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  1. I completely agree with you and this is they way we have always done it. Tis year dd13 is really trying me! This has been the worst year so far with her getting her work done. I had to pull her from her Algebra class because, only a month in, she was already so far behind. She is behind in science and honestly only doing a so so job at it. I have to work part time, from home, so we have class time together in the mornings until 12. I teach dd10 her math and SWR, and we do bible and history together. Dd10's science and then dd13 math. So she does have a bit to do on her own but I expected hr to be able to handle it this year!!!! She's not doing alot!! Guess i am just frustrated with it and wanted to show her how good she has it.
  2. So I think dd13 needs a little lesson in reality. I want to really grade and keep track of her grades. So in math for instance how much should categories get? Examples, homework complete, quiz and test. I have never set this up before so any advice would be great. i am going to attempt to use the free version of Skedtrack. Thanks!
  3. Yep and that is what dd13 loves, NO WRITING! I then went over the test in the curriculum verbally with her and she understood and explained everything to me so I figure she is good. She hates writing by the way!
  4. http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/ This is what dd13 is using and it is great!! She reads the text and watches the lecture videos and is really getting it! Best of all it is free.
  5. Just a side question...Is the science evolution heavy? It sounds like what you were looking for but maybe just hard to get used to.
  6. CLE is straight forward and complete. There is a free placement test if you want to see where he would start. You can also just buy 1 light unit and make sure he likes it before you start the whole thing.
  7. Dd13 is using this http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com/login/index.php.
  8. Dd13 broke her arm the week before school. I had her do Khan Academy for the 6 weeks she could not write. Turned out to be a great 6 weeks and she learned a ton!
  9. How funny they missed the same thing! She did really bad on lesson 2 but today only missed 2 questions on Quiz 1. UGH!! Maybe it is just pre-teen girl things. We will stick it out with CLE. It has always worked well for us in the past so I am in no hurry to change unless we have to.
  10. I see you are using BJU. If we do switch this is at the top of my list. Is it somewhat align in skill level with CLE. If she is in level 4 with CLE where would I start her in BJU? It is not cheap for the newer editions, are they worth it? I have read that the higher levels are much better in the newer 3rd edition what about the 4th and 5th level?
  11. This is so unlike her that I am at a loss. She loves school and has always loved math! So, I took everyone's advice and am slowing her down to let the topics sink in more. She is in 403 on lesson 3. She missed over half of the "We Remember" part for the lesson. I always go over the new concept with her and then allow her to do the "we Remember" by herself and then we go over any she misses. But WOW! over half??? One of them was labeling rays, lines and line segments. She forgot to put the symbols over the names and when I asked her to label them she just completely broke down and said she could not remember. She went on to tell me that there are too many things going on in the lessons and that she is getting confused and forgetting things. Poor thing was really stressed out! She has used CLE from the beginning and has done great with it. Is it possible that all of a sudden a spiral approach is not working for her? Would this make sense at this level?? I have so torn over what to do and would really love any help or advice.
  12. Here is a good example http://www.stanthony.k12.mn.us/hsscience/moxie/10/good-lab-notebook-entry.shtml We also made a table of contents at the front of the notebook. I had dd number her pages and place each experiment in the table of contents after it was entered. We also entered sketches in her lab notebook as well and labeled them on the TOC.
  13. My dd10 and I just settled on the science Wiz kits. They come with a guide that I have heard is great! The instructions are supposed to be so clear that dd10 can do it on her own. They also have great additional resources for each kit on their website. We plan to do these and add in some of the online components and library books.
  14. Hmm, how would you list it if not Advanced Biology? Here is another thought thought. Since I wont list the biology she did in 7th and if I dont list the Anatomy and Phys. as advanced biology will it look weird to not have Biology? I think Biology is required here to graduate.
  15. Anatomy/Physiology may be the direction we go. This is where her passion is anyway.
  16. Thanks, I will look into this. We do want to stay with a Christian publisher. I will compare the table of contents to see the difference.
  17. Dd13 did biology this year including the labs. She kept a lap notebook in a composition book with all write ups and sketches. She did the dissections and other labs included in the Abeka lab book. The problem she was only 7th grade so this can not go on her transcripts as high school class. No biggy since this is her favorite subject we plan to do another biology, more in depth. Here is my question. Should she have to do all the labs again? We are looking at Science Shepherd and a few others but most of them have the same labs she already did. Can we jut read the text and watch the lab DVD and still count it as a lab credit??
  18. Thanks April May! I had seen the ages on their website but then read a few reviews on Amazon that said they were more for 5 year olds! Dd10 is just turned 10 and is not so much into the physical science topics as she is the Life and nature sciences so maybe this will be up her alley. They are very inexpensive so I think I will try the electricity one. Do the materials and supplies look sturdy? Does the book do a good job of explaining each concept?
  19. Thank you so much! We actually got out the marbles after lunch and worked several problems together. I took 8 advice above and not only made sure she could tell me what 1/4 of a number was but 2/4 3/4 and 4/4. She really got it. I drew circles on the table and a pie on the board to show how many parts each whole was to split into equally. She worked it with her hands and says she really gets it now! So we will see if it is still there Monday...lol
  20. LU 403 lesson 2. Let me go back to 402 and pull that lesson out again. Since you obviously use CLE let me ask you, when your kiddo doesn't seem to get a concept, do you just stop for a bit to give them more time?
  21. Ok thank you! I think I just typed it wrong the first time around. I have been adding in working the problems out with marbles and such so maybe we just need more time on the concept. This is what is worrying me now about the spiral approach to CLE. Even though it has worked great for her in the past, I feel like now that the concepts are requiring her to really think a bit more, she is not spending enough time on them to get it. Does that make sense? So my options??? Tweak CLE to stop and stay on a concept longer using hands on I come up with (like the marbles) or move on to a mastery type math. I like the look of BJU but I am afraid to switch her. Dd13 switched alot until last year she finally settled. I swore I would not let that happen with dd10!!!
  22. Hmmmm. Ok let me make sure I am explaining this right, so they have this problem: 1/4 of 36 is what? wish I had the little division box on here!! lol problem written 4 division box 36 answer is 9. But you are saying this is not correct? That makes me feel great about it!! UGH!!! This is the problem when I am not a mathy mom in the first place.... Going to find a place to hide for a while.
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