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  1. Thank you for the insight! I happily sold my MUS books and DVDs to put toward the cost of Singapore books, but I kept the blocks. :)
  2. I love these forums! Thank you ladies!
  3. I should say that I'm willing to stick with MUS if I can't find something else that will work well for her, but I don't like dreading teaching something.
  4. My DD6 does well with MUS but it's a pain to have her and her brother using two different curriculums, and honestly, I just don't like teaching with MUS. A friend recommended Singapore but I know nothing about it. Does anyone have experience with switching to Singapore from another curriculum like MUS? What learning styles do you think Singapore supports best?
  5. Has anyone who uses LOE used the digital versions of the teacher's manual and the student book?
  6. Thank you! It is so helpful when people post links to free Kindle books, otherwise I'd miss most of them.
  7. Great post! Thank you for all of the resources and book lists ladies!
  8. I wish I at least had the spelling lists so I could continue spelling instruction on my own while the kinks get worked out on the app. I really don't want to spend another $15+ on buying the book.
  9. I have installed the last 2 updates, have iCloud off, have restarted,deleted and reinstalled...my app won't even load now. :(
  10. The Homeschool Buyers Coop has a group buy for a set of 1-11 right now. :)
  11. Hi, I was going to purchase a single user license for the app today, but I cannot even get it to load. I shut off iCloud, turned my iPad off and on, and eve deleted and reinstalled the app. Any suggestions? I would much rather utilize the app than buy the book!
  12. We love our iPad! Would you be willing to share some of the apps you think have been the most beneficial?
  13. Can anyone tell me more specifically how you used the dvd? My 5 year old still doesn't have her letters down. How often did you have your children watch it?
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