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  1. Here you go. http://iamaud.blogspot.com/2010/08/paddle-to-sea-map.html
  2. I'll dig it up off of my computer and update the link. Sorry about that.
  3. MFW recommends beginning Saxon 8/7 after 5B. That's what I plan to do with my son. My dd never could "get" singapore but she's excelling with Saxon.
  4. I know this isn't going to help too much but my dh just found one at the used bookstore for $10. It's a hardback.
  5. Didn't take a pic of it full, but here it is when we started it. http://iamaud.blogspot.com/2008/06/american-history-timeline.html
  6. I have not read all of the posts... Our sons sound very similar. Mine hated TT. He thrives with Singapore. He LOVES the Intensive Practice workbook. Brainteasers/puzzles are his thing. :) Oh and we have the same "kid" situation. My son does Singapore all on his own. If he gets to something he's not sure of he asks. I explain it and he's off. Math is soooo easy with him. :D
  7. From what I understand from singaporemath.com is that levels 1A/B are almost identical whether you choose standards or US Ed. You can still switch to Standards as long as you do it before 3A.
  8. I bought some poker chips and wrote "1" on half of the white ones, "10" on the blue ones, "100" on the red ones and "1000" on the rest of the white ones. I used poker chips because the illustrations in the books are circles and my kiddos were getting confused. :)
  9. I like to buy Singapore books from www.bestedusource.com, but if I have to put in an order for other things I will buy them from www.christianbook.com or www.rainbowresource.com. If you're just going to try it, I would only buy level 1A materials. Workbook, Textbook and Home Instructor's Guide (HIG). A lot of people think you don't need the HIG, but if you've never taught Singapore before I think it's essential. First of all, it has all the answers. :) Secondly, it helps you understand the singapore method. I've heard a lot of moms say that it didn't help their kids or they didn't understand it, but most of them weren't using the HIG. It includes some games for reinforcement and it keeps you on track with facts memorization. (We use Calculadder Drills for that.)
  10. We use worksheet B for every lesson. It helps keep her on track, she likes the checklist. :) Worksheet C was used a handful of times and then we switched to graph paper. (Now she's graduated to regular lined paper.) We don't use Worksheet E.
  11. Here is what I have bookmarked: http://www.keepandshare.com/fav/show.php?i=1711140&cat=23&fclick=y
  12. As long as you get the workbook there is money to cut out when they need it.
  13. DD is in 5/4. I agree with the PP that said if Saxon has too many problems then my child should be using a different program. My dd is very very unmathy. :) We started doing Saxon and it has really helped her improve. We do it as written. The only exception is that I have her do last lesson's corrections before she does the drill or warm-up. It takes her at least an hour, sometimes more. She definitely needs all of the practice though and it has helped her immensely!
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