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  1. My family loves this recipe: https://moneysavingmom.com/creamy-milk-rice/
  2. I only outsource specific classes. Foreign language for sure. I feel confident in "teaching" through Spanish 2, but I just don't have time. I learned Latin I&II with oldest DS, Oldest DD wanted German, so we outsourced German I-IV. I outsource most of the AP classes. Oldest DD self studied for AP Human Geography and AP US History. I also outsource some special interest electives like Screenplay Writing, Crime Scene, etc. My DD(grade 10) is not interested in AP. This year we outsourced Spanish and ACAD(I know nothing about CAD and don't want to , haha) I will have her d
  3. Those are adorable! Maybe if I don't buy anymore shoes for a year I could justify the cost!! haha
  4. I used to wear them all the time! I don't like a tight fit around my ankles anymore tho. They are cute!!
  5. I hate shoe shopping. I need some cute shoes I could dress up or down. I can NOT do heels anymore.:( A short wedge or short wide heel may be ok. What are you wearing on your feet this fall?
  6. We are using them this year. So, only have had experience with a few. I think they are very valuable. He has 2 per chapter. He goes over the material and calculations and links videos for experiments he has done and other relevant info.
  7. Don't stains and grease transfer to regular clothes? I keep a bucket with a splash of Pine Sol. I rinse them out every couple days and wash twice a week. Not stinky at all.(Unless you don't like Pine Sol smell.)
  8. I would use it for a low investment vegetable soup. I would probably not toss it.
  9. And shoes! I would keep them hooked on the heels. Then there were no chilly ankles!
  10. I LOVE the baby legs!! I used them with diaper only for crawlers. Also, over pants in the front baby carrier(I hate when the pant legs ride up and freeze their bare legs!) I also love to give personalized cup labels.
  11. I bought one. For when we go places again in the car with schoolwork. Whenever that happens.
  12. dd did this course last year for 9th grade Drawing I. It was fantastic. We went through the curriculum(the basics) and then she worked through the topics. We bought the subscription.
  13. My favorite way to make oatmeal is in the rice cooker. Texture is perfect. No boil over mess. I put it in. 14 minutes later(while I'm running around doing morning chores) it's done. We serve it with mini chocolate chips and coconut.
  14. Thank you! I scheduled for all of September. 2 days each week and 5 different teachers, I think. Thanks!
  15. We are new to HSA. I am overwhelmed with choosing a teacher. Please PM me with good and bad experiences.:) Thank you!
  16. https://juliasalbum.com/easy-mozzarella-chicken-mushrooms/ I sometimes make ours without mushrooms. i have used sauteed onions, green peppers, red peppers(sauteed or jarred), sauteed onions. It is so flexible. I also always pound the chicken breasts thin and saute in oo or butter first. We use less marinara. You could serve with pasta or rice.
  17. Yep. My ds is 24. He is having such a hard time finding someone to date(to marry). He said he has been waiting for the girls his age to settle down and grow up. lol He doesn't like social media(and doesn't like the idea of using a dating app ). He works from home mostly and likes to stay home and not go out a ton. He's ready for a relationship. We're praying God will send him a match. Soon, please.:) CoVid has ruined the opportunity for volunteer stuff and average mingling opportunities.
  18. Thank you for your thoughts. We have a woodland yard and lots of leaves. But what about winter? I did consider the cost of the enzymes. That's a negative. Not too excited about opening the lid either. Trying to figure out a work around for that.
  19. I am trying to plan out a doggie space in our back yard. It will be on the smaller side. It will have a fence, an area of pet artificial grass, and some stone pavers. I am planning for a hose in that area for easier clean up. So, I have been watching lots of Youtube videos on poop management. I am tired of the kids tracking in dog poop which is a big reason I am building this area. I am fascinated with the idea of composting it in a buried bin. Anyone have experience with this?
  20. DD went straight from DO Precalc to BT Calc BC. No problems and did great in the class.
  21. I bought Sassafras Zoology for this year for grades 4 and 2. They read lots of living books, but they wanted a "subject". They want to "do science". I had planned on putting something together, but life happened. And I think this will fit well with our nature study of birds this year. The logbook looks like it will be perfect for my kids. They know A LOT of stuff about animals thanks to books and Wild Kratts, so I don't know if this will teach them a ton, but I think it will help them sort out all that knowledge. We are also getting a zoo membership this year since museums and the aquar
  22. I have tried so many different things! I have settled on this. I don't think I'd call it FUN. But, it is less tedious than other options. We learn 2 a week. I try to point out words in daily speech or reading that apply.
  23. I have these swim shorts and I love them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072KCY6FL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1 I wear a long sleeved rash guard because I burn so easily. There are so many options for tanks that match though.
  24. And make sure he is rinsing the shampoo out properly. I have washed my daughters' hair in the sink during times like you described. I think in our situation it was puberty glands+not scrubbing/rinsing well.
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