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  1. I just read this post at the Gospel Coalition about it. http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/02/10/from-victorias-secret-model-to-proverbs-31-wife/?comments#comments And here is the link to Live31 where she shares more. http://live31.org/i-quit-being-a-victorias-secret-model-to-become-a-proverbs-31-wife/
  2. :iagree: Always great to find that some folks have to take a nice story and wring every bit of perceived nasty out of it that they can. I'm just going to take it at face value and assume the girl developed some respect for herself and her husband. I'll respect her enough not to knock her decision or google her underwear ads.
  3. I think it is important to USE a timeline but not necessarily to make one. I have a timeline at the top of my children's history notebook pages and they fill it in weekly, but I think they learn and retain just as much by simply referring frequently to our pre-made timeline. We are really enjoying our new timeline from Master books. http://www.christianbook.com/big-book-of-history/laura-welch/9780890516232/pd/516232
  4. We have to declare a grade level when we fill out the yearly paperwork in our state but I just go by their age and not by the actual work they are doing.
  5. LOL. Well, I agree with your post also, but when it still wasn't sticking with my son, the blocks helped. :D
  6. Do you have base 10 blocks? You can see an example at my blog. Scroll down and you'll see how we built a clock out of the blocks. This is what FINALLY helped my son "get" it. Math U See teaches it this way. They use five-blocks to build the clock (minutes) and the blocks on the outside are the hours. Worked amazingly well for my very hands-on visual son. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/week-in-review-121911-122211.html Time is tough for a lot of kids because they just don't need to know it until they are older. It isn't relevant to their lives yet. My kids picked up money much faster because I had them count out their money for church, for shopping, etc. We played store. When I taught counting and skip counting, I used pennies, nickels, and dimes from the very beginning so they associated the two together.
  7. Here you go. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/
  8. We do four full days and a light Friday. On Fridays we do Bible, math, and make-up work. We go to the library or to the park with our homeschool group in the afternoon so keeping Friday lighter works well for us. My kids are getting older but we are still able to work this schedule. It just means we really have to be diligent on those four full days.
  9. Why would you decide? I guess I'm thinking he'll know when he is no longer interested. My son turned 10yo on Sunday and still plays with all of that stuff.
  10. No. If I died tomorrow they'd say, "That one was saved by grace; lots of it."
  11. I use it on Twitter when I need a shorter word but am not sure folks with know what dh means. It doesn't bother me. I don't have too many pet peeves when it comes to nicknames though.
  12. Maybe the mom freaked out a little bit. I'm thinking maybe... My child is walking willingly with this lady. My child is walking willingly with this lady outside the play area. My child is walking willingly with this STRANGER outside the play area. My child is walking willingly with this stranger outside the play area and I didn't even NOTICE. Freak out. Embarrassment at lack of parenting. Or as evidenced by the fact that she previously threatened to punch her kid in the face, it is entirely possible that she is just a jerk. I do try to avoid touching other people's children. I think even a normal parent is going to have some variation on the first reaction above.
  13. Either way you've got to talk to the library. They can send you to collections if you don't pay your fines.
  14. I've never really thought about it, but I stir counter clockwise. I'm right handed too.
  15. What I would do... 1. Talk to the church about the social issues in class. That HAS to be resolved. Ask for ways to help integrate your daughter. 2. Explain to your daughter your church's stance on women in areas of leadership. There are plenty of ways women vitally contribute in churches that don't allow women to hold pastoral or eldership positions. Explain it to her in a POSITIVE way, because it IS positive. However, you have to believe that if you are going to teach your daughter to. If you don't understand it, go talk to the ministerial staff. Maybe work through a book together on the subject. 3. Personally, your daughter is 7yo. I'd do a subtle drop of classical mythology. I do NOT mean I would forbid it. I would definitely replace it with something else though until your child is much older and firmly rooted in her faith (post-catechesis). The ladies on this board have given you plenty of options. Strong woman in the Bible, saints (though as a Lutheran Missouri Synod, I don't really see you going this route), and/or famous women of the Reformation. 4. I'd probably also do a Bible study on Acts 17. That's where I'd start.
  16. Rutabags never last in my house. My kids like them peeled and eaten raw. Parsnips are amazed roasted (just like other root veggies). A great way to eat chard or other leafy greens when you are unfamiliar with them is to add them to a soup for the last 5 minutes of cooking time. Any broth-based soup works. Baby bok choy would probably be made into an Asian salad or used in stir-fry here.
  17. Our regular bills are automatic pay but the rest of our monthly expenses are paid in cash, so yes, we do have cash in the house.
  18. Sure. So do I. As a matter of fact my kids are in their bare feet outside right now in February (CA). I've spent the last nearly 40 years of my life going barefooted outside and never gotten worms. I'm not worried about it.
  19. Ours is up. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/week-in-review-13012-2312.html We also started science notebooks this week. http://daisyhomeschoolblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/notebooking-for-science.html
  20. I would have cut off the offending parts and made sure the inside of the eggplant was still okay. If there was discoloring or softness to the inside, I would have thrown it out.
  21. Whatever you use, have more than ONE, because once you start using loose-leaf tea EVERYONE in the family will want it. :lol:
  22. In our house it was usually at the end of the bed under the covers, inside a pillow case or stuck between the mattress and the wall.
  23. Yikes. I've never been able to handle the pain long enough to find out. At the first sign of a kidney stone I'm knocking down the doctor's door. I have no advice for you but hope you feel better.
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