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  1. Farrar, Thank you for your response. I appreciate your input. I have NO idea what an AP course looks like or the workload thereof. Do you have any suggestions on how to order those courses so that his first year will be a bit lighter? I would say that he is the sort of kid that does enjoy traditional school and does very well with fairly little effort - this is also one of the reasons I want to challenge him a bit - but not overwhelm him. He *thinks* he is working hard - but he has no idea what working hard looks like. He works 4 days a week, 9 - 3 and reads the assigned books while we dr
  2. We also dropped AP Physics 1 which was scheduled in gr. 11. If math comes fairly easy, would stats not be even easier? He is only 14.5, but is not sure if he is interested in a career in science or in business - I'm trying to help him build a plan which will allow him to explore both. I am not sure if he will attend university early, but I would like to keep that option open, if he chooses to do so.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. It is much appreciated. How does this slightly revised plan look? It's really mostly about his grade 11 year. I have learned not to plan too far ahead - the grade 12 plan might be crazy or completely doable - time will tell. He will then be 16.5 when he graduates. At that time, I will advocate for an exchange or some for of gap year. (And to get university applications done, take an SAT if he wants to go to the US, etc.) Grade 11 AP Seminar AP Biology AP Statistics Calculus 12 Literary Studies 11 Strings 11 PE 11 Computer P
  4. My DS (14.5) has been accepted into a great, selective boarding school a few hours from home. It was his choice to apply. He has always been homeschooled and has thrived for the most part. We have, however, recently thought that he is sort of outgrowing our little pond, even though we have a great, vibrant, active local scene. (We are a good 3 hours away from a major city.) DS needs 2 more courses to graduate from High School - one English and one Social Studies course. His grades are stellar. He has a perfect GPA, is the concertmaster of our local orchestra, etc. - he is a great kid with
  5. My son has recently started DO's CS course. It's a great course and he enjoying it thoroughly. Our only issue with it is that it takes weeks to get assignments back. He is hoping to take DO Calculus in the fall, but if the time it takes to get CS work back is representative of all the DO courses, it would be a dealbreaker and I would need to start looking for alternatives. Any experience with this?
  6. My son and I will be attending a group tour of our local university on Monday. This is arranged by our support teacher (DL school) and there will be other kids and a few parents in attendance too. DS13 is technically gr. 7 but has finished 3/4 of the high school courses he needs to graduate, including math, physics, and chemistry. I do, however, think we will now go the "rebel route" and not graduate with the standard diploma but rather look at alternative options to get into our local university at a younger age. There is just to many "fluff" courses that he needs to do to get a standar
  7. Mrs. Bailey is a great teacher. It seems like she really cares about her students and explains topics thoroughly. Her expectations are fair and the workload is manageable. Great class!
  8. Mr. Baker is FANTASTIC! He is my son's favourite teacher. Mrs Bailey is wonderful too. She is very approachable and explains concepts well and thoroughly. She seems to really care about her students.
  9. SO VERY HAPPY with WHA this year. Looking forward to Feb 1.
  10. My 12-year-old son is currently in GC 1 with Mrs. Bailey. This is an amazing class! I was also pretty intimidated by the booklist, but it has been wonderful. DS is not an over-enthusiastic reader or history-lover but has been fine with keeping up with the amount and content of the books. He has listened to some books as audiobooks since we spend a lot of time driving every week. Just last week DS told me that he is interested in history again, and that reading fiction is actually "pretty fun." Looking at the materials your son is currently using - I don't think he will have a pro
  11. Thank you Alte Veste - I'm excited by what I'm seeing.
  12. My DS-almost-12 is an excellent, natural writer. He writes copiously and easily. We have done IEW, but is tired of doing the same thing over and over again. He has done some of CAPs WR, but finds it slow (I really like it.) He is currently using Cover Story, but I'm not happy with the lack of teaching structure - this seems to be what he needs most. I think he is ready to learn how to write a thesis statement, persuasive essay, more complex research report, etc. Any suggestions as to an easy to use and clear program? I need a lot of hand-holding.
  13. The morning messages are ingenious. I think that should be the standard for all online courses. (A massive amount of work went into those, that much is obvious.)
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