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  1. I have so enjoyed reading this thread! I haven't posted in years, but I still pop back in every once in a while when I need a good book recommendation. I'll just talk about my kids in one post, since there are only two of them and they used the same books. -- What led you to homeschool? We homeschooled for academic reasons. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We did use WTM as a guide, and it was just right for us. We did not use outside class
  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your help with my blog and Twittering with me. You know I think ElegantLion and RivendellMom only joined 'cause of you. You're way cooler than me. ;) :D

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