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  1. Okay, lame, I know, but I just wasn't expecting that. I mean I have a crush on Christian Bale. He just cannot be younger than me! My DS asked me yesterday if I was alive when Lewis & Clark went on their expedition (what we've been studying). :eek: Either I appear ancient or I need to work more on his time line. Either way, bummer. LOL. :p
  2. Dh uses Houghton Mifflin at his school and he HATES it. He teaches first grade. They are due to get new math curriculum in the fall but it appears it will just be updated Houghton Mifflin. :mad:
  3. I cannot believe some have already posted 79 times. LOL. I couldn't get on the board half of the afternoon. It just about drove me MAD.:eek:
  4. Mine is up but it is the second post now. Oh, I also started a section in my sidebar for my daughter to post a weekly book review. She had so much fun doing that today. :)
  5. I love having gray. It makes me feel grown up. LOL. I guess at 34, I ought to feel grown up, finally.
  6. I think I'm getting a handle on it!
  7. Never mind. That just adds a pix to your profile and not as an avatar. I've got to go work on it.
  8. I think I've got it figured out. I went into "User CP" and then hit "edit picture". I was able to upload a pix from my computer.
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