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  1. Garga, That looks great! Thanks for the idea. I am going to try it and see how things fit in.
  2. This sounds great, I Think??? Can't quite wrap my mind around it. Do you have a visual you could share? An example schedule?? How do you figure out what subject to put in which day, ex. day A Day B and so on?
  3. Thank you Woodland and 8 for your thoughts. I think I am going to see what happens once we start. I will start with the basic schedule we have and then fold in the subjects I cut out for dd13. Even dd10 was upset yesterday when I told her we were dropping vocab. SHE doesn't want to drop it!! So I will give it a week or two and see how it goes. I am glad to know if dd13 works from 8:30 - 5:00 I will not be a horrible monster. I will step her up gradually as Woodland suggested. I dont see how anyone could possibly cover everything that needs to be covered in HS doing only 4-5 hours a day. They are probably better schedule makers than I am. Thanks again!!!
  4. Same questions to you... what time period do you school? I have no objection to 7-8 hour days just didn't want to over do her. KWIM??
  5. I actually thought it would be 7-8 hours but everyone made it seem so overdone to do that much. So tell me this, what time frames do you school? With the schedule I have now we would school from 8:30 - 2:30 with a 45 minute lunch and then they would have about 1.5 hours of reading at night. Now dd10 will be finished quicker. I have had this leering over me all day feeling poorly about dropping some things. So I am all ears!!
  6. You may want to join the yahoo group. Diana herself posts on there all the time. I have also heard alot of people who start out younger taking 2 years to go through the volumes.
  7. I do not agree with the above blog post at all! Yes there are activities suggested that would take more than one student (that is great for a mom with ore than one kiddo)but there are also plenty of projects suggested for a single student. Also, keep in mind that you dont have to do each project exactly as suggested. It is a jumping off point for us basically. I can not for the life of me think of what would be "busy work". There are no mindless worksheets, no rote memorization, nothing like that. this is a program that keeps kids engaged the entire time. While I o think Susie is right, in that some are turned off because of the planning. In the beginning I was unsure ho to get things to "flow". I rad a post from another mom on a different forum and what she said made so much sense to me. She plans out the first week with her kiddos (this is where you read the article and listen to cd), plans out the timeline and map work and then the kiddos plan the rest. They pick their own topics to dig into and their own way of expression. Every Friday evening they must present them to the family.That sound perfect to me! Sort of a mix of guided and independent project based learning. How this helps jut my 2 cents.
  8. Ok, I think I have it! Thank you everyone, for your suggestions. I did decide to drop Grammar, Vocab, and spelling. Dd10 testing into one of the last lists in SWR so I think she will be ok with out it. She also completed EG 3/4 last year so I think she will be fine skipping a year. I am doing writing only once a week since they also do alot of notebooking in history. So, I was able to put it on a regular 5 day a week (Wednesday being light)schedule and be done by 2 everyday! That is with a 45 minute lunch!! So we shall see if it will work. Some of the subjects wont last all year so times will change through the year some. We start Monday so I guess we shall see!
  9. Ok so I cut out Grammar and Vocab. They are both unwilling to drop their foreign language! It is only for 30 minutes a couple times a week so no biggie there. Here is what I came up with doing a loop. Please be brutal and tell me what you think. Every day we will do Math 1 hr and memorization 20 minutes then we will start our loop. I did a daily loop if that makes sense so here it is: Monday and Thursday - (we only do mornings on Wednesday) After morning subjects - History 2 hrs and Science 2 hrs Tuesday and Friday all for 30 minute periods Shakespeare - both Figuratively Speaking - 8th Reading Detective - 5th Writing - Both Logic - both latin - both foreign Language - both For handwriting it is the Spencermanship program and both requested it so I thought we would do it only on Wednesday mornings since that is our light day. This will make our days go from around 8:30 - 2:30 with 30 minute for lunch. UGH!!!! Will this work???
  10. So here is a list of what we are doing the year; 8th grade Math – Lial’s Algebra with Jann in TX Literature – Figuratively Speaking Shakespeare study Writing – Continue Essentials in Writing Grammar – Kilagallon Vocab – Vocab from Classical Roots - B History – AC&TB Science – Apologia Physical Science Logic – Fallacy Detective - kindle Latin – Latin Prep French – Mango 5th Grade Math – CLE & MM Grammar – EG 5&6 Writing – 4+ Composition Spelling – SWR Vocab - Vocab from Classical Roots - A Reading – Reading detective History – AC&TB Science – RS4K Physics – The Elements Latin – Latin Prep Japanese - Mango Handwriting – Spencermanship Shakespeare Study I just cant get it all to fit! I have already considered just dropping the grammar since we are doing Latin but I still can't fit it. I really need help! Every year things seem to get dropped because we just can't get to it. I feel like if I had a set plan things would go smoother. I have tried a typical daily schedule and a loop schedule and it still WONT FIT!!! Help! Any ideas or help would be great!!!!
  11. I agree with Susie above. we are using AC&TB this year and used MOH in the past. I think AC&TB goes more in depth than MOH and it gives the choices to you or the student. My kiddos will get to pick their own projects each week and present them to the family on Friday evenings. This is one of the subjects they are the mot excited about next year!
  12. If so would you mind sharing?? It would make my life so much easier...lol
  13. Dd went through it in less than a year. Seems like she did Grammar 3 time a week and each lesson took her maybe 30 minutes?? we did not use the review book and the concepts have stuck with her very well.
  14. Do you have a program for the screenwriting or did you make it yourself? This is something dd13 would love.
  15. So help me understand this PLEASE! I am so technically challenged. We have a kindle and nook. I downloaded an EPUB version of Librarian Who Measured The Earth. Now how do I get it on my devices???
  16. On this forum? No one seems to look at the WTB ads. It is only about 12 books.
  17. Guest Hollow has a schedule using both Apologia and EE along with other books and sites. If I could afford EE it would be my choice this year!
  18. Thank you Lord for this beautiful day!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Glad you're having a pretty day! It hasn't been beautiful weather here (chilly and rainy), but I'm thankful I don't have to water the yard or turn on the AC!

  19. Tkank you Lord for this beautiful day!

  20. Can anyone recommend a good bible study for the kings? Something with notebooking pages would be great!
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