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  1. Well, the colleges that we are targeting, until a couple weeks ago, required two subject tests. the plan was to knock off math 2, chem subject, and AP chemistry this year, and AP bc, AP Biology next year. Too late to switch gears after the abrupt cancellation of subject tests.
  2. Hey Nerd. although the 10th grader completed Thinkwell Cal 1-2, we are not taking ap calc exam until next year. Instead, we were focusing on math level 2 using Dr John Chung's prep material. I really like his math 2, and SAT books. I have not seen the contents of Chung's ab-,bc book, but I will definitely get a copy this summer. Good luck
  3. A couple of years ago, I bought a near new zojirushi rice cooker on one of my thrift excursions. It sat on the counter for at least a year without being used. So I thought of a great place to store it until I needed it. When I cleared out some items in a back corner of the cabinet, I found another near new zojirushi rice cooker already there, The other one was purchased so long ago that not only had I forgotten about it , but seeing it did not even refresh my memory as to how i got it. Might have been there ten years. Now, i have two rice cookers side by side in sotrage.
  4. I would love to have this meal. My problem is that no one in my family (parents, siblings, cousins, children) eat this way. I got the addiction because we lived next to a baptist preacher for several years when I was little. I play with his son. i don't remember what part of the South they were from. I would get invited every Sunday to go to church with them. I rarely went to a regular service. It was just too intense for me with the hollering and fainting. But, I never missed a service that was followed by a social or pot luck. The food those old ladies cooked was so amazing; yams, g
  5. Could probably use a fanny pack if it use a few small items. But, most guys that I've seen wearing them daily don't look very cool.
  6. My 15 y.o. just started a business selling his stuff on ebay, craigslist, offer up. He is very excited to be making good money off of stuff that has been sitting around 10 years or more. For instance, I was really surprised that he recovered about 2/3 of what I put into his four sets of golf clubs. I was about to give them away or drop off at thrift. Other things are selling for good prices too. Now, he money to buy some very expensive things a teen needs/want.
  7. My 10th grader took the SAT in 7th and 8th grade using only 2-3 year old practice books from Princeton, Barron, Kaplan. HIs scores were excellent (1390). We started prepping around x-mass break. I would TEAR out a whole test, but only gave him a section to do each day. No tiime limit. BTW, just giving him a torn out section at a time, instead of the whole book, makes it far less intimidating. By the end of the the break, he had three tests done. I would score each section, and we would go over the errors. No, redo, just a discussion of why he was wrong, and pointing out the common test tr
  8. For overflowing bath drain: https://www.amazon.com/Green-Gobbler-Ultimate-Cleaner-Remover/dp/B0149L455G For toilets, I used 3 applications of this and the one toilet in my house that had problems is now clear: https://www.amazon.com/Roebic-Laboratories-Inc-Cleaner-32-Ounce/dp/B000BPIM1I For my washer which also is hooked to the old drain and overflows due to lint buildup, I used this: https://www.amazon.com/Green-Gobbler-Liquid-Remover-cleaner/dp/B085FS4JTD If you are up to shopping at Lowe's or HD (I don't go there due to the pandemic) they have the same products at a
  9. All I can remember from watching my folks play is that you need a fold up vinyl table, with 4 matching fold up chairs, and some tall glasses of 7&7.
  10. My washer died a month ago. I was offered a great deal on a dented floor model GE washer/electric dryer (120v) all in one. It is ventless. I like it a lot. Both the wash cycle and dry cycle are quieter than my old units. Does not have a lint filter. But recommends cleaning the pump filter each month. The drawback to the combo is that the wash/ dry cycle is 3.5 hours. Somewhat inconvenient, but the space savings make up for it.
  11. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I flushed the toilet to see if I was being pranked. It flushed. But, I DID NOT use it.
  12. I know of a house that has a toilet-no sink, mirror--just a working toilet in the small coat closetat the end of a hallway. I thought it a bit unusual to have a bath and 1/8th.
  13. Tip of the hat to you brother in law. I can't imagine taking one kid who has never played out on the course, not to mention two.
  14. I don't know anything about Mecari. But my 10th grader started on-line selling of his old toys and stuff using Offer Up. Around here, there is Imore talk about Offer Up than Craigslist.
  15. If the accountant is around, ma- nip-ulating data points could boost output using either technigue.
  16. Back when the 10th grader was 5 years, he found a new item before it could be put away. No big deal because it was still wrapped in the packaging.. A couple of years later, he holds up an item and asks what is it. I go I don't know, let me think about it. He then states "it looks like a jack rabbit to me." I had no idea what he was talking about untill I remembered the earlier incident.
  17. So sorry you had to experience such ugliness. As to security monitoring, I ordered a handful of these Wyze security cameras for x-mas gifts. The have online and off-line recording options. They are highly rated, but I have not recieved my orders yet so no personal opinion. https://wyze.com/wyze-cam-outdoor.html
  18. I don't recall ever going to a Chinese resturant growing up. But my mother's special meal was a can of LaChow chow mein pured over the canned noodles. I liked it at the time. Every now and then, I see it in a market and get tempted to try it for old times sake. The sodium content scares me off.
  19. This is sorta me my entire life. I took just enough lessons to be able get across the pool and back ONCE. But when I was taking the 10th grader to year round swiming lessons when he was 3-7 y.o., I took a session of lessons. It was fun, and beneficial for learining proper strokes. But my most interesting takeaway was that swimming after just a glass of wine or two could kill you. If I were in a lake instead of a shallow pool, I be a goner.
  20. To be honest I don't get your aversion. This past year, Iv'e had to make regular one day turn around trips between So. Cal and El Paso. I used to rely on McDonalds' restrooms, but they are all closed now, along with every other fast food place I've been to. My alternative are the large trucker gas stations. The restrooms are clean and the gas is cheaper.
  21. I am close to the Bobcat Fire outside of los Angeles. Close enought to see the ring of fire, but too far away to have any threat of danger. Our yard, streets, plants and cars get covered with soot each night. Iam very surprised by the size of the particles. Some are like coarse Kosher salt. I've been keeping the 10th grader off the golf course because of the pollution.
  22. I got the washer and gas dryer in 1992. The washer has been replaced twice, and maybe a third time if the drain pump I am about to install does not stop the bottom leak. My friend owns a laundry and told me that there aren't any significnt mechicnal differnece in old and new dryers. She said to dump it when it needs any repair.
  23. I owned several different models of those round stackable trays type dehydrators. None of them produced good results. Then heard about the Excalibur 3400B, with 9 trays. It is one of the best home units, but it is expensive at $300. Decided to go with Magic Mill, a similar design to Excalibur but $100 cheaper. I am very happy with the Magic Mill. Funny, I was browsing Craiglist after I bought the Magic Mill, and saw many Excaliburs for under $100. The main advantages of the Excalibur/Magic Mill models are that they have fans for even heat circulation, temperature controls, and timers.
  24. I thought all schools have a murse. Though, the private religion affiliated school that my kid attended k-5 strongly preferred prayer over medicince. Still it has a health office. The lady running the office clearly had medical training but never referred to herself as a nurse. She would treat with otc medicines on parent's request.
  25. Gwyneth Paltrow has a healthy lifestyle brand. I heard a discussion of her candles on the radio yesterday. I had to look the candles up. That is all I'll say. Don't want to spoil the surprise. https://goop.com/staff/gwyneth-paltrow
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