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  1. This last year I used Scohlaric and the girls received a daily schedule to check off as each subject was done. This year we are doing it a bit differently. I will write all assignments into my weekly planner. Each child will be highlighted a specific color. They will then have a planner where they must log what they do for the week. Everything except things done together like experiments will need to be done by Friday at lunch. That leaves all Friday afternoon for experiments.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmXTfUNrVl4WdHhaRV9lVGRKX3JoT19fSEVTSlNqN1E&usp=sharing YAY!! I figured it out! Ok let me know what you all think.
  3. Ok, I have it in a google doc now but how do I get it to share? When I view yours it says share with anyone who has link. Mine show locked????
  4. I found this one http://curriculumexpress.com/physical-science-lab-kit.html It is a little cheaper. Anyone use this before? Any reviews?
  5. Nope cant paste it in. It is in Excel can I post it somewhere?
  6. Wait where is the file I attached? Can anyone tell me how to do that?? UGH!!!
  7. I have attached the schedule I finally finished for our year of Physical Science. As you will see I was planning on doing the Concepts in Action lab book for experiments. Well, I just added up the bill for materials and it is way over $200. HELP!!! This is way out of my budget. I need to find another source of labs so I dont have to scrap all this planning. Any ideas or thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks! Oh, BTW I had thought about keeping the schedule but mixing it with the schedule of experiments and videos on Easy Peasy. Would that work and be enough for an 8th grader? What other options do I have?
  8. You know the first year I homeschooled I used this https://www.milestonebooks.com/item/1-65680/ which was in a give away book at a sale. Looking back, I think it has been the best system yet. I have used other planners as well as online systems. While they all worked to a point, the simplicity of this one, kept me motivated to keep it up to date and keep us on track. Think I will go back to what works!
  9. This sounds interesting to me. Can you give me a little more details on how this is accomplished? How do you have your student study multiple sciences in one year? Is their an outline anywhere that shows the sequence in which they flow? Thanks!
  10. No I haven't. Would it work for a kiddo who has never studied logic?
  11. Finally settled on Latin - We are going to use Galore Park, Latin Prep.This way I can do it with both dd13 and dd10. Now to figure out Logic and all will be great. Oh, and a french program! :banghead:
  12. I have a small list right now of 5 books. I put them in my cart on Amazon two ways, first buying with the free Super Shipping and then buying used from individual sellers. It still comes up to around $40 including shipping. Is there a cheaper way that I am missing?
  13. I have stuff for higher and middle grades that we are not going to use. Awhile back I was in a very similar situation and several people from here sent boxes of stuff to my home. I would love to pay that forward. Can you PM me with a list of what subjects you still need books for? Just list them all!! I have boxes of stuff sitting in my storage building I would be glad to send you.
  14. I really like how Galore Park's Latin Prep looks. Dd13 does not want to study Latin so I am hoping the humor will help keep her from melting away. So what MUST I have to teach her the course? Also, any ideas how long it takes o get through the books for an older beginner?
  15. Thank you so much! That helps alot. This will be for dd10 and dd13 who have had no exposure. The thing is dd13 does not want to learn Latin. Maybe I will start with the Latin Prep in hopes of enticing her. I see alot of different components to Latin prep. Any idea what I need?
  16. Can anyone tell me a bit more about this program? What are the ages it is geared for if there is n prior Latin exposure? Also is it easy to teach if you have no Latin background? Anything else I should know?
  17. Is there a way to add a calendar to it? I would love a monthly calendar that I can add our days off to.
  18. Ok, so I already have a schedule in excel Is there a way to transfer it to One Note?
  19. So changes already...... Lial's stays with addition of Jann's math class Grammar - Killagallon Writing - EIW Shakespeare year long study Science - homemade course using CK-12 Physical Science - PH Concepts in Motion Lab book and the Tiner books History - same but adding in literature to go along Spanish - nope now wants to do French!! Home Ec - Stays Logic - ??? Still trying to figure out Latin and a way to motivate her to want to try it. So let's see how long these plans last....lol
  20. Decided to back up a grade and add in MM to our CLE. After all the recent threads, I grew a bit concerned if my dd9 was getting everything she could. So after giving her the placement test, I was quite shocked at how much she was missing. She has done great with CLE but is really lacking in conceptual understanding. So, we got out our manipulatives and started the first chapter of grade 3. SHE LOVED IT!!! I have to say, I was pretty blown away at how quickly and how much she picked up in under an hour. Here's to hoping it keeps up. :hurray:
  21. Do you know which science you are wanting to do? Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.? Also do you prefer Christian or secular or either?
  22. We will be using Diana Waring this year and will study the time period between Creation and the Fall of Rome. Anyone have a reading list of the great works to go along with this time period? I would like for her to read around 8-10 this year.
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