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What little gifts can I send ds?


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Ds isn't technically away at college, I'm the one that moved for grad school. He's at home, we share a house with my mom. He's having a challenging semester for a number of reasons not really related to me being gone, and I'd like to send him a gift box. What should I send? He doesn't really need food and I don't want to spend too much money, and he doesn't really need school supplies. He did just get his first car (he's finally driving!). I'd like to have it shipped via Amazon so it will get there this week. I put some Boba Fett socks in my cart to start with. 

This is more for encouragement than practicality, but I am using toothbrushes because it's time to change that. 

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Maybe a nice keychain?  A book you think he will like ... a gift card for some car washes (not through Amazon, obviously) ... 

Also, whether he *needs* food or not, it makes a nice gift.  Gift cards for specialty drinks, his favorite gum, peanut m&m's, fancy jerky ... whatever he likes best.  It always makes my boys happy. 

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For Amazon, sometimes I like to go to the filler item website and put in different amounts to see what comes up. It's meant for people who don't have Prime and need a certain amount to reach free shipping, but sometimes they have good deals and good suggestions. 


I randomly entered $1.74 and it came up with these things for under $2 that I'd consider sending to my college kids: Setting Goals Pocket Mentor,  Vaseline mini lip balm, several kinds of snacks, some fun notebooks, It's just a fun way to look at random things you might not think of, and I've found some bargains. 

If profanity is on the table, there's the Calm the F*** Down Adult Coloring Book for about five bucks, or the College Adult Coloring Book: Procrastination for When You Should Be Studying. On a more restrained level, there's a Colorful Quote Pen Pack for about $12.

My kids always like office supplies of any kind and always need more flags, sticky notes, and dry erase markers. They also really like food items that are meant to share, just bring it to class and make everyone happy. About $25 usually gets 40 packs of chips or cookies or whatever. Much cheaper is just big packages to pass around, this is easier with cookies than chips. So if he's struggling in or annoyed with one class, that might be a fun thing to do. 


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