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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  I am substitute teaching again today but only for a few hours in the afternoon.  Both kids are taking the PSAT this morning, and come home around noon.

-make breakfast for boys, sharpen their #2 pencils
-take DS14 to DS17's school to take PSAT test with the freshman

-work on project for principal (drafting some legal mumbo jumbo about various school policies)
-leave for sub job around 10:30 am
-do some school work with DS14 (he is going to love that....)
-dinner (need to take something out of the freezer ASAP) - yeah, that was pizza
-watch some baseball and/or Cheers with the kids

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Good morning!

Getting drenched and looking like a drowned rat is just a normal part of my morning routine now. Our county is under a flood warning because we're getting another 24 hours straight of downpour and the ground is already so saturated.

We had a great time at ds20's birthday celebration last night (too much junk food though - I feel like crud). He is pretty thrilled with the tools and car stuff that we gave him. He and his friends have weekend plans to go around to junkyards and salvage yards looking for parts for "Sally". Apparently, that is much more fun than just ordering the parts you need online.?

  • school w/dd
  • office work (I am way behind)
  • vet appt. this afternoon (recheck for dog who had knee surgery)
  • lots of laundry
  • update my calendar
  • dd has Model UN and a violin lesson
  • dinner: I kind of doubt dinner will even happen tonight, since dd is busy and I'll be on evening chore duty alone


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Good morning! Cold and wet, with our first dusting of snow! dd2 is taking the PSAT "for real" and ds3 is taking it because everyone is taking it. I have to excuse him from fourth block, because dh is driving some boys down to state. True to form, ds3 got a rough draw-so hopefully he can make it work.

  • ds3 off to school with pencils for all
  • coffee/paper
  • write/exercise
  • work on history syllabus for ds3
  • make sure ds3 is packed for state
  • dh and ds3 off
  • It is just dd2 and me for dinner for the next few days-no idea what to eat.

Have a great day!


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Good morning!

We have decided to stay in Ohio because of all the bad weather hitting at home over the next day or two. We are in middle GA, so the hurricane is due to head across the state after it makes landfall. 

Ds will have to some school here today: government test, literature, and Spanish.

We'll pack tonight and start home tomorrow. We will probably stop and spend the night in TN at my dad's house. 


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Howdy!  Today my chickie turned 12, and we have lived through the initial birthday celebration.  She was happy with the big stuffed polar bear, polar bear earrings, polar bear jacket, polar bear night light ... you get the idea, LOL.  She was thrilled that she got what is now the most advanced phone in the house.  After having cake for breakfast, she finished her homework and went to school.

I am still working on stuff I promised Monday and Tuesday, but I blamed it on technology (partially true).

I also need to finish the AHG newsletter, which I actually forgot about yesterday.

Tonight I am doing the driving - kid 2 to horse riding and kid 1 to gymnastics.  In between, the kids have lots of homework / test study.  Thus we will postpone all out-of-home birthday celebrations to the weekend.

Hey - yesterday my kids had their first volleyball win on the books.  It was so fun and exciting.  The reason they generally lose is that they are the youngest and the only JV team in the league.  They have all learned so much.  Being a team with low expectations is a blessing, as there isn't much stress compared to the other teams.

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done including filling pill boxes for the week.

school done.  Had a lot of grading to do because I couldn't do it yesterday.

mailed package

did a small grocery run.

Now after a break I am going to put a timer on and do housework for 20 minutes - starting NOW. 


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20 minutes is up:

emptied dishwasher and put away dishes. 

put away groceries from my grocery run earlier.

put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and am running it.

took out recycling.

wiped down all counters and the stove.  The stove has cleaner on it that needs to sit for awhile.  I will work on that in a bit.  And then finally the kitchen will be actually clean to my standards for the first time in almost a week.  Phew!

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