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  1. Dd15 is doing American History next year and so we are looking at the US - 1877. If she hasn't used the two programs before this one will she be ok? What writing skills will she have missed that I can make sure she is up to speed on?
  2. Ok found answer to my question. I will research this option as well.
  3. Thank you so much for all the info. Ok question now I think I am getting confused. The ROTC program you are talking about is at the college level correct? So would she still go into Academy after this or this as an alternative and then go into military after college as officer? Sorry if I have mixed this up. I have done so much reading and research with her that my head is starting to spin. lol
  4. Any advice for how homeschooler can up their chances of getting in? We live in a very rural community so she doesn't have alot of opportunities. She does Archery competitively. What types of courses should she concentrate on? Does she need AP or CLEP scores? What type of extra activities would look good? I am all ears on anything that may be helpful. She has also looked into the Naval Academy but I think Air Force is her top choice right now.
  5. Ok thank. How do I add tags??? ETA - DD is 15 going into her 10th year.
  6. Just my two cents but..... we do almost all of these things and the girls do alot of interest led studies. Example, right now dd14 is doing an in depth study on the Attack of Pearl Harbor. She has a dozen books and uses online sources as well. She will watch several documentaries and utilize any other sources she needs. Typically her interest in a specific study like this will last for about a month or so. Only rule is she has to have some sort of final project to teach the rest of us what she has learned. Same thing for dd11 who is studying Rome, (although she hasn't narrowed it down to specific topic yet). If your DS needs a specific schedule you would need to pull it all together but then that kind of takes away from the method we use. You dont really need a specific curriculum to do these things. Now if you are wanting a specific curriculum there are alot that covered some of the things you have listed but nothing will cover them all. You could always look into unit studies as an option that may work.
  7. Ok thanks, I do have WTM book but didn't even think about that..... must be too close to end of school year lol. I will check into that as well as other resources.
  8. Dd11 is going into the 7th grade this year and the two things she is really interested in is Ocean Life and Astronomy. Apologia has a text on both but it says it is for Elementary years. Would this be too young for 7th grade? If so how can I beef them up more?
  9. Is there a curriculum that teaches History by Civilizations rather than chronologically?
  10. I there anything out there for history where the student reads through books one book at a time? I do not like the choppy feel of the programs that have them read a little of this and a little of that. Looking for middle to upper levels.
  11. Dd is working through your Biology now and LOVES it! She was just telling me she wished you had more high school sciences.... Chemistry is up next for her, hint, hint.. :)
  12. That is a good question!! How do we chose which subjects she should do AP for?
  13. Ok alot to consider. I guess what I was looking for was a list of courses that are offered online or otherwise, that are already approved AP. Does that make sense? I have been reading on this for 2 days and my head is starting to swim...lol
  14. I found this Advanced Placement Courses Online Advanced Placement courses are rigorous courses taken in high school but taught on a college level. (For detailed info on AP courses and tests see the home e-vent “How to Navigate the World of Advanced Placement Courses.†In order for homeschoolers to label courses as “Advanced Placement†on their high school transcripts, the course syllabus must now be pre-approved by the College Board AP Central. (AP is a trademark and to use it without approval is illegal.) Besides studying the course material, students also prepare to take an Advanced Placement test administered through the College Board. If students score well enough on the AP test, college credit can be earned for the course. Individual colleges set their own policies regarding which AP tests they recognize and what score must be attained to receive credit. For more information see Testing. The following individuals/organizations offer AP courses online to homeschoolers: Debra Bell’s Resource Center Homeschool-Teachers.com HSCompSci HSLDA Online Academy Indiana University High School Keystone National High School Northstar Academy Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Phil4 Online Courses University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School Write from the Heart Supplemental AP Test PrepD.I.V.E. AP Physics
  15. Is there a list of diffeerent curriculum that would offer AP courses? We are just starting to look into this for dd14 so I was hoping to have a starting point.
  16. Dd is working through Jensen's. She hates it but it is working. BTW she would hate any writing program.
  17. I would like to join group but can only afford a couple semesters right now. Let me know and I can do it ASAP. Thanks!
  18. Dd14 wants to do a Criminal Study for one of her electives this year. She wants to explore the legal world. She can take one online from FLVS but I wanted to explore other options before we committ. She tends to do better with studies in books rather than online. So any ideas? Has anyone put one together?
  19. Thank you all so much for the replies. We are going to reevaluate what she has been doing for science and see if we can trim it down some. I will think over the other suggestions as well. Thanks!
  20. She is starting to drown a bit. This is 9th grade for her so her days are longer but she is falling behind and I cant figure out where she is going wrong. We typically start at 9 she works until 12 takes a lunch break and then works until around 4. By then her brain is checked out and no sense trying to push ahead. She does take quick breaks during the day. Take the dogs outside for a few minutes that type of thing. Her is her workload; Bible, every morning, about 1 hour all together science - She is using Guest Hollow Biology, 5 days a week she spends almost 2 hours a day but is falling behind. History - Landmark Freedom Baptist, everyday about an hour Math - TT Algebra 1 lesson a day about 45 minutes English - She is doing Highway To English Grammar 2 x a week about 1 hour each lesson; Jensen's Writing 2 x a week about 1 hour each lesson (so far), we will be adding in Lit (BJU) next week??? She still needs to add in a second elective. So on paper this should be around 6 hours or so. Does that sound right? She is having a hard time working out her schedule to keep up so any ideas or suggestions would be great!
  21. Dd14 will be 9th grade this year! We have homeschooled since 4th grade but this year will have to be different. Do to other situations I need to increse my hours for my work at home job. I will need major assistance in teaching her. I am also worried because I did not go to college and do not remember the Math and Science she is now going into. I have been stressed out for months now trying to figure out which direction to go. I was almost convinced to just do a full video program like Abeka or BJU but now I am second guessing myself. We have mostly enjoyed school and now that she is older it has been even better. I am afraid if we do a full video school it will make our days worse. I will only have a couple hours a day at the most for both her and her younger sister dd11. I am open to any and all suggestions. How do I make all of this work??? We live in a very rural are so there are no pivate school options and the public high school is a joke so that is not an option either. My biggest concerns are Math and Science and how to teach her things that I do not even know???? This year she used TT for Algebra but if she got stuck I was of no help. History has always been my subject so that and bible are no worries. Any ideas or advice???? Please help me figure this out and quit stressing!!
  22. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!!
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