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I need a practical gift.

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some gardening gloves? One of those hanging tomato basket things? (you could just get a wrought iron basket like I did, that has a hole in the center of the bottom and has that bamboo mat that holds the dirt in place, with some soil and a couple of packets of tomato seeds).

Some dish towels to replace paper towels if she uses them, or one of those sham-wow type cloths to wipe up spills.

A nice bamboo salad bowl.

If she knits/crochets a gift certificate to her favorite yarn shop.

Some dried lavender and cloth to make sachets with (or another dried herb).

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Whaddayamean "No books"??!!! :confused::glare:


OK, OK, fine. Here's another list.


A beautiful apron

A grow-light for starting the seedlings that TeacherZee suggests

Rechargeable batteries and/or a recharger

Handwoven basket, made locally

Ice cream ball (roll it to make soft-serve ice cream)

Solar cooker

Cast iron pan or pot

Bicycle pump

Bicycle grocery basket

Local wine

Membership in a CSA

Quilt from a local shop, thrift store, or seamstress

An eclectic collection of linen hand towels from an antique shop

A set of handkerchiefs

A hot water bottle with a comfy fleece liner

A set of annuals or perennials for her yard or window box

A fruit tree seedling

Handmade soap/lotion


This list includes a variety of 'price-points' so I hope you can use it to spark your imagination for something appropriate.

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Ingredients to make her own soap. Get directions off a soap making site.


A hunk of beeswax to make her own candles.


Could you buy her 30 min with a weaver or other primitive craftsman?


A candle holder made by an iron forger (is that the right term?) There are several in upstate NY!


A pattern for an apron with some material, fat squares for a quilt, or material and pattern for another sewing project.


Is there a web site you could buy her a membership to? I know some cost money, but I don't know details.


I love the dried lavender/sachet idea! Include some lavender seeds or a small plant.

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My first thought was a flat of canning jars, some pectin, and canning tools. It's too early for most fruit (around here anyway) but maybe a promise to go fruit or berry picking later in the season? Maybe she's been drooling over a new canning pot?


Of course if she's already into DIY/frugal stuff, she probably already has these things.

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