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  1. Yay! I'm so glad to read your encouraging responses! I know that part of the joy of homeschooling is getting to choose how we want to do things, but now that we're getting into high school, I guess I'm just a bit fearful that I'll do something "wrong." I'm still trying to figure out what my daughter's entire English credit will look like. Most likely, she will be taking some online courses for writing, but I'm still not sure how to approach the literature aspect.
  2. Can read alouds be counted as part of a literature credit for high school or no? Over the years my girls and I have really enjoyed read alouds, but these past couple of years we've backed off - and we miss it!! Part of the reason for that was because I needed to help my oldest more with math, and it seemed our day became fuller, not leaving as much time for read alouds. My oldest (going into 9th grade) happens to not love reading on her own as much as my youngers, and it seems she would benefit from me reading aloud again...and discussing what we're reading. But it also seems that this ide
  3. This is what I'm thinking. I've heard so many positive reviews about The Writer's Jungle, and I think it would be beneficial for ME to get a good feel for the methodology that Bravewriter uses/encourages, for my oldest daughter as well as my two younger ones (currently in 5th grade).
  4. Thanks! Yes, I think the course used to be called Kidswrite Basic. We're definitely not unschoolers, but I wouldn't say that this particular daughter has been challenged to her fullest potential either, when it comes to writing. We've done various writing programs in the past, including parts of Wordsmith Apprentice, R&S Writing, IEW, Jump In, Kilgallon, as well as some outlining and narrations. We're actually currently working in the Kilgallon Middle School book.
  5. I'm super interested in the Bravewriter online courses, and I'm wondering, from those of you who have experience with the program, is it worth the cost to take the Writer's Jungle course online before starting a 9th grade course? I'm specifically interested in the courses for my current 13 year old, soon to be 9th grader, although I would also be interested in learning about the process for my younger two, as well. Would my 8th grader think that the Writer's Jungle is "babyish?" Writing is probably what she hates most about school. She doesn't have any experience with courses online, so I
  6. I am considering ordering one of the handwriting workbooks from the Getty Dubay series for my 5th grade daughter. Her handwriting is "ok," but it often ends up rather sloppy, as she tends to be lazy with it. She has gone through several Pentime books, which we really like, but I'd like her to focus more on legible printing. One thing I've noticed is that she often starts her letters from the bottom and goes up (with certain letters). She went to public school for kindergarten, and I think she was taught that way there, although she did get instruction in writing from the top down after kin
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