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  1. Thanks everyone for the discussion! It is finally resolved. After explaining more about the CO homeschool law, and that there are no state graduation requirements as each district sets their own, and explaining how my daughter's classes exceeded requirements of our local district, they were satisfied. It was really just a matter of education as they had never had such a homeschooler before. They did apologize for telling her she was "conditionally" accepted, and admitted this was a mistake, that she was fully 100% accepted. So it's all straightened out and we are moving on with getting her ready to start college in just a few weeks!! I have read here about stories like this, but seriously never thought it would happen to us...we never stop learning!
  2. And seems like the onus should be on them to find out if our diploma is valid?? If they question it, then they are the ones who should call the state of Colorado to find out?? Instead of us jumping through the silly hoops? (My daughter just found info requiring schools to do this regarding financial aid if they disagree with the validity of the diploma, so why not with admissions?)
  3. Right!? The more I think about it, the more ridiculous the whole thing sounds.
  4. Thank you for this!! My daughter is composing a polite but firm email...with links to our Colorado homeschool law on the Dept of Education page. She is even quoting the Constitution about how states have to respect other states' laws...which includes her legal graduation! I am so proud of her. She made it clear that she wants to fight this battle herself. :)
  5. Thank you everyone! I have calmed down a little now. :) In CO we don't register as homeschoolers, only file a notice of intent to homeschool. Or is that the same thing? The state does not monitor us at all beyond the notice, so they would have no way of knowing what materials we use. I have put in a call to the dept of education, the message said they will get back to me within 48 hours. I do like the idea of contacting HSLDA, I will consider that. I'll let you know how it all turns out.
  6. I am upset right now, so possibly not the right time to ask for help/feedback/experience, but any would be appreciated! We graduated our daughter in Dec. 2015 from our homeschool in Colorado. She was not in any umbrella or program, it was straight-up homeschooling, and I issued a transcript. She did spend 9th and 10th grades in public high school. Her test scores are very high. She has applied to a tiny school in Massachusetts which is telling us they accept her, she can start in January, but their state requires proof of high school graduation, and my homeschool transcript stating as such does not suffice--nor does any other information coming from me. (They have only had one other homeschooler, who apparently had no documentation whatsoever. Yikes). This is to cover their bases, in case they get audited, etc, and is in no way a reflection on my daughter. The admissions director suggested I have a local high school counselor look at her transcript and just write a few sentences saying she has met the requirements. I explained to him that public school did not issue her a diploma. He then suggested I contact someone at our state Dept of Education to do which time I tried not to start crying on the phone. I have heard of colleges wanting crazy things...but really? My academic superstar was granted conditional acceptance until they receive this. That is what she heard them telling her...but when I talked to him he insisted no, no, she's accepted, we just need this as a formality, etc. The poor child...when she originally sent in her homeschool transcript, they asked for something more formal. I should have known then there would be a problem...I am so upset. Where do I get a letter like this?
  7. Time to make a birthday cake for my daughter. How is it possible she's 17?

  8. Dh is putting in a new kitchen faucet. Current toal: 1 faucet, 4 trips to hardware store.

    1. JanOH


      Sympathizing here. DH is replacing the shower faucets here. Trip to hardware store resulted in clerks shaking their heads and saying they've never seen that part before. Not a good sign.

    2. EndOfOrdinary


      Dh over here was doing maintenance on our woodstove. There was quite a lot of cussing, a rather mutilated thumb, and totally disgusting pair of work clothes by the end. However, said woodstove is now roaring away making us warm!

    3. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Frustrating when that happens! Dh ended up in the ER once (on my birthday, no less) from replacing kitchen faucet!

  9. There are two bushels of freshly roasted Hatch green chile on my kitchen counter.

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    2. unsinkable


      Oh, yum! How I miss the Land of Enchantment this time of year!

    3. Kalypso


      I love the smell of roasted green chili!

    4. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I'm jealous! That's the scent of heaven :)


  10. What happened to all the paper clips?

    1. M.A.


      They are hiding with all our scissors...

    2. Gil


      and with my sons notebook...


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    Looking for Speilvogel, Western Civilization, vol. 2 for sure and maybe vol. 1. If you have this for sale, please let me know edition number and condition. Thanks!


  12. My Kentucky Derby horse name is Bourbon Blue

  13. Really glad February is a short month.

  14. Nature abhors a vacuum. So does my cat.

    1. PinkyandtheBrains.


      My cat was hissing and stalking the vacuum today, fur all on end.


  15. My cat's been missing since last night. :(

    1. Dana


      How scary! I hope your cat returns soon!

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