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    Married since '99, 2 sons, love the Lord, life is good :).
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  1. The scanning I'm thinking of is along the lines of the "Libib" app that keeps track of books...only it would include chapter titles, pg. numbers...things like that.
  2. I've searched for an answer to this question and couldn't find it...probably because it's wishful thinking. Anyway, a little back story. I've been using HST+ for years. I recently got a new computer. Now I CAN'T FIND MY SOFTWARE ANYWHERE so I can get it on my new computer (we moved a couple of years ago and must have lost it in the move). I went to buy a new one, and to my dismay, it is no longer available for purchase :scared: . All of those hours of inputting lessons from all of those books, GONE! So, my question is...and here's where the wishful thinking comes in...is there a downloadable (software, not web-based as I live very rural and my internet connection is spotty at best) that has the technology for me to scan the bar code of my books (i.e. Saxon Math) with my phone and it would automatically input all of the lessons within the book and can be shared on my computer (not the actual lessons, but the info. like: Lesson 1, pg. 1-5, multiplication facts,etc.)? With the technology available these days, I figured it was worth a shot to ask? If not, someone should create it! It would save us homeschool mamas a LOT of time. What would be your recommendation for the second best software that I can download onto my computer? Ability to use my smartphone with it is a plus but not necessary. Thank you in advance for your help!!!! Kristie
  3. School started for us yesterday...YIPPEEE!

  4. Here's mine...haven't figured out how to add a link from my iPad so I'm just going to put the addy. If you know how I would love to hear it :). http://sonshineclassicalacademy.blogspot.com/2013/07/it-been-while.html
  5. We used Right Start Kindergarten A and B this year for my ds5 and it has worked well for us...still working through B but we like it.
  6. :bigear: I also have a boy entering 1st grade next year. We do Classical Conversations and I was wondering if MOH would work well with CC.
  7. Here's mine. Happy February! :seeya:
  8. Anyone else or am I the only one? :confused1:
  9. I didn't blog in December so mine's more of a month report. Here's mine. Happy New Year everyone! :party:
  10. We started a new tradition this season and did lots of fun things to celebrate Christmas. I shared it on my blog if you're interested. Did you start any new traditions this year?
  11. I have no advice to give as my boys are still very young. All I can say is I'll be praying for you and your family and your friend and her family. That's a tough one and I'm sorry you're both faced with such a struggle. Blessings to you all!
  12. Sick! I hope none of you get this bug...misery!

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      DH just brought me a root beer float...that helps :).

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      Just Another Jen

      All my kids have it- but I'm still standing.

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      Too late. . . .

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