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  1. Dd10 is using CLE. She is in CLE 4 and has done CLE since the beginning. She has always done great with it but this year seems to be having alot of difficulties. She is not remembering the topics. She does not seem to be able to apply topics learned. Example: They have learned to find 1/4 of 60 you divide 60 by 1/4. They showed this by writing 1/4 of 60 and then showing 60 inside the division box with the divisor spot empty. So today she had a word problem for this concept. She knew she has to have 1/4 of 36 but could not for the life of her, figure out how to get 1/4 of 36!!! After I drew the box and placed 36 inside of it then she knew what to do!! I hope this is making sense...lol So, what is going on with her? I know that this is about the time I had to switch dd13 to a mastery math and I am wondering if that may be the same problem here. I do teach the CLE to her. We do the first part together everyday and then she does the I remember alone. So it is not for a lack of teacher instruction. Another example is division. This is simple 2 digit number divided by 1 digit number with remainder. She can not remember the steps to save her life!!! I had hoped to accelerate her this year to get her caught up. She is 5th grade but in the 4th grade math but I dont see that happening. Any advice on which direction would be great!!!
  2. Ok, are there other kits in this price range that may work better for her age? I am also considering the Intellego unit study for electricity even though their is no kit.
  3. http://www.sciencewiz.com/index.php Would they be good for an average dd 10? RS4K was a flop for her and I am scrambling trying to cover the topics. I love the extra's on their website but read some reviews that the kits were more for 5 year olds. I am doing unit studies on each topic until she loses interest. We are covering force right now and have just used bits of this and that. Next up is electricity and I was thinking of this kit.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am only buying by unit right now since I cant afford the whole thing. Maybe I can stretch a unit or 2 until it is on sale.
  5. We are going to try one of the units in the Physical Science book and I am wondering about printing. Do you print student or teacher's books? I know there are some student sheets that would need to be printed not sure about in the TE. Is there a way to put these on a Nook or Kindle and have dd10 read the pages from there?
  6. We have the text, paint cards and the DVD set. We started out first lesson today and I am confused. The paint cards do not line up with the text or video. Can someone please help me???
  7. I have the Elements to cover chem. I did just get Stop Faking It, Fore and Motion and I am thinking about just checking out supplemental books from the library. I am disappointed in RS4K but I also know not every program works for everyone. I am also looking at Elemental, it looks pretty good.
  8. We are in week 2 and she hates it! I admit I a not as impressed as I thought I would be. She does the reading in 1 day and then the experiment the next day and I am stretching it to find things to do the other days. She likes to do science everyday. She is also having a hard time understanding the way the author explains some things. I have had to pull in other resources to help her understand. Any other suggestions out there for her???
  9. Ok so if I am wrapping my brain around all this correctly, you are basically saying she should not take the prereqs. for pre med in dual enrollment and not to take the AP credit for these either. Instead use her AP credits or dual enrollment for things tht are not specifically prereqs?? Is this correct?? So, if this is correct, can you give me a quick list of some of the subjects she might consider taking as dual enrollment or AP credits?
  10. I m confused by this. You and the other poster said the same thing. Why would she pick a different major if she knows she wants to do med school? What are the advantages to this?
  11. We will also be using this with Jann's math class. Can you link that thread?
  12. So Dd13 is leaning more and more towards a medical career. She ordered information from a couple of colleges she is interested in that have Pre-Med. So, I will admit I have no idea what I am doing in this regards!! Here is where she is now, Math she will be taking Algebra 1 8th grade and Apologia Physical Science with alot of living books and reference books added in. So, can you please help me map out her high school years to get the most out of them? We do plan to have her dual enroll in 11th and 12th. I am just not sure what courses to have her take to make sure she is ready. She also took Abeka's Biology course in 7th grade but will do another Biology in high school as AP (I am leaning towards BJU).
  13. I am so not techy, let me see if this worked....
  14. My kiddos have one. The way we do it is I write the week's assignments in my planner for both of them. They can do them in whatever order they want (except for what we do together). They write down what they do as it is done in their planners. They must have everything finished by Friday at 3. I then check everything and anything they did not finish becomes Saturday homework.
  15. So all our plans are on hold for a while. She broke her right arm in 3 places (thank you Dad and unsupervised time on the 4 wheeler). Of course, she is right handed so she cant do any writing. I need some things she can do. I have her going through the lessons on Khan Academy and she is reading some of the Tiner books on Chemistry and Physics right now. What else can she do? Anything online? grammar, vocab? I don't want the next 6-8 weeks to just be a stand still for her.
  16. I would give her the free placement test and see where she tests.
  17. That is a good thought I had not thought through. Yikes, CyberShala is $150 A MONTH!!! Hmmm something to think about. If your kiddo does not plan to attend a PS are there any other benefits to doing integrated math??
  18. Essentials in Writing will cover all of this as well. It has a video component that does the teaching and tells her what to do each day. Dd13 really likes the instructor and says he breaks things down into understandable chunks.
  19. So I see that this is becoming more and more popular in HS and I am wondering if there are programs out there set up this way aimed for homeschools. Any thoughts??
  20. Do you have a resource you can suggest for this? I have this site book marked http://www.physicscentral.com/experiment/physicsathome/index.cfm but would love others. I would love a resource that will show us how to turn our findings into quantitative data analysis, even if it is just in the beginning stages.
  21. I agree that there is a lot of wasted time in PS/ However, here they school from 8:00 - 3:20 and then have on average about 2 -3 hours of homework. That is 9-10 hours a day. Of course not counting time wasted but most of them do not have the academic education some have listed above, in the same amount of time.
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