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  1. Time Left: 12 days and 6 hours

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    $40 shipped via media mail The two parts of this collection contain figures in two formats: One with text descriptions for those who prefer an encapsulated summary, and one with only a name and date, allowing the child to add in the information, or for easier use in projects. Part 1 contains: PDF pages of all the figures in our four HISTORY Through the Ages Timeline sets (In both WALL and NOTEBOOK SIZE, with and without text descriptions): Creation to Christ, Resurrection to Revolution, Napoleon to Now, America's History, as well as 80 Bonus Figures Part 2 contains: The same 1260+ timeline figures offered as a gallery of high-quality GIFS that can be individually enlarged or reduced, allowing versatile uses such as coloring book pages, notebook timelines, complements to research papers, games, and more! Since they are individual images, you can pick and choose the exact figures you'd like without having to print off a whole page of extras you may not need at the moment. The figures are organized in over 30 helpful categories: Chronological, alphabetical, and several classifications that help make topical studies a breeze! Also included is our "Timeline Helps," which contains ideas for using the figures with wall and notebook timelines, suggestions for use in a variety of resources and games, and tips for coloring and gluing the figures!


  2. I switched math programs a couple of years ago to Math Mammoth. To be safe and make sure there were no gaps, I set my son up 2 levels behind. He has quickly gone through the levels and is about to finish 6B. Here is my issue...with our schedule I need him to start Algebra this coming fall so that he can fit in all of the high school math he needs to fit in. Can I skip Math Mammoth 7 and go directly into Algebra? Or can I pick and choose some concepts to go over in the summer from MM 7A/B like a mini-course to get him set up for Algebra? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Rod & Staff English Progressing with Courage Grade 6 Teacher's Manual & student Text Good condition $20 price includes media mail shipping



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    Rod & Staff Mathematics for Christian Living Home School Curriculum MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN PRICE. Will take $5 off total if you buy more than one set. Grade 1: Beginning Arithmetic Teachers Manual & Speed Drills (sorry I do not have the workbooks) New $12 for set Grade 2: Working Arithmetic Teacher's Manual (both volumes), & workbooks 2-5 (unused) Like New condition Teacher's Manual Workbooks are new and unused (speed drills are in the workbooks) $25 for set Grade 3 Blacklines (free with other purchase) Grade 4: Progressing with Arithmetic Teacher's Manual (both volumes), & Student Text, Tests & Speed Drills Like New on TM & Student Text Tests & speed drills are new and unused $25 for set Grade 5: Gaining Skill with Arithmetic Teacher's Manual (both volumes), & Student Text, Tests & Speed Drills Like New on TM & Student Text Tests & speed drills are new and unused $25 for set



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    These are the JUMBO (4 cm square at end) rods not the regular 1 cm square rods. 58 pieces 10 - white 10 - red 6 - green 8 - red 3 - yellow 5 - dark green 4 - black 4 - brown 4 - blue 4 - orange $25 ppd (sorry, no international shipping offered)


  6. We have AAS 1-3. However, after level 2 we moved and 2 years later I am just now unpacking Level 3. :unsure: Anyway...my 4th grader is not pleased to be doing what he considers his younger sister's work of Level 3. I was thinking of moving on to something else, perhaps Rod & Staff Spelling. If I were to move to Rod & Staff, could I just pick up at 4th grade or do I need to do some of the earlier books as a preliminary step? Any advice appreciated!
  7. We are currently using BFSU K-2 for my 2nd grader. We jumped on the BFSU train late and just started it this year, but will complete it soon. Anyway...I love it and my son loves it. I was naturally going to move on to Vol. 2 for 3rd grade but am intrigued by Science in the Beginning. It appears to be less work on my part (i will have a 1st grader and toddler keeping me busy as well) and also appears to combine the Sciences (which I believe is a strong point of BFSU). Any thoughts? Experience with either?

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    Looking to buy a gently used Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. Shipping to 14221. Thanks :)



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    I have the following for sale: Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Standards Edition 2A & 2B Home Instructor's Guides 2A & 2B Textbooks 2A & 2B Workbooks All New, Never Used $45ppd (would like to keep as a set) Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Standards Edition 4A Home Instructor Guide (like new) 4A Textbook (great condition with name written on cover of textbook) 4A Workbook (I'll throw this in because 30 of the 180 pages have been completed--in pencil so you could erase if you wanted) 4A Tests (13 of the 64 tests completed--in pencil so you could easily erase) $12 ppd (would like to keep as set)



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    I have the following for sale: Answer's in Genesis God's Design for LIfe Human Body (latest color edition) Textbook, Teacher's Supplement, and CD Textbook has some creasing and wear on edges. $10ppd


  11. For my son's first grade year we used Singapore Math 1A/1B Standards Edition. However, during this time I was introduced to Strayer Upton Practical Arithmetic and think I'm in love :wub: Anyway, I realize SU doesn't begin till 3rd grade so here is my question: What do I do until then? Do I continue on with Singapore 2A/2B for 2nd grade? Do I go ahead and start with SU in 2nd and just take it slowly? Or perhaps go sans any formal math curriculum and review math facts this year as needed then pick up with SU in third? Also, for those who use SU, what do you follow/plan to follow it

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    Selling the following as a set: --Miquon Books (unused) Red Blue Green Yellow Purple *also free bonus Orange partially used with sheets torn out* --Lab Annotations (like new condition) --First Grade Diary (used condition but nothing missing just a little beat up) --Notes to Teachers (like new condition) All for $30ppd media or best offer


  13. I am currently reading Paddle to the Sea w/my 1st grader and thought it would be nice to add in the Map work & study guide from Beautiful Feet. Next year (2nd grade) we plan on reading Tree in the Trail and Seabird so I thought we could save those maps and that portion of the study guide for when that time comes. However, I noticed that they have it graded third through seventh grade. Do you think it's too much for a first grader to understand? Or even later on in second grade with Tree in the Trail and Seabird?
  14. Our piano teacher, dr., dentist, etc. actually LOVE that we homeschool because that makes us more flexible in scheduling :lol: While others have to schedule far in advance we always seemingly get to pop in at a moment's notice.
  15. Are you familiar with Elemental Science? I'm waffling bettween it and REAL Science? What is it about RSO that you find appealing? :001_smile:
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