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  1. What about something like Ethics/Philosophy/Worldview? I have no idea what your religious beliefs are, but we plan on using this program for our daughter's senior year. http://www.summit.org/curriculum/high-school/home-school/
  2. I agree with you, which is why the test I wrote for her is primarily essay-based. I've read the Iliad and Odyssey and have a fairly good grip on the subject material. I definitely hope the revised tests reflect a deeper interaction with the themes of Homer.
  3. Yes, the tests are included in the TM. I actually really like the TM. It gives background information, summaries, discussion question helps, essay ideas, and the answers (hallelujah), etc. I'm finding it worth the money. I don't know how long it will be for revisions but they are definitely going to revise the tests (thank goodness).
  4. Thanks, Polly. I did manage to contact Memoria and they said they were revising these tests because they are outrageous. I guess I'm going to be making my own tests for these guides this year.
  5. Has anyone used these study guides? The tests are extremely daunting. They are expected to memorize everything (names, places, quotes) and SPELL it all correcty. Eight pages of nothing but memorization regurgitation. No essays at all. My 13yo is bright but I've never seen anything like these tests. Personally I think it is a little overkill. I'm just wondering if any of you have modified these, created or own tests, or if you actually gave them as written.
  6. I'm not going to be online, ladies. I've struggled a long time with my online time. I was helping my daughter clean her room yesterday and discovered a note in her pile of trash. Although part of it may just be teenage angst, she made it really clear that she feels I spend too much time online and misses when we spent more time together. She really struggles to articulate her feelings verbally and tends to write down her thoughts so while the note made me sad, I'm glad I saw it. I needed the kick in the rear. Apparently, while not neglecting my duties, I've clearly neglected my relationships. The house is clean. School is done. Dinner is on the table. And my daughter is lonely for her mom. :( Sigh. Anyway, I'm going completely offline. I've only got a few years left with her and I'm not going to spent it in front of the computer. The only way I can have the willpower to stay away from my blog is to take it down. I won't be here either. What can I say? My kids are more important and that is as it should have been all along.
  7. I check my email once or twice a day, but can take up to two days to respond to an email depending upon the content. I don't have the ability to check email from any source other than our desktop computer. I pretty sure I'm glad about that. ;)
  8. We do both. We try to mix it up some. Right now... Mornings with Mom Devotional books Bible reading (Currently in 2 Cor) Catechism memory work Evenings with Dad Training Hearts, Teaching Minds (Study of the Catechism) Proverbs study Awana memory work Singing hymns Last month we were finishing up Understanding the Faith in the mornings which was a doctrine-based study and were reading a devotion in the evenings. It gets changed up through-out the year. We did the same thing when the kids were smaller. It helps to break it up into mornings/evenings.
  9. I don't really care, but I do wish they'd pick one. Having to teach both is annoying. Pick a system and stick with it.
  10. Can you tell me which core is going to use this book? I'm planning on reading this with my son and would love to see the core.
  11. My daughter went from R&S Math 6 to Saxon 8/7 (which includes Pre-Algebra). I have no clue if that helps you or not. The only suggestion I can make is to have them try a placement test.
  12. Bible: Bible Doctrine for Older Children & misc reading Math: Saxon Algebra I English: R&S English 7, Spelling Power Writing: IEW SCC-B Literature: Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings Science: Apologia General Science History: Beautiful Feet World & American & misc books for government Foreign Language: First Form Latin Logic: The Thinking Toolbox Other: Continute with Fencing Awana Trek
  13. My daughter already used a lot of dress-ups but I like that IEW has taught her to look for them in her writing. It has helped her balance their usage. I think the RSS is pretty important. It really does what Pudewa says it does. It grabs the waning attention span of the reader. I'd work on it and take the time to explain its importance. Maybe even go on an RSS hunt in some quality literature around your house.
  14. I flew out of LAX about 9 months ago with my two kids. It was a breeze. The kids and I went through regular metal detectors, though there were plenty of scanners. My son had to bring his epi-pen and it wasn't a problem. I had it in a ziploc bag, put in a bin, and sent it through the luggage/carry on scanner. But a lady on our flight had metal sequin on her shirt and they put her through 2+ hours of h$ll. She just barely made the flight. I made sure my kids had absolutely NO metal on them anywhere. It definitely didn't take me two hours to get through security but it might depend on when you are flying out. I've had it TAKE forever. I paid for my luggage and printed boarding passes on the computer at home so that saved time. I just had to drop off my bags and get through security. It was actually the best experience I've ever had there and I've flown out of LAX many times over the last 15 years.
  15. I didn't start the history cycle until my daughter was in 5th. We enjoyed the early years learning about American history, geography, local history, our family's heritage, etc. I haven't regretted it at all.
  16. Do you happen to remember if MFW takes 2 or 3 weeks for the first module? I've heard Sonlight takes 3 weeks just to ease into it. I'm liking that idea, but can do that myself really if it comes down to it.
  17. The Donna Young schedules are only for the first edition and I'm looking at schedules for the 2nd edition if that clarifies.
  18. Have any of you purchased Apologia General Science through MFW or Sonlight? If so can you tell me if you liked the schedule included?
  19. We do math year round and the kids read. That's it for the summer months. I need a break.
  20. The only thing I know that would get close is Mennonite (CLE and R&S). They don't believe in eternal security. I was raised strict Arminian, but our Christian schools had no problem using Abeka, BJU, and ACE. They just didn't use their Bible courses.
  21. We thought it was important enough to get over our squeamishness about it. We asked our close friends who are share our values to act as temporary guardians (in state) until out-of-state family (also specifically designated in our will) could arrive and take custody. We listed three families in our will in order of proximity and availability. Family 1 - Lives in state and can take immediate custody of children in case of death therefore avoiding the foster care system. Family 2 - Out-of-state family (older) who if still physically able can take custody. Family 3 - Out-of-state family (younger) if older family members are no longer physically able. The directions are very clear and we did speak with all three families before putting them in our will. All three families also have a copy of our will.
  22. My son only gets screen time when we are watching an educational movie. No computer. No video games. He... 1. Builds forts outside and plays in them. 2. Rides his bike with friends. 3. Reads and/or listens to books. 4. Plays with Legos and Playmobil. Yesterday he built Middle Earth using his Playmobil. (pix below) 5. Builds aliens using cardboard and egg cartons. 6. Plays with Knex and Snap Circuits 7. Draws matchbox cities on the driveway with chalk and plays with cars and planes. 8. Builds airplane models. 9. Chores 10. Draw maps, cars, etc. 11. Fencing lessons
  23. Ours is up. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/week-in-review-3512-3912.html We probably won't do one next week though because husband has a surgical procedure scheduled and the week is bound to be CRAZY.
  24. Saxon DOES ask things in a different way. My daughter completed Rod and Staff Math and started Saxon 8/7 in January. They have to read the questions VERY carefully in order to know exactly what they are being asked to do and my daughter still has to frequently go back and restudy previous lessons. I'm agreeing with the others about slowing down, if you need to. Often Khan Academy has videos that can help make concepts more clear. But I just wanted you to know that we are in a similar boat. My daughter is doing okay with it only because it has started out as mostly review. If she was trying to learn all new concepts and work through the Saxon terminology she'd be having a worse time of it. Even so, she learned to do many of these problems in a very different way then Saxon is teaching it.
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