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  1. I'm going to agree. I don't get what the problem is with these books. I looked at the George WA book last night and all the people in the background are faceless. It is just how the illustrations were done. It was true on the one page with slaves in the field and it was true on the page with the minutemen. We love D'Aulaire's books, but if a parent is using this as their child's ONLY exposure to George Washington then they have far bigger problems then faceless illustrations. People are way too sensitive to stuff like this. Don't like the book's contents or its illustrations, don't buy it. But saying the books are racist is quite the stretch, imo.
  2. I started my daughter on Saxon in January and we are really liking it. She'd always done a mastery approach with R&S, but it only goes up through 8th grade. We switched at the end of the R&S Math 6 book. So far so good. I can't tell you what is best for your daughter but I've been glad with our transition.
  3. We have four full days (M-Th; 8am to 2:30pm). Friday is math and anything that got skipped. It is also library and homeschool park day. I voted for 4.5 days per week.
  4. Here's ours. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/week-in-review-22012-22412.html It was a crazy full week of history. I'm looking forward to finishing up the Renaissance/Reformation next week. Then we head into 10 weeks of California history.
  5. My 12yo would like... Dover coloring books Drawing books Colored pencils High quality art supplies like watercolor, etc. Puzzles Board games Logic puzzles Books High quality complicated paper dolls Scrapbooking supplies (she adds them to her notebooking pages) Book about making crafts (she isn't a big fan of craft kits though). Cookbook (she loves to cook)
  6. Sigh. I have no problem answering that question. It is just a difficult one. We are looking for another church. My husband loves our senior pastor's preaching. He has friends there. Part of him thinks we won't find anything better anywhere else, because there seems to be a pervasively secularized culture among the youth groups in this city. We are also very involved in the Awana program at our church so our commitments tie us there until at least May. I think as preacher's kids we've always tried to exhaust every possible avenue before leaving a church. We are so worried about being church hoppers or buffet Christians. We've met with the pastor on numerous occasions, my husband has sat in on the youth group, and he's even taken the jr and sr high pastors out to lunch on several occasions to try and talk with them. But yeah, we both agree that something has to be done and even our parents agree with us. Finding a traditional conservative church isn't easy though. We are trying different churches (Sunday evenings and the few Sundays that we can skip without flaking on our responsibilities). If we haven't had any luck by May, we'll end our commitments and have more time to visit other churches.
  7. Welcome to my life. We've been round and round about this with our youth pastor. Violent video games, inappropriate boy/girl games, the list goes on and on. Good luck getting anything changed. We've talked repeatedly with the staff at our church and are reassured it will stop, only to have it be something else a few weeks later. There seems to be a huge lack of discernment among youth group leaders and I feel like there is no supervision by the senior staff. Our daughter does not attend youth events at our church. It makes me sad but I wouldn't even let my daughter befriend our jr high youth pastor on FB because of his links to inappropriate stuff. How terrible is that?
  8. I suppose I meant both. The ability to go back and forth quickly. We'll memorize the square numbers which will make the roots easy. We need to work on those prime numbers also.
  9. I don't think I ever did this but I'm thinking it would be a good idea for my daughter. Does anyone have their kids memorize the square roots and if so how far up do I go? Is there a website for helping with this?
  10. By 17 months, both of my kids were in beds. Why not just go that route?
  11. People are seriously addicted. I can't imagine not being able to just put the thing down and drive. My cell phone is in my purse and I don't even think about it while I'm driving.
  12. My stalks never make it into the pot. The kids steal it all and eat it raw. I agree with this advice in theory though. :lol:
  13. My daughter does this but she has bronchial asthma that lingers after a virus.
  14. You have my sympathies also. I spent $250 on our cat's UTI last year and just spent $400 to find out absolutely nothing other than that my cat was currently constipated (duh). They wanted me to spend EVEN MORE money on a barium study. I thought the vet was out of her ever-loving mind. I left with my cat. I wouldn't have spent that $400 if I'd known that a blood test, exam, and ONE x-ray would add up to that much. I called up my mother who raises goats and she talked me through giving the cat an...enema. Thankfully, our cat pulled through. If not, I would have put her down. I was NOT spending any more money. I'd get rid of a cat that behaved the way you've described and I wouldn't let anyone make feel guilty over it either. I probably wouldn't rehome it either because I can't imagine hating anyone that much.
  15. We went to a FIC yesterday. The very young and antsy toddler (who was adorable) sat on a blanket at her mother's feet and babbled to her baby dolls and toys through the entire service. It was fine. She had freedom to move around a bit and had toys to occupy her. I think she may have had a snack also. No one was distracted (well, other than by her utter cuteness). ;) It wasn't a problem at all that she was making noise. No one expected her to be completely silent. I know if I had tried to keep my children on my lap, it would have been WWIII. My kids had to be able to move around a bit or they'd lose it and start making noise.
  16. The only major issue I've come across with TruthQuest is that there are far more lessons than time to cover them. And lessons will have sub-categories. For example, there may be 74 lessons in the book but one lesson might be "King Henry VIII" and under that it will list every single one of his wives and all the books you can use, the major players surrounding Henry including religious and historical figures, and Henry himself. You could spend weeks just on that one lesson. Pacing was our biggest struggle. So much information and so little time. We spent a year covering the Middle Ages and another year on the Renaissance/Reformation. I bought TruthQuest Age of America I and realized almost immediately that there is no way we could get through that book in a year. Unfortunately, I need to get through that time period in a year so we've decided to use something else.
  17. Thank you, Janice! I'll go check that thread out.
  18. If we were to start using Omnibus in high school, which one would we start with? It appears that according to the VP catalog, all of the Omnibus can be used for high school credit. If we jumped in with Omnibus III are we going to have missed out on foundational books covered in I & II? Is it better to just start at the beginning and do Omnibus I-IV?
  19. Exactly. I used the dry because it has no frills, whereas Apologia elementary is very wordy. My daughter loves that. She wants to read about science and isn't so interested in doing projects/experiments. My son on the other hand isn't too thrilled with Apologia elementary texts. I think regardless of what we use for science he is going to hear, "Blah, blah, blah, now go build your project." He loves science but wants to just do it. I like that God's Design..provides just enough of a spine to make us feel like we are staying on track. The rest (and great bulk) of his learning can all be experiment-based. And my daughter will be very happy with Apologia higher science texts next year. :lol:
  20. I'm using God's Design for the Physical World this year with both of my children. I agree that it tends to be dry and to-the-point, but we've enjoyed it. I view it as a spine, adding in videos, library books, notebooking, and science kits. Unless you want just a brief overview of vocabulary and major concepts, you are going to want to supplement in some way. For my 8th grader, I added in Exploring the World of Physics with Tiner. It has been a great choice for being the work load up to Jr High level. We've added in Knex Simple Machines kits, Snap Circuits, biographies of inventors, Modern Marvel dvds, etc. We like the experiments included in the God's Design books. The only thing I really have not liked are the quizzes and tests. I felt they were poorly done and didn't act as an accurate assessment of learning. The worksheets (at least in the set we are using) tend to be at a higher level and include math formulas, etc. They've been a good resource for my daughter. I haven't had my son do them. The pacing comes out to 3 lessons per week for 36 weeks if you choose to complete three books in a year.
  21. I thought of Europe as our river. As other countries and civilizations' streams flowed into that river, we'd take short jaunts up their streams. I just didn't want to get so far off course that we wound up on another river. ;) We've taken two years to cover the time period from about 400AD through 1600 though. We LOVE that time period.
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