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  1. I loved the letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill. It is called Speaking for Themselves: The Personal Letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill. I actually listened to this on audio and was just so taken with how romantic they were with each other and how sweet and tender it was at times...however, they were such equals and that made it sexy. I really loved this one.
  2. What a great experience! I have read her books and find her so interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself...a good laugh is priceless.:)
  3. Just yesterday for my in-laws anniversary dinner I made a truly flourless chocolate cake. It uses a whopping 9 full eggs in the recipe. They have chickens as well and can totally relate. In fact it is the egg overflow that caused me to use that particular recipe. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/chocolate-cracked-earth-flourless-chocolate-cake-recipe/index.html As for other things...scrambled in breakfast burritos, quiches, bread pudding (which could be made sweet or savory), custard pies, the eggs mixture for french toast. I hope that helps!:)
  4. :bigear:....I too have never been able to find one that is actually functional! You'd think this should be a non-issue, but it seems like every one that we have ever had just pools the water or it leaks all over the counter.:001_huh: Keep the recs. coming everyone.
  5. You may want to run it past your ENT doc, but New Chapter Organics makes a great sinus supplement. It aids in sinus care and helps to reduce/eliminate sinus infections for those who are prone to them. The New Chapter line is excellent. My entire family takes one or more of their products (fantastic multivitamins, supplements, etc). Something to check out at least. Take care.:)
  6. I didn't even finish reading your thread beyond the tag line...if that shows you anything!!!! Life is too short to continue reading something that isn't giving you pleasure! Just start reading something new...there is SO much! I give every book 50 pages, if I'm not hooked, it's someone else's favorite book. I donate it right away to our library book sale. Books will find you...I truly believe that!
  7. I love the Beat writers. Kerouac infected me when I was 14 and I have been trying to recover ever since. I love Thompson, The Rum Diaries is insanely beautiful (fairly new release.) I also think that Tom Perrotta is very talented (Little Children is a one of kind experience). I like Kate Christensen, The Great Man blew my mind. I also can't forget Nick Hornby! I love David Foster Wallace, he will be missed. Mary Roach, Stiff is fascinating. Mary Karr, Lit was terribly emotionally and worth the agony! Wow, I could go on and on! I love authors and all the gifts they give me!:001_smile:
  8. I always warm some minced garlic in butter, salt, pepper, and chopped fresh parsley. This makes me want some!:)
  9. My Grandmother always told me to go do some exercise and match my blush to the natural color of my cheeks when I am a little flushed. I have stuck to that. I think it always looks natural and complimentary to your skin tone.:)
  10. I read Pride and Prejudice first. I have had a Mr. Darcy complex ever since. :D Haha, just kidding, Jane can evoke some serious emotions! The books are all funny, romantic, frustrating, and everything in between! Enjoy, you can never recapture that first read...savor it!
  11. That totally made my day! So fantastic! Thanks for sharing! HAHA!:D
  12. Hey ladies, A couple years ago a friend of mine was moving and gave me an entire set of very gently used cloth diapers. At least 3 stages of sizes and the corresponding liners as well as the covers. I think she had really good intentions, but then had two more children in quick succession and could not follow through with cloth. Anyone know what these would be worth if I were to post them? I would like to sell the lot. Any advice would be so helpful. Thanks in advance! :bigear:
  13. I just picked up The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. It seems like it is going to be a fantastic story of survival and perseverance. However, I just bought this one myself...so I can't 'really' recommend it yet!:D
  14. I would try the Carol's Daughter line of products. They are great for every hair and skin type, but I believe they were inspired for dark hair and skin. They are also natural, I think they even recently removed all sulfates. Best of luck with you new little one.:)
  15. Mine is a photo of the Endurance, Ernest Shackleton's ship. When I am feeling whiny and ungrateful for my pretty amazing life...I look at that photo and appreciate one of the most fantastic and inspiring tales of navigation, adventure, and the true strength of the human spirit. It keeps my perspective in check!:) Great post!
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