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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

Safe travels to camp, Jean!

  • outside/barn work (clean up around hay boxes, deep clean one stall, empty & scrub water tank, wash water buckets)
  • work with horses
  • plan my week
  • water plants
  • menu plan (why yes, this has been on my list every single day this week and it's still not done...)
  • get bank deposits ready
  • read and relax
  • dinner: veggie burgers and waffle fries
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Good morning! dh and ds2 went to spend the day in the mountains. Dd2 and ds3 are still sleeping. I have some things I would like to get done, but it is mostly a relaxing day today for all.

  • coffee/write
  • read my library book
  • chores/clean kitchen
  • jen things
  • some laundry (? the kids might have to do theirs first)
  • homework help
  • leftovers for dinner

Have a great day!

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Morning, all!  Didn't get a lot done yesterday, had to take ds to pick up new car.  I ran some errands while waiting, but still had to sit for quite some time to make sure deal was done.  It was too hot!  

To do:

breakfast, kitchen



decide on lunches for the week


chicken in the crockpot (shred some for enchiladas/save some for chicken salad)


Have a great day!

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Good morning/afternoon!  Today we celebrate "family day" - 13 years ago we were granted permission to adopt our children.  Where has the time gone??

-prep biology and Spanish for next week
-cook big brunch once DS17 rolls out of bed at the crack of noon
-unplug (and force teens to unplug) and attempt to do something fun for the day (it just started absolutely pouring so outdoor plans for the beach and minigolf are a no go)
-dinner (a mix of everyone's favorite foods - steak, fried shrimp, burnt butter spaghetti, etc)
-make sure DS17 has clean uniforms for the week and see what days he needs to pack lunch
-watch Sharp Objects with DH.

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Hi!  I didn't get on yesterday because I was out running around all day.  (Well not running, unfortunately, mostly sitting, but away from home.)

Today I:

  • Slept in - such a rare pleasure.  (I did get up a couple times in the night feeling very uncomfortable - not sure why.)
  • Got my coffee, told my kids what they need to do today.  They are on their own for food.
  • Did my yoga and a few other exercises.
  • Shower / hair wash, breakfast.
  • A little reading.
  • Computer updates, cleared junk mail, got caught up on emails / social media.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Lots of work reports.
  • Fold / hang laundry, maybe do another load.
  • School forms.
  • Let's see how much kids' clothes purging / re-stocking I can get done today??
  • Drive 1 kid to a party.
  • Walk in the nearby park while she parties.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Get the kids to bed at a school-friendly hour.
  • Work.
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