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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning.  Another night, another hot flash...

-DS17 off to school
-school with DS13 (we didn't finish until after 6 pm yesterday - not sure why things are taking him so long)
-make physical appointment for DS17
-workout (really need to workout today, despite aching lower body muscles)
-talk to headhunter about legal recruiting job
-do something with ground beef I bought from costco (going to make taco meat, swedish meatballs, and czech meatballs for freezer)
-clean master bathroom and bedroom (seriously, have to do this today)
-cook early dinner (Italian pork chops I never made yesterday)
-help DH by running the (stupid) little league snack bar and handing out uniforms to all teams for opening day tomorrow
-find a new book to read

ETA:  yes, I did add an item to my list just to cross it off since I already did it today (dr. appointment...)

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Good morning!

  • school with Dd
  • Ds to tutorial, swimming and my mom's   Swim practice cancelled due to a USA team meet, that no one told us about. Argh. 
  • Dd to church
  • drop off items for laminating  Not today, too much traffic!
  • bills/budget
  • figure out dinner   



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Good morning! My kids left early for practice and working out at the gym. I went back to bed. Now they are at school and I have the house to myself today. 

  • coffee/paper
  • write/exercise
  • unclog a sink
  • finish off weekly chores- including mopping
  • do some reading-my stack of books is piling up
  • work on the quilt or other jen things
  • re-organize a few places (dh is camping-so he can't complain)
  • chat with dd2 when she gets home on her off block
  • ds3 home from tennis
  • order pizza for dinner

Have a great day!



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Grrr, my vet appt. didn't happen because of a scheduling mixup. Thing is, I had a feeling this might happen because when I called to set it up, the person on the phone was kind of scattered. So I got up early and ran around like a maniac for nothing.?

Anyway, here's my list for the rest of the day:

  • school w/dd
  • office work (continue working on same things as yesterday)
  • do some vacuuming - the whole house needs it
  • sweep garage
  •  mop mudroom floor
  • make weekend plans
  • maybe run to the bank and post office
  • dinner: definitely not cooking tonight...maybe we will get Japanese
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  • Got up an hour early because kid wanted to study for her math quiz.
  • Got other kid up and both kids ready & off to the bus stop - a tiny bit early for a change.
  • Started the process of coffeeing up.
  • Some cleaning - maids are coming today ....
  • Long argument with an individual about what a terrible parent I am etc. etc.  Highly motivating!  Not!
  • Got caught up on emails, news, social media ....

To do:

  • Lots of work.
  • Take a shower before the maids get here.
  • Figure out the evening - kids have volleyball games kinda far away so I need to know when to leave.
  • Call math tutor re tomorrow & future classes.
  • Whatever else gets done while the maids are here.
  • Any exercise I get done today is a nice-to-have.
  • Bills.
  • Kids come home on the bus, they get themselves a snack and probably annoy the maids.
  • Kids to volleyball games.
  • Dinner after volleyball.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
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There is nothing more disconcerting than to be naked in the shower, sudsed up hair and all, and to hear  ferocious Rottie barks out in the hall.  Is someone breaking in?  Is my daughter ok?  I get out dripping and stick my head out the door and Juliet calmly looks at me and gives me a quiet "boof". 

Human care is finally done

Pet care is done

Medical care is done

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