue what your life is like or why you value voice lessons or theater tickets, but I'm glad you are able to afford what you value. I would hope the same would be true of everyone on this board. And I did say to my husband, "Can you believe some people pay $350 for their HAIR?" to which he replied, "Can you believe some people pay $200 for a writing curriculum?" :blushing: Does that guy know me or what? We all spend money on stuff someone else is going to find wasteful.
  7. I agree it depends on the book. Though I would tend to say that physical books are a treasure. I hate ebooks. I love to physically hold a book. I hope they remain treasures.
  8. Random thoughts. 1. If you live within your means, you can buy whatever you want. 2. If you are not living within your means, then don't try to keep up with the Joneses. 3. Most of the stuff we buy isn't NECESSARY so choose what is important to YOU. 4. Realize there are vastly different costs of living in this country. PLEASE understand this. I've completely stopped discussing it with my family because they just can't understand that I can buy the exact same pair of shoes that is in their Wal-mart store and pay twice as much. I'd rather spend $350 on books than on my hair, but that's ME. My best friend thinks I'm crazy for spending $$ on books. She'd rather go pay for her nails. That's HER. I love her anyway. I think it would help for folks to remember the above but I'm all for board conversations. I don't always participate but they are fun to read.
  9. It would be pretty normal to pay well over $200 for a cut, color, and perm in my town and that wouldn't be at a high-end salon. I don't personally know many people who do it though. Most of my friends are all SAHM moms and working with single income budgets.
  10. Most people I know who read the Pearl's actually USE balanced parenting. I'm not going to drop a friendship with someone just because they have the Pearl's book in their house. We have plenty of evidence just on this board that a person is capable of reading the Pearl's without becoming an abusive parent. I'd drop a friendship with someone who militantly implemented everything the Pearl's advocate in their books without ever questioning it. HUGE difference, imo. But mostly it would be because I don't enjoy hanging out with people who can't think for themselves. Ahh, but I'd probably come to the same conclusion with a foaming-at-the-mouth Dr. Sear's fan also.
  11. I started out by hiding the pile in a tiny slice of banana. That worked. Now my kids can take them with just water. It just takes practice. My kids HATE liquid medication though so I was working on them swallowing pills as soon as I could.
  12. I read my kids the books when my daughter was in first grade and my son was four. We are going to redo them this coming year with the maps for my son's 4th/5th grade geography. He's older than the recommendation now but really wants to do this as a fun "extra". They are amazing books that can be read over and over again so I wouldn't worry too much about that. There is no way my son could have done justice to the maps any younger than this coming year (he has dysgraphia). I think it would be a bit tough for the typical first grader. Even my daughter at that age would have been frustrated by her inability to get it "just right." Sorry I'm rambling. Bottom line, if you want to read the books, go for it. I'd suggest you wait on the guide/maps until your son is a bit older though.
  13. When I did that, we went more this route with fun books... http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/human-anatomy-resources.html
  14. My 10yo watched them (after reading the books) and had no problems. We just made sure our kids had read the books first. I think it lowers the scare factor quite a bit when you KNOW what's coming next and are also aware of the final outcome.
  15. I haven't read the article yet, but wanted to chime in with this is one of my favorite book blogs! They do a wonderful job of reviewing children's literature.
  16. Ours is up also. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/week-in-review-22712-3212.html
  17. Reminds me of how the husband and I tackle anniversaries, birthdays, and the like. We stand in the greeting card department, pick out a card we like, and swap. We laugh, put them back on the rack, and use the $10+ we just saved to go buy coffee and a dessert to share. :lol:
  18. I stuck a piece of paper, with the prepositions listed, in the kids' bathroom right across from the toilet. I then told the kids they were not allowed to memorize them. I've never had to cover them again. :lol:
  19. Are you uninterested in the books used by HOD? For 1st and 2nd grade, I used Beautiful Feet Early American with one child and used History for Little Pilgrims and History Stories for Children (Christian Liberty Press but used by HOD) for another.
  20. We are close to all of our neighbors. We've been here for 11+ years. We exchange edible gifts on holidays, hang out in front yards talking, enjoy watching the college fireworks from our lawns, mow lawns for each other when needed, etc. The kids play together. I'd say we are pretty close without being too close. We don't get all up in each others business but we know what is going on enough to be helpful when necessary. We have a wide range of folks, some who have lived here their whole lives (older neighborhood) and younger families. We really go out of our way to get to know our neighbors when they first move in.
  21. No. Though I have familiarized my kids with the Dewey Decimal System. It makes it much faster for them to head towards a section they are interested in. It is nice that they know 930 is Ancient history or 560 is dinosaurs and can go straight to it to browse the books.
  22. I had a crush on the boy next door for a while, but I never told a soul and would NEVER have wanted to act upon it. I think was 12? I definitely wouldn't have bashed another girl's head in over it. THAT'S NUTS. I wasn't allowed to date before age 16 and remember telling a couple of boys that I wasn't allowed to like them because I wasn't 16. I was frankly glad my parents had given me the excuse. I was completely uninterested in that sort of thing. I was definitely more like a previous poster who mentioned liking her books more than she liked boys. I also went to IFB private school and NONE of that boy/girl stuff would have been tolerated. I've never been boy crazy. In college, the girls were obsessed with getting a guy. Those endless conversations were so tedious. I knew what I wanted. Marriage factored into that but it wasn't my all-consuming passion. I learned early on how to say, "I'm not interested," in a polite but firm way. My 12yo (almost 13yo) daughter seems to be following in my footsteps which makes me very happy.
  23. According to the California Williams Act 35186 every single student must be provided their own textbook and instructional materials. I imagine other states have similar laws. No way would I allow myself to be forced into supplying any of the above in a public school setting.
  24. It hasn't been mentioned yet but what about the negatives of long-term technology usage for children? I cannot believe they would put these children on digital devices for the majority of their day without considering the potential negative side effects. Giving first graders laptops (or netbooks or whatever you want to call them) is also a huge irresponsible use of taxpayer money. They can't even take care of their kickballs and jackets.
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