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  1. This is the first year I am not doing the lessons with him, that is, I do the warm-up with him, but that's it. We have the DIVE CDs and he does them entirely on his own. I have only stepped in when I knew he wasn't understanding the concept. It is only recently that he has been showing issues with the lesson itself. Most of the missteps have happened in the review/mixed practice section. We have used Khan Academy exclusively last year as BJU was a total failure. This is also the first year that I don't sit with him while he completes the lesson - in the past that was about the only way h
  2. Hey all, Ds (11) is struggling (as usual) with math. We've made the jump this year from Bob Jones to Saxon, because an online school we're considering next year uses Saxon, and I wanted to transition. It worked out BJU Math 5 was a disaster last year. We've been working through 7/6, 30 lessons in. It started out all right (expected since these first 30 lessons are review). But for the last ten lessons or so something is happening and I'm not sure what to do. Without fail he misses most of the problems - from the lesson set to the mixed practice - across the board he's lucky to get e
  3. thanks y'all for your input! It helps to get some perspective and ideas! Leah
  4. Recently, it's been long division. 5783/71, 42562/52 It seems to be different issues. Sometimes it may be a missing zero in the quotient. Or when he multiplies it will be too large - he should adjust the quotient down, but he'll just subtract a portion of it anyway and leave off there. Sometimes the quotient isn't high enough, he'll work it through and have a high remainder. We were having issues with fractions (equivalent fractions, reducing to lowest terms, converting an improper fraction to a mixed number and vice versa). I made up "math warm-up sheets" to continue practicing th
  5. Hello everyone! I need some advice. Math has been a sore spot with my son from the beginning. After a few years of real math heartache, we finally settled into BJU and had great success until this year. I don't know what the deal is, but BJU 5 has not worked out. It has been one heartbreaking failure after another. After a few chapters into the book we left off on it altogether, and I had him working again through the Math 4 book to try to shore things up. He improved, got some confidence back and we dove back into Math 5. But we've hit a snag again. The trouble started with the ch
  6. well I heard from my friend. She said that she and her son had always loved math and looked at it more like fun fun fun, but Math 5 was boring work work work. it looks like we're going to be all right after all :) Math has always been work work work for us, so we've got nothing to lose :laugh: It can be so easy to lose perspective, thanks for all the feedback! leah
  7. I did write my friend to ask her what happened, hopefully I'll hear soon. It just unnerved me a bit. I don't especially feel like I want to rock the boat. We've really struggled in the math department. My son just isn't given to mathematics like he is to language arts. I guess what I mean about serious math is that BJU is pretty cartoony in it's presentation - it is visually more appealing than say a Saxon worksheet. I wondered if we were coming to a point when a kid doesn't need cartoony anymore, but can handle just getting the job done - but maybe that's expecting too much of a 9yr
  8. Hey everyone, I need some math advice. For the past couple years we've been using BJU math (after trying out Saxon and Math Mammoth). It has worked well for us, no more tears come math time. A friend of mine (the one who told me about BJU when I was floundering for something that would work for us) called me up to say that Math 5 was a disaster for her - which spooked me a bit. I had been reading through various reviews trying to get a feel for where BJU is going, and whether we need to be going there too (in light of the classical approach). I was also reading through WTM, wh
  9. Thanks! Silly me, I didn't realize my signature is so off! My son is 9. We've got Latin for Children C planned for next year. I was thinking ahead to what would follow, he would be in 6th grade, 11yrs. Leah
  10. We'll be finishing up Latin For Children (we've done all 3) soon, what comes next? thanks, Leah
  11. I download SOTW and read them on the Nook. I download whenever I can, usually they're cheaper, and you can't hardly beat the instant gratification :) Also, my son thinks it's novel to read something on the Nook, so I have a hard time keeping it out of his hands and keeping enough on there for him. Sure, I still delight in the touch and smell of paper, the physical experience of page-turning, so not all of our books are e-text. HTH, Leah
  12. For Literature: My kids are still relatively young (8, 6), so I don't have a whole lot of independent reading for history/science. I still expect to read most of the materials to them, and then they narrate back to me. Usually the books I choose from VP, etc I plan to read aloud to them. For my younger kiddo, I've scheduled (assigned) books that I want her to read, and I plan on using VP's literature guide. It has comprehension questions and activities. I will usually purchase books that are on their reading level and keep them on the shelf. My son took to reading like a fish to water, s
  13. We use TWSS and Ancient History Theme Based writing lessons. Grammar - I skipped grammar this year (we'd done Shirley 1 and FLL 4), because we started Latin and I thought it would be overkill. Spelling - I'm not doing formal spelling with my oldest, it hasn't been necessary. We've used Natural Speller in the past. Reading - I keep a lot of books around. I have them do narration with whatever they're reading. Required reading hasn't been an issue. For my 1st grader, I do have scheduled VP's Vol. 2 reading guides, but just until she is a stronger reader. I choose books from Son
  14. If I may chime in too, maybe this will help you some. I was really getting frustrated with my son just slopping through his handwriting pages, it seemed like a total waste of time. We moved into cursive this year (I went ahead and moved my daughter into cursive too although she just had one year of manuscript). Instead of a formal program, I just bought a traditional cursive deskstrip from Rainbow and a bunch of paper. They sell a paper that has the space between the mid-line and baseline highlighted, super cool. Anyway, twice a week (though you could do more) we have a penmanship time.
  15. I think you could do just TWSS if you don't mind teaching it yourself. At least that's what I did. I did spring for the Ancient theme based history writing thing - but just so that i wouldn't have to come up with my own assignments. There's a yahoo group too you might ask over there if you're still unsure. HTH, Leah
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