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  1. If you have Netflix you can get Beakman's World and Magic School Bus.
  2. I would strongly recommend Math rescue by Systematic Mathematics. It is made for just this type of case. I have only heard great reviews on it. http://www.systemath.com/math-rescue.html
  3. This looks good. I was just reading the other day that college track students should start taking practice SAT in 9th grade and do it every year until they are ready for the real thing.
  4. She has decided to get a bachelor's in nursing and then specialize in either labor and delivery or neonatal. Can I get a few recommendations for an Algebra based physics?
  5. She is doing Algebra 1 this year in 8h grade. We are using Lial's with the DVD and she seems to have found her niche now. Not sure if we will go to geometry or Algebra 2 next year but I guess she could go either way. I like the idea of Physics, Chemistry, Biology. However, she is chomping at the bit to do Anatomy. Should I make her wait that long? Physics is her least favorite. She would be fine with taking chemistry. What if we do Chemistry, Adv. Biology, and then physics?? I dont want to lose her interest but I also want to do what is best for her. I worry if she takes Anatomy too early on it will not be fresh for college. I don't want to have to repeat all of Biology again as she did the entire Abeka including a lab notebook and all the labs and dissections. She also wants to take Human Development and Medical terminology???? Typically what math is needed for Physics? Is there a way I could do the science concurrently so she does not lose interest while doing a year of Physics? I am open to all ideas at this point.
  6. I know this has been discussed before but I can not find the threads I am looking for! There was a lengthy discussion about what was the best order to teach high school science. I know the most common science subjects in high school are something like, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and one of choice. So I was looking at a free Anatomy course someone linked for me and notice that it starts with a review of inorganic chemistry. So, would it be better to study chemistry before an in depth biology? I also thought I remembered someone saying that Physics was the basis for all sciences and should be studied first??? So I am looking for opinions and why you feel the way you do. Dd13 took Biology last year so we were going to do a quick review and then move into Anatomy and Physiology. Now I am wondering if we should study Chemistry or Physics first. If it makes a difference she is sure she wants to go into the medical profession so Science is very important to her.
  7. Thank you this looks great! I was thinking of the ADAM Inside Out. It is $54 for a year and the graphics look awesome!
  8. I am feeling the pressure! Especially since dd13 is 100% sure she wants to go into the medical field! :svengo:
  9. I am pre-planning a Human Anatomy course for next year and stumbled upon this. http://www.adameducation.com/ Anyone used it? If so what are your thoughts? It does seem to be from somewhat of a Christian perspective as it referenced modern day Adam and Eve. The demo was quite impressive.
  10. Are you using the videos for Abeka or just the text?
  11. Well, we are in FL as well and according to the State all you have to do is show proof that your son advanced in his learning. It does not give and specific bench marks, subjects or hours. I think most subjects can be unschooled by a student that has a personal desire to learn about them. My dd13 has quirks she goes through and will learn all about everything involved. She just finished a 3 month stint on anything British. That led to an in depth study of Princess Diana and then into the Monarchy and the history of it. I am not sure how you can unschool some subjects like Math for instance in areas like Algebra and Geometry but I am not one to ask. For transcripts, I would think would be best to keep a notebook of all academic things he does and then figure out how to combine them into certain subjects to give credits for. Make sense?? Not sure if this helps you.
  12. My dd13 loves the book. We have it on the shelf and she reads it for fun. I was just hoping to tie it into more to use it in an anatomy class for her.
  13. Is there a study that uses this book as the spine?
  14. dd10 and I tried to use Swimming Creatures last year and failed! We also did not like her chattiness. Dd10 said the same thing you did that it seemed to take forever to get to the point. The outlining sounds like a good idea but it may be a bit difficult since it is so conversational. Is this your ds's first time outlining? If so, you may want to start with more of a informational text to start.
  15. Depending what level your 5th grader is there is Systematic Mathematics which is really good!
  16. Anyone know of a good way to help dd10 memorize these? She understand them all but just forgets which is which?? I have a printed chart of them but thought there may be a good game to help cement them for her.
  17. HAHA! I was actually on the website last weekend looking it over! Right now we have BJU Algevra because a friend loaned it to me. It has started out good but most is review which she has really needed. I am thinking if it gets too hard that I may buy the DVD for $99 around Christmas. But yes, SM is always in the back of my mind. You know, she still says things like. "Oh, I remember that from Mr. Ziegler".
  18. BJU has the Christmas special where they offer each video course for $99. You could get the math6 videos then if you need them.
  19. My older kiddos used a bit of it and it was ok for them. My oldest dd had to drop the Spanish II as she didn't feel it had enough instruction. Last year dd13 started the year with their math. At first it went pretty good but after about a month she started to struggle. Now with all fairness, I think it was more her teacher than anything. She was always going out of town and when dd13 would get stuck it would take her 3-4 days to get back with her. The presentation of the program seemed ok. One of my closest friends has a daughter who is just now 16. Unfortunately, Mom, didn't do a great job of instruction. Her daughter chose FLVS complete last year and did awesome! She is doing it complete again this year and says it is great!
  20. Abba12, I will look into Ambleside. That might be just what we need at least for a bit. We did have a long talk today and she told me she feels everything is so hard this year. I think she had gotten really defeated with the Algebra. She breezed through Lial's Pre-Algebra last year and was really looking forward to doing Algebra this year. Unfortunately it has not worked out for her yet. She is having a very hard time understanding the new concepts and I think it has her mentally defeated. I told her today that it is ok even if it takes her 8th and 9th grade to get through Algebra there is no rush but she has to at least try.
  21. No there have not been any issues with learning or attention difficulties. She definitely is far from a perfectionist! It is really hard to find a solid reason for her behavior when she cant even be bothered with doing art!!
  22. Well, here are a few points. She hates the idea of being independent. She does not like having to do anything on her own! She would actually live up underneath me every second f her day if I let her. She has been this way all her life. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful she wants to spend time but it is really exhausting. Yes, she has always fought me on schoolwork. She just does not like school. Now she loves to read and would read constantly if I let her but hates everything else about school. I tried to give her a say so in some of her choices this year but she really didnt want anything! She doesnt want to do a textbook or workbook approach for things like history but she doesn't want to do the mapwork, timeline or projects if we use a different program. She literally DOES NOT LIKE ANYTHING!!!! She is so smart and most things come easy to her but if something does require a bit of brain power she would rather give up than try. I was thinking maybe if I went with a DVD option and had Dad oversee the grades she might snap out of it and stop fighting me so bad. Either way I have to figure out a way to salvage this before it ruins our relationship.
  23. I have to say that dd13 may be the death of me this year! She just does not want to do anything! It doesn't matter if it is Algebra or Art she complains about it! It is a constant battle and frankly, I am not sure I can go through it another year! I actually called dh yesterday in tears telling him that I just did not want to do this anymore! The stress level in this house is ridiculous. To top it off dd10 has to sit there and listen to us argue all day! I have tried punishing her, talking to her, you name it and nothing seems to work. Going to PS is not an option as dh will not even consider it. We can not afford a private school so I am stuck! I have seriously thought about getting a program like BJU or Abeka video just so I dont have to be the teacher. Please give me some advice. I feel like I am sinking and I really am losing any desire or drive to teach them.
  24. So question, do you find that by assigning a percent of weight to the completed homework that it motivated to actually complete the work?? I have tried everything and getting her to do the assigned work, this year, is like pulling teeth!
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