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  1. How To Tutor or Alpha Phonics by Sam Blumenfeld. They both got very high reviews and if I am reading this correctly it would costs me a little less than $9.00 bucks a child to teach them Math, Rreading, and writing? Anyone know anything about this program? God Bless!!!
  2. Hi, i am new to this forum but when i read your post it really touched my heart. I was in a very similar situation as yours. When my husband and I got married we were not actively involved in church. He did not even know the Lord. I was divorced from a very abusive marriage and not going to let anyone control me. a couple of years into our marriage we both came to know the Lord and strated living out lives for him. The submissive part was the hardest for me also. It took alot of prayer and caused alot of tears. Hear is what I feel God laid on my heart. Is your husband a good man who is living his life for the Lord? Do you trust your husband to make the right decisions based on what the Lord would want? My answers to both of these questions were Yes! I slowly began to turn over control to him and what a relief I found it to be!!! That does not mean that he does and says and acts however he wants without consideration of my feelings and opinions. We listen to each others opinions and come together but I do put alot of trust in what he thinks. I know that he puts alot of prayer into his decisions and lets the Lord lead him. As for the little things, the hardest thing for me to realize was that just because I make his lunch or iron his clothes does not make me his slave or make me less of a person than him. These are ways I show him how I appreciate all that he does for our family.I do believe that this type of marriage will only be successful if both are on board. Our motto is that marriage is not 50-50 it is 100-100. Now I am sure that there are alot of wives who would disagree with me and that is just fine with me. This is just my personal opinion!!!! Afterall this would be a very boring world if we all thought alike. God Bless!!:lol:
  3. 4th grader will be using History - MOH Science - Considering God's Creation Phonics and spelling - Alphabet Island II Geography - Capital Game and a State by State notebook she will make and research on her own Grammar - Scott Foresman Math - Math-U-See (just decided on this) Reading - Librabry books of her choice followed by a short book report We will also be keeping a daily journel to practice her writing skills, taking a weekly art class, and doing Girl Scouts along with our church activities.
  4. i looked at the free sites at first i was excited about the CSMP since it is free but there are hundreds and hundres of pages to print and alot of extra materials they say are needed. I will look into it a little more though before i rule it out. Any other advice? God Bless!!
  5. This is our fist year HS. My girls are 1st grade and 4th grade. I have slowly been choosing the curriculum. I have the Science and History. I was planning on using Abeka Math because a local school had these for very cheap prices but today I found out they dont have what we need. We are on a very tight budget and now I'm not sure what is the best Math to use that we can afford. My 4th grader is very smart but does not like Math and my youngest is just getting started. She knows all her numbers, how to count, typical progrss for starting 1st grade. Please give any advice and any curriculum up for sale or free. Thanks for any and all help. God Bless!!
  6. Thank you soooooooo much!!! God Bless
  7. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is our first year HS our two girls and we are on a very tight budget. You just saved me a ton of money. Do you know by chance a place to get timeline figures to go with MOH? God Bless!!!
  8. my girls are 6 and 9. They really want to do the timeline, (but it is $20.00 just for the cutouts) and the person at MOH said they would need (at least my older girl) the atlas.
  9. I have decided to use MOH vol 1 with my kids this year. I have looked through a friends and want to know if anyone used this product, do you have to have the two atlas that the website recommends? Also is there a cheaper way to create the timeline and the figures my girls are excited about doing this, just trying to keep the cost down. God Bless!!!!
  10. We decided to HS our children a few months ago after this school year ended. In the beginning I felt just like you. I have spent alot of time researching and gaining my own knowledge. Don’t get me wrong I am still nervous as we haven’t started yet but I am getting prepared. Prepare yourself for everything to not be perfect. Look up HS groups in your area and talk to some that have been HS to get advice. Decide why you are thinking about HS and make a decision if those reasons are reason enough to make the commitment. I had to learn to take a breath and one step at a time. First I looked into the pros and cons and made my decisions. Then I researched and decided what method I wanted to use then I started researching curriculum made a list of what subjects I wanted to teach and how, and found curriculum to fit. Now after the first year we may change everything around but that is the beauty of HS you do what is best for you and your children. You do not have a school board of state office that doesn’t even know your kids telling you what is best. Anyone who has a love for their child can HS if they put their mind to it. I hope this will give you some encouragement with your decision.:) God Bless!!!!
  11. In my family we do not wear any reveling clothes including our swim wear. We do this because we believe through our scriptual teachings that God wants women to be modest. With that said each person has a right to their opinions and how they dress, that is why we live in America where you are free to choose. If we go to a public area it is a sure thing that we will see things that we do not agree with but it is that persons choice and this is what i try to teach my children. I allow my girls to wear shorts (at a reasonable length) some people believe that showing of any flesh is against God. I think if you are going to go to a public place then you have to be willing to deal with what you will see. If you go to Walmart you are sure to see some man or women dressed in a way you may not agree with. Use this to teach your children what you feel is right and wrong and why. When they become adults they will make thier own informative decisions. God Bless!!!!
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