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  1. Let me see if I can get some of this down in front of me to see how our plan is shaping up! 1 credit Math - TT Alebra II or Geometry 1 credit English - Killagallon Paragraph High School, along with this http://www.nlpg.com/homeschool/high-school/skills-for-rhetoric - Barron's SAT Review for Vocab. - - Need to decide on Lit program , maybe this http://www.nlpg.com/homeschool/high-school/skills-for-literary-analysis 1 credit Science - GA PBS Chemistry along with supplemental labs and reading 1 credit History and Bible- Continue through SCM Mod 3 & 4 1 credit - Latin Prep 2 ??? 1 credit - World Geography I think that covers the basics. She also takes piano and is starting agility classes to compete with her dog.
  2. We did use it. We used the Pet Store version and I found it very good. It shored up alot of Dd's basic math skills in order for her to move on in math. It is also very inexpensive and you can buy it as a E-Book and have it right away.
  3. Hmmm dont know one like that but Simply Charlotte Mason has a math where the kiddo sets up and operates a business. It really shows where all those math skills come into play. They have several different store types to chose from.
  4. Thank you for that. I actually have been looking at the two today after someone else mentioned the same thing to me. I have been happy to find that TT is covering the same material and on some levels a bit deeper. Hmmm we may be just fine after all. :hurray:
  5. I think that is a good idea. I like the idea of adding in Khan Academy. Thanks for the thoughts.
  6. Dd13 is working through TT Algebra I. I want to make sure she is getting what she will need to have her prepared for college. We are going to follow TT through Pre-Calculus in her Junior year. This way she can dual enroll for her senior year. So, what is the easiest way to beef up TT? I have BJU Algebra, Lial's Algebra along with the teaching videos, and I am open to other ideas, I know CK-12 also had a free online algebra text. I am just not sure I want her to have to do 2 complete programs each year but she really likes the TT and is doing very well with it.
  7. Dd loves Jay Wile! She is doing his Physical Science this year and loves his style. So you dont think that she will need any additional teaching for the Biology, Chemistry or above if we stay with Apologia? We do have that online co-op we can use as well. I will look at Chalkdust for math, I was just looking at Saxon with Art Reed DVD's. Right now I have her working through several skill sets on Khan while going through TT Algebra I. I will look into the practice testing and job shadowing. I guess I am just concerned that she will get all she needs. This is probably the biggest draw to an ALL In One like BJU! Thanks for advice.
  8. LOL! Thank you for the responses so far. I will definitely look into the ideas given so far. I also wanted to mention that we live in a very small area so there aren't any co-ops available. Jen in NY, in regards to taking Chemistry, what type of math should she have finished for this? That is one reason we were going to do the other next year. I was concerned her math skills would not be strong enough. As I stated above she is taking Algebra I this year with TT sort of an introduction. We are planning on her repeating Algebra next year and letting her go at comfortable pace, with another publisher.
  9. Dd will be 9th grade next year! I know her plan is to attend college and so far her interest seem to be leading her to the medical field. I want to make sure she is ready for college. I am a little concerned over what to do. I have read and read and I guess need some reassurance. First concern - She has never taken a standardized test and I keep reading how important this is. At least that they are comfortable with this. How do I achieve this so she is ready? Second concern - I know that she is passing my ability level so should I be looking for video teaching? She is very capable of self teaching but I have also read that she may be missing alot that a teacher could bring to the table. Third Concern - Since she knows she wants to pursue the medical field we want the flexibility to do her own courses. In other words, she took Biology last year in 7th grade so this year in 9th she wants to do an entire year on Human Anatomy, Growth and Development, and medical terminology. She is taking TT Algebra 1 this year, since math is not her strong point, but will need to retake Algebra next year on a higher level. We are also Christian and Creationist and when it comes to Science we are only interested in this direction so that eliminates her State online schooling. I have found myself looking at programs like BJU or Abkea I think mainly because I am terrified that she will not get what she needs on our own!! However, we also lose the flexibility of choosing her classes. So please help what can we do??? I am open to ideas in any and all subjects and testing!!
  10. First let me offer a word of encouragement. I went through something similar with Dd13. It does seem to get better as they mature. I learned that when she was trying to figure out how to solve a problem I had to let her do it the wrong way first, if that is the way she thought to do it, then have her go back a do it again the correct way. For some reason this seemed to solidify the correct method in her mind. If I just showed her the correct way, without her doing it wrong first, she had very little if any retention. You know some of us just have to learn by our own mistakes maybe these kids are the same way???
  11. Elizabeth, do you remember how much the teacher materials were and did you have any problems getting it?
  12. I have not done this using BJU but did do this using Abeka history for dd13 when she was in a co-op class in 6th grade. We used the textbook as sort of timeline and then assigned additional reading of lit books to match the time periods, videos and research topics for her.
  13. I think this is the biggest part. She loves to read and loves the great pics that go along with nature study and more of life sciences but really has no interest in this field of study. We did do electricity and we used the science wiz kit. She tolerated it but was not impressed.
  14. Oh well it is Elementary Physics!! lol
  15. So this year I put together a year of physics and chemistry. We are using different resources like RS4K, Ellen McHenry and lapbooks from Hands of A Child. I am also adding in other reading and plenty of demonstrations as well. Dd10 hates it!!! She keeps telling me she wants to learn about animals, and bugs. She is reading the Storybook Of Science and loves that but it isn't enough by itself. So I am open to all ideas. I would like something with Creation base or at least no evolution. I was planning to do Life Science with her next year in 6th and then Earth in 7th but I guess that will change as well. So I anxiously await your ideas!!
  16. You could do it without them just fine. I like the TM because it gives lessons on how to expand on concepts and explain them. It will also give you additional practice problems for new concepts.
  17. Where can you find the older editions? I cant find any before round 2000.
  18. So which editions are best? This is not the first time I have heard this. Dd10 is using CLE but we are planning to change next year so we can continue through high school.
  19. I am thinking specifically the CK-12 Flex books. There are others we may use in the future as well. Can you access these on a Kindle Fire?
  20. We have never skied! I know dh and dd13 want to go snow tubing?? I would also like for the girls to try out ice skating but we dont have to have the skiing for it to be a consideration.
  21. yes, ideas like this or maybe a little closer. How long was the drive?
  22. So we live in Florida and would like to take our girls somewhere to really enjoy the winter. We were thinking of going at Christmas time but we can make it in January. We do not fly so needs to be within a day or 2 of driving. Somewhere they can see snow, enjoy some "real" winter activities in a family atmosphere. Any thoughts??
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