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Wake Me When Summer is OVER!!! JAWM


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I envy all of you that have temps UNDER 100*F right now! Today it's 113*F, next Wednesday: 115*F. I did TRY to move, I really did. Even made it out of 
the desert for a couple of months but the job didn't work out. As I prayed and soul-searched, came to the conclusion that I needed to be with my family,
in Phoenix. But OI! The HEAT! Heat and my brain do not get along. Can someone please put an URGENT on the maintenance request for the outside A/C???

(Thanks for listening. I'll now be looking for my tent and planning my escape to the mountains until temps here get to "tolerable." )

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It’s only 90 ish here and even that’s too hot.  I feel for you!  

We don’t have a/c and I have been using keeping wet —especially my head— and especially with cool or cold water— and gel ice pads a lot.    It helps a lot.  

Trees help, but probably not so much of that in Phoenix. 


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It’s 100degF right now and I am hiding in my neighborhood supermarket. DS14 wants to make parfait which is why I am here; we are all out of yoghurt.


At least some flowers are blooming and not wilting (outside the supermarket)


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I don't love heat either.  Nor humidity for that matter.  My room (where I usually work) is the hottest in the house, so between that and middle aged hot flashes, some days are just a total bust.  We'll look forward to fall together!

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I don't like hot.  Haven't ridden a horse in two weeks.  Mowed the lawn and got straight in my grandkid's swimming pool.  And it's rained so much this summer here, way unusual, that I've had to mow twice a week to keep up.  Humidity is awful although nothing like the South.

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