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  1. We have Duolingo and he's used it but I don't think he'd be disciplined enough to do it on his own (i.e. without a teacher). I would like to have grammar too. Ideally, a high school credit(college credit not required). There are so many that are offered online, that's it's hard to wade through it all and I was hoping for a rec from someone. Cost is also a factor - but even though I consider Well Trained Mind Academy to be expensive since we already pay for school, it is a full year course and offers a transcript that I could use to qualify as high school credit. I'll have a look at Oklahoma State courses. Thanks.
  2. My 11th grader is attending a private classical school for high school (we home schooled through 8th). He would like to learn German but will have to take it after school hours, so I've been looking for online options for him. He's done Rosetta Stone for Spanish before - and I don't love the program, but I know it's an option. I looked at the Well Trained Mind Academy, and If he could participate in the live course, I'd consider it. But, given the time conflict, he'd have to take the delayed course which means watching recorded lessons with no teacher/language interaction. I don't think that would be a good way to learn a foreign language, though I don't have experience with it. Does anyone have suggestions for a good online language course, or some other option? I am starting to lean to Rosetta Stone it's cheaper and may be equal to a delayed course option.
  3. The TOC for 7th and 8th is here (thanks DragonflyAcademy) No look inside, just the TOC.
  4. I guess. I don't know when they came out. They sell them on RainbowResource, but there aren't even any inside pages to view. They offer them as a course through Calvert Curriculum as an alternative to their 8th grade math.
  5. It supposedly adheres to the Common Core Standards, which may be good to get into if I plan to have my ds enter regular school next year. I'm curious about it and have the chance to use it with my ds13 (grade 8 level) in a program now, but know nothing about it. I can't even find samples of the TOC online. I haven't heard of anyone using it in the upper grades. So, if you have used it, I'd love to hear more about it. Is it directed to the student or do you teach it? Is it algebra level or more of a pre-algebra? Any comments will be appreciated!
  6. Looks like I will have to live with Lial's. That's what came and that's all I have time to order. But, on the plus side, I found out that when I did the free 30 day trial at Kinetic Books (when I was in the states), they also included a pdf of the entire program. So, while it does not include answers or the online videos or games, it has all the explanations and problems. So, it is another resource that will defintely help. At least I got something out of that hassle (I don't know how they stay in business with such horrible customer service). And, FWIW - I had emailed the person at AOPS and asked there to (pretty please) be a pdf version of their books, and he said they were looking into it but it would be at least a year before it would be available. So, there is hope! I honestly don't know why there aren't more core books (like history, science and math) available in PDF format. It's all legal issues, I know, but it just makes SO much sense. One more reason why I love SWB and all her curriculum.
  7. Thanks. More background: He has finished MM 6a, b and has LOF Pre-Algebra w/ Biology (we use Kahn when we can too). I also have Jacobs Algebra thinking we could transition into that but I am finding he needs a lot more review. Aops will not work for him, he just doesn't LOVE math and is not interested in working out a problem without steps. I had planned on ordering Kinetic Books preAlgebra (non-internet based version), but when I tried to do that after I left the states, I was told they will not sell it to homeschool families (nice!) and I can't use the internet based version (we live on a boat and do not have access except when in town). So, I have LoF pre-Algebra 1 and the MM 7 worksheets, but I need more (he really needs review). I thought Lials sounded good but now I don't know, and pretty much this is the last day I can order anything and have it shipped in time! Any other thoughts?
  8. Does anyone know if this edtion of Lial's is the same (Pre Algebra: In Integrated approach) as the 4th or 3rd editions? I ordered this thinking it was the third edition (long story). I haven't received it yet, and have no idea if this will work just the same. I'm kind of in a spot because I am out of the country and have to send a pre-algebra book to my brother in the states who will be visiting us next week. I am almost about to just order Saxon Algebra 1/2and have him bring both, just to be safe. Does anyone know if this book will work? I am really in a bind and need a preAlgebra book ASAP. Do the Lial users here, also use the Student Solutions Manual? Thanks!
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