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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Rainy, yucky day on tap here.  As of right now we have two showings for my house today.  In the rain.  When it is dark and gloomy.

-figure out how DS17 is going to study for finals while we have to vacate the house for 3 hours this AM
-wait around for email cancelling DS17's baseball tournament today
-figure out when we are picking up DS14 from my parents' house in Sarasota
-sit down and figure out what work DS14 "forgot" to do while living it up with Grandma and Grandpa
-grill the chicken tenderloins that have been marinating for days (may be too late)
-we are supposed to go to dinner tonight with some people I do not particularly care for
-finish binge watching The Ranch (fell asleep at 8:30 last night during 3rd episode)

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I'm in!

Make cranberry orange scones for DD's first morning home from college. :wub:

Shuffle around stuff that I store in college/young adult kids' rooms while they're away. This is a huge task because they're away most of the past year.

Christmas luncheon and trip to the meat market after

Put up tree and get lights on

Usual weekend laundry

Figure out dinner

Start on grading a mountain of papers (may get pushed to tomorrow)



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Good morning!

I'm happy for those of you whose kids are home from college! My boys won't be done with finals until Thursday.

We're having a nice stretch of warm weather here, with lows in the 20s and highs in the 30s and low 40s. My horses are loving it and it's nice not to be freezing my fingers off at chore time.

  • tidy up messy house
  • order phone case (dh got me a new phone for Christmas to replace my 5+ y.o. iPhone that was on its last legs)
  • work on Christmas shopping - order some earrings for dd and clothes from LL Bean for the boys
  • get Thai food for lunch
  • get groceries at Natural Grocers & pick up some healthy frozen meals for FIL (who is 84 y.o. with dementia and diabetes and is being fed a steady diet of candy and cookies by other family members:dry:)
  • dinner: leftovers
  • watch a movie tonight
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Good morning!


Confer with Dh about gifts

Make sure dd is on track with school work. Check math.

Ds to/from my mom's so he can help around her house

Farmers' market

 House cleaning

Make dinner early - ribs, sweet potato, salad (with greens from my CSA!)

Christmas party 

Prep for tomorrow. Dd and I will be out all day. 


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  • Up in the wee hours checking my kids' phones for shenanigans.
  • Got kid 2 up and off to the horse barn - she has a full day there today.  Packed a sorry lunch.
  • Had 1st cup of coffee.
  • Got an Amazon return mostly ready.
  • Checked emails, social media, news.

To do:

  • Get kid 1 up and ready for basketball / cheer.
  • Prepare client checks to FedEx.
  • Some sort of breakfast.
  • Bills?
  • Post office stop.
  • Fed Ex stop.
  • Kid 1 to away school for games.
  • Might try to work in the gap between the games.  Or pretend to.
  • Attend Kid 2's drill team performance back at the barn.
  • Make kids do a pile of homework and test study.
  • Laundry?
  • Work work work.
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Coffee and Carcassone

Get ready for the first family Christmas at in-laws.  Girls made cheesecake and we take the snack veggies, etc.
Should be an easy day.

Pizza planned for supper tonight with board games.  
DS is home.
Finals are over.

I feel more relaxed than I have in 3 months.  

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Good morning! After getting up at 5:15 to see dd2 off, I managed to go back to sleep, so I am just now getting started. The day is filled with thinking about Christmas gifts, so, so far behind and helping ds3 with his baking projects (sticky buns with brioche dough, and twice baked brioche). Then I will head to the hs invite to watch finals. And dh is in charge of tennis and dinner.

  • coffee/breakfast- dh took the paper and swears that he will bring it back
  • laundry (started)
  • read a little
  • a few chores
  • baking help/clean up- I am in a purely supervisory role
  • chat with dh about gifts
  • head to invite
  • watch hs swimming (must remember to bring earplugs/headphones)

Have a great day!


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I didn't sleep well since I'm so excited about ds coming home today!

human care only sort of done because dh is still sleeping and is holding my clothes hostage.  😉

pet care is done

medical care is done

I ordered a last minute gift for dh which is supposed to arrive Christmas Eve.  I have his main gift (which he had on his list) but I didn't realize that it was another one of his downloaded gifts that he always puts on his lists.  Which means nothing to actually open up.  I have done the open a gift with a paper on it about the download thing before but it always seems so anticlimactic! 

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It's been a full day.  I got my morning errands done (post office and fed ex), and then the JV girls WON their basketball game against a varsity team - they were well matched and it was close and exciting.  A nice surprise - usually we get creamed by the varsity teams.  During the gap between games, I chatted with my mom on the phone about Christmas.  Then my kid got to cheer for part of a game before we had to leave for the next thing.  Kid 2's drill team performance was a treat - I had never watched them work before and I am impressed by how much they have learned in a short time.  Kid was stressed out and upset because the horse was not perfectly behaved, so she took it out on her sister and there was girl drama, but we worked through that.

I ordered some more Christmas gifts.  I finally feel like I have enough for my eldest (who doesn't want much but will feel bad if her sister gets more).  Really the only specific things she has asked for were a glass nail file and an iphone arm holder for running.

Kids want to go out to eat for dinner, but for now they are taking a rest.  They should be showering and doing their art assignment, but I don't have the heart to yell at them.  Tomorrow will be a busy day since nobody feels like doing homework today.

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