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  1. Masterbooks has this: https://www.masterbooks.com/civics-and-the-constitution-curriculum-pack Generations has this--I don't know how typical it is for a government course: God and Government MFW uses two books: Never Before in History and Under God I don't know if these resources were already linked above...
  2. Lots of good ideas here, thank you. Looks do-able, if I don't get lazy! I'll be juggling phonics with the littlest and Homer with the oldest. 😜 I've been thinking about combining the top two (12 and 14yo) for Henty's Cat of Bubastes. I saw MFW does that in 9th grade... is Henty okay for a lighter read in high school? is he too light or too much... MFW has the high schoolers independent. I wondered if I combine my 12 and 14yo for some of the works if that will require me to make the 12yo an entirely different schedule when he gets up there? I was kind of hoping that if I work out a nice sc
  3. Thanks again for all of your help, Lori D. Really wish I could read the lit with my kids. I'm sure it would facilitate great discussion. My other children's needs push me to make my oldest mostly independent for lit. I'm trying to read and prepare ahead to still get some great discussions in there where possible. Yes, this is for high school level--I'm thinking to assign it in a few months during his 9th grade year.
  4. I've done this, too. 🙂 I was wondering if I need to do something more on the rhetoric level if I assign Bulfinch's. My oldest will be 14 and starting 9th grade in 2 weeks, so I'm planning for literature for him.
  5. 😂800 pages! That's not something I can just "stick in" as a supplement, is it? I immediately was curious and looked at OWC's Greek Histories reader. It's 631 pages in my PDF. 250 pgs on Herodotus (books 1-9), 200 on Thucydides (books 1-8), and over 100 on Xenophon (books 1-7). Just looking at Book 1 of Herodotus, I see that sections 8-27, 95-187, and 190-216 are omitted. So evidently OWC only assigns portions. I don't know if you have to purchase to access their "materials" page? They have all their readers in PDF there--maybe that would be helpful for someone here. The readers are already cli
  6. If you teach Edith Hamilton's or Bulfinch's Mythology (I just mention Bulfinch's, because that's what I have), what does that look like for you? Do you use a guide? a workbook w/ comprehension questions? Do you have them only read? Just read and narrate (orally or written)? Discuss with them Socratically? (which brings me back to #1...) And how often do you have a lit discussion, if so? once per day or week? Other Has anyone tried to bring in a Christian worldview--comparing and contrasting Christian theology with Greek myths? Thank you for your help!
  7. 1. I guess I think it's preferable to have a full world history, though it might not need all the chapters in HOTAW--so not that full, lol. But a little more full than OWC. 2. I was thinking about doing this option pretty much like you stated. The lit that I would be doing would be part of the English credit, and I would use OWC's unit (Epic) for Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. I wasn't sure if I would use all of OWC's Greek unit on the plays (don't remember the name of it--Drama?) If I used any of that, though, I'd still count that in the lit credit. The OWC Greek Philosophers unit--would th
  8. I'm sorry for your stress about this "essential" subject. My oldest is 13, and he loves math. He is a bit young for his grade, so the first thing I wondered is if your signature is correct that your daughter is 15. If she's 15 and a junior, then she's young for her grade, and it wouldn't be a big problem to call her a sophomore? Having read all the comments, I see that was suggested. The second thought I had was to use Math U See. Then I saw that was discussed already. 😁But--the WTM boards tend to have Type-A curricula. Lol, I don't know what to call it, but these boards seem to attract t
  9. I was planning on using RR's OWC Greeks this year, but as I look at it, I'm thinking to do maybe a 9-18-week term of ancient history first leading up to the history/lit/philosophy covered in OWC. Has anyone tried to use parts of HOTAW that precede OWC Greeks/Romans, and then jumped over to OWC for the parts of history that it covers, and then jumped back and forth like that between these resources? I'm thinking of using HOTAW to fill in gaps of world history that aren't covered by OWC. I am unsure just looking at HOTAW's contents how to schedule it and what the most important parts would
  10. Has anyone made a schedule for HOTAW that isn't quite so strictly chronological? Maybe within the five parts, you grouped all the China sections, India, etc?
  11. I haven't been on these forums for months and came on today to see if anyone was talking about all of the Classical Consortiums this group of speakers has been having in the past few months. I just got an announcement about another upcoming one with Cothran, Pudewa, Perrin, Kern, and Reynolds. I enjoy a lot of it, but I also admit that I'm skeptical about a few things and underwhelmed in some of their sessions or speaking abilities (especially considering CE's emphasis on Rhetoric). My main question I'm wondering about is why they don't include SWB? I know she spoke at conventions years a
  12. I've been researching as well lately. I haven't used these but just wanted to add James Stobaugh's American History and Generations America in God's Providence. Also, MFW uses the BJU text with other texts over their 11th-12th grade years. Sonlight has a mix and match system where you could buy the upper level history or lit on its own or mix it with whichever accompanying lit/history you want. I also thought of Bennett, as we have his books at home.
  13. Wow, thank you for all those links and resources. I'll go take a look!
  14. Gulp. That looks really good, too. 😁🤔🤕
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