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What color should I get?


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Holy smokes! I have this dress! I wore it to my niece’s wedding this past spring. AND I had a very difficult time choosing the color. The color I bought is not in that selection; it is a rosey beige. I did almost choose the Cobalt, though. 

Here is a picture, though you can only see the edge of the dress. 


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3 minutes ago, heartlikealion said:

Is it the one that your dd and you disagreed about the length? Lol I thought it looked like that dress! 

Yes, exactly. My dd thought it was an “odd” length; I thought it was perfect. We generally have very similar taste in clothing but she was totally wrong on this one, lol! I felt gorgeous in that dress. I thought it was the prettiest dress at the wedding. ? (Well, besides the bride.) 

The color choices were different when I was choosing. I love that dark purple. I probably would have picked that had it been an option. 

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I agree with the cobalt or teal.  At first I like the violet but after looking closer I realized there is some reddish undertones that I suspect would show even more in real life and since I don't care for any of the other two tone ones, I think I wouldn't like it as much in person.

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