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Derek Owens CS - weeks to mark assignments?

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My son has recently started DO's CS course. It's a great course and he enjoying it thoroughly.

Our only issue with it is that it takes weeks to get assignments back. He is hoping to take DO Calculus in the fall, but if the time it takes to get CS work back is representative of all the DO courses, it would be a dealbreaker and I would need to start looking for alternatives.

Any experience with this?

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We just finished physics here and it never took more than a couple of days.  Never weeks!  Yikes!  Only about 3 or so days at the most.

I suppose there are different people who grade different classes.  Maybe the physics people were more on the ball.  We sent the assignments in online using CamScanner. 


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I love DO, but I only like to use his courses with the self-grading option. That’s how we did alg 2 and precalc. I didn’t feel confident about grading calc and had him do it, and he did take too long, IMO, to grade the work. I can’t remember exactly how long it was, but it wasn’t quick enough to keep from holding my dd up. Partway through, I switched to the self-grading and had my dd check her own work. Not perfect, but I thought the immediate feedback was important for math.

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