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  1. We have Duolingo and he's used it but I don't think he'd be disciplined enough to do it on his own (i.e. without a teacher). I would like to have grammar too. Ideally, a high school credit(college credit not required). There are so many that are offered online, that's it's hard to wade through it all and I was hoping for a rec from someone. Cost is also a factor - but even though I consider Well Trained Mind Academy to be expensive since we already pay for school, it is a full year course and offers a transcript that I could use to qualify as high school credit. I'll have a look at Oklahoma St
  2. My 11th grader is attending a private classical school for high school (we home schooled through 8th). He would like to learn German but will have to take it after school hours, so I've been looking for online options for him. He's done Rosetta Stone for Spanish before - and I don't love the program, but I know it's an option. I looked at the Well Trained Mind Academy, and If he could participate in the live course, I'd consider it. But, given the time conflict, he'd have to take the delayed course which means watching recorded lessons with no teacher/language interaction. I don't think that w
  3. Cosmos, you're right. I think they would be open to doing that. Julie, what is MFW ? Have you used La Clase Divertida? If so, how was it? Any feedback or comments would be appreciated. Sebastian - I need to look into that too. We just moved and I am not yet familiar with what is offered here. Lots to do this weekend! I want to choose something soon since the school year has already been going for a month.
  4. Unfortunately, OSU has discontinued the online Spanish course, but, I am still looking at the other options listed above. I agree about Rosetta Stone. In fact my son had taken the regular Rosetta Stone Spanish (2 or 3 levels) a couple of years back and I'm not sure how much he retained. I definitely want something high quality.
  5. I did check BYU and they do not offer what we need this semester. I will check out TTUISD, Homeschool Spanish Academy and Spanish 121- they look like possibilities.
  6. He is in school and will be allowed to take a course during what is normally the Latin class time (and only about 50" long). I am hoping to find an online course that he can take.
  7. After homeschooling my now 14yo all but 1 year of school, we decided to enroll him in a classical high school this year. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with the Latin and he cannot catch up to the freshmen who are in Latin 3. I have the option of enrolling him in an outside foreign language course as long as we can track progress, grades, etc. and they will help me include it in his transcript to get a foreign language credit. He is restricted to taking it at the same time that he would normally be in the Latin class. I've begun looking into Rosetta Stone Homeschool (we are going to do Spani
  8. Just finished this as our nighttime read aloud with both boys (10, 14-who already read it). They loved it and we are now on to White Fang. As a read aloud, we stop frequently and talk about what's happening. I'll throw in another great animal/nature book: The Yearling by Marjorie Kinan Rawlings. Just fantastic!
  9. My son loved all the G. A. Henty books (although he didn't read The Cat of Bubastees) - they are all historical fiction. Sort through the titles to find the ones that match your time period (there are a lot of them. You can get them on http://www.gutenberg.org/
  10. If you're really looking for something to teach math facts, this won't work, but we've been using CalcuRace for practicing facts. You can do either a set number of problems (up to 100) or a timed set (up to 2 min). The problems go up to the 12 tables (x,/) and up to 100 (+,-). It works well for what we wanted and it's not gamey or animated.
  11. We have "Lives of the Artists" by Kathleen Krull and it's really good, but we want more. Can anyone recommend another book with more artists, their profiles and pictures of their works, appropriate for a 9yo. I have been looking at this http://www.amazon.com/50-Artists-You-Should-Know/dp/3791337165/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y and may just get it, although I'd prefer to see the inside first. My 9yo is very art-y. Any recommendations will be appreciated!
  12. The TOC for 7th and 8th is here (thanks DragonflyAcademy) http://sfmsmath.wikispaces.com/Math+in+Focus No look inside, just the TOC.
  13. I guess. I don't know when they came out. They sell them on RainbowResource, but there aren't even any inside pages to view. They offer them as a course through Calvert Curriculum as an alternative to their 8th grade math.
  14. It supposedly adheres to the Common Core Standards, which may be good to get into if I plan to have my ds enter regular school next year. I'm curious about it and have the chance to use it with my ds13 (grade 8 level) in a program now, but know nothing about it. I can't even find samples of the TOC online. I haven't heard of anyone using it in the upper grades. So, if you have used it, I'd love to hear more about it. Is it directed to the student or do you teach it? Is it algebra level or more of a pre-algebra? Any comments will be appreciated!
  15. OK, so which of these online classes do provide grades/transcripts? I know Derek Owens does, and I'm considering that one heavily right now for Algebra I as I really want to have that feature, but it really can be expensive especially if you take 9 months to finish it. I prefer TabletClass price and I've viewed his sample videos which are good, but he doesn't provide any kind of grade/transcript, does he? Which ones do?
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