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  1. I was looking at this one and it seems like exactly what she needs but the reviews online weren’t very good. I will have to give it a second look now.
  2. Dd needs a fast course that will teach basic geometry for ACT. Will this fit the bill? If not what else can you recommend besides Khan which we are already familiar with? I work full time and all other classes she is taking at CC so I need it to be self grading as well. Tia!
  3. That is great news!!! She can take Intermediate Alg this year at the local CC. She will be a music major so higher maths are not a must have. If she does not take Geometry could she study for math portion on SAT and score well if she is also solid in Algebra?
  4. Dd is 11th grade this year and finished Alg 1. She needs 3 more courses of math above Alg 1 to qualify for Bright Future scholarship. What is best way to achieve this? Is it doable to take Geometry and Alg 2 at same time?
  5. Yep used this when we first started homeschooling and kids still talk about it now in highschool. Was definitely the best year of all!
  6. We just started The Reader's Odyssey and I am loving it! Very simple. Also adding in 2 lessons a week of Figuratively Speaking.
  7. I purchased this workbook used from private person. We started on it today but there are no answers in the book. Are they supposed to be in the book or is there a separate answer book I am missing?
  8. Dd is using Math Mammoth to fill gaps and get ready for Algebra this year. I seem to recall someone saying there is a way for the student to fill in worksheets with computer instead of hand writing?? I am so not a techy person so I am at a loss with this but would love for her to be able to use them in this way. Can someone tell me how she can do this??
  9. Dd16 is doing Funda Funda schedule for American History next year. I am wanting her to do American Lit as well. So which program do you like better? Pros and cons of each? Lighting Literature American Lit both guides EIL American Lit
  10. Dd12 has decided she wants to do CCC A next year. She is on point with everything except that grammar for the start of Latin. While she has done several grammar programs over the years, I am not sure she is ready for it. I am hoping to find a course we could do over the summer that would help her be ready. She has never diagrammed so I know we would need to do that. Any ideas?
  11. Dd has been doing English II with FLVS and it is so painful!! It is taking her forever and she has just finished up segment 1. Instead of her doing Segment 2 with them I would like her to do a course at home for 1/2 a credit. She is 10th grade and has 1 credit for English 1 last year which included Intro to Lit. So any suggestions??
  12. Dd12 is having a very hard year medically. She has not been able to make much progress in school. I am unsure how to handle this. I am in Florida so I know the law is just showing progress but her progress is very minimum. For example she is doing BJU Fundamentals for math and has just finished chapter 2. She wont even make it through half the book at the pace we are going. What should I do at the end of the year? I am trying not to stress about it while dealing with her medical issues. If anyone is from Florida is there anything that can be placed in her file to help with the lack of progress. maybe something like a medical leave?? Not sure just looking for any ideas or advice.
  13. Did you find any need for a Teachers book on the Parker book or can the student text stand alone?
  14. Yay Yay!!! :hurray: :hurray: Thank you all so much. I don't know how I misread that but I am so happy you set me straight! That makes things so much easier and doable!
  15. If I am reading the info correct. You can not submit a parent written transcript to qualify for Bright Future????? So if dd15 is homeschooled how do I get a transcript that will qualify her?
  16. I do not have much to offer but to say that I can completely understand how you feel. Dd12 has been dealing with very painful neck, headaches, constant nausea, loss of vision and now depression on and off since 2009. She has had multiple MRI's x-rays, ct scans and blood work and nothing shows up. I know how frustrating it can be to not know what you are dealing with. I also know that having to deal with constant pain can definitely cause depression. My dd was a happy healthy child before all of this started. She stayed happy for the first part but is now emotional worn out. I have recently found a physician that deals with functional Medicine that we will be consulting with. I wanted to give you another forum that is specific for individuals dealing with issues such as these. It has been a huge help for me. I wish you and your daughter the best!! http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/index.php
  17. Just realized DNA is covered in Cells by Mchenry. If dd gets interested we will dive a little deeper.
  18. We just started The Cells with dd12. I cant imagine doing this with a younger kiddo. Like above post stated it has some pretty deep coverage. So far we read through the lesson one day and dd does some written narrations from the lesson. The next day we start on the activities. So far we have made it through the bulk of the activities in 1-2 days. Again dd does a written narration or maybe a sketch to reflect what she is learning. The last day we complete the questions orally then discuss what we have learned. If time permits, we move on to the next lesson same day. So far it is going great!! Dd12 is really liking it.
  19. I actually think it is both. We have backed up with the Decimals 1 book from MM and will work through the decimal books and LOF. This is the first year we have used BJU and they did introduce exponents in the previous lesson but this seemed like a big jump to me.
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