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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Morning: reports
  • Need to write up shopping list for Thanksgiving stuff we will bring
  • Fit in a chiro appointment & a short walk
  • Afternoon appointment that will run into evening
  • Dinner
  • 2 reports

How is that shiny new stove / oven  working out, Jean?  :)

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After days of sitting on my butt and not accomplishing anything, today I have to get a move on.  Was up at 5:30 to see my parents off to the airport so I'm going to try and make the most of being up so early.  DS16 had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and is in a lot of pain - he is very stoic so if he is complaining, it is bad.  DH and I leave Friday for a 10 day cruise.



-workout (cardio)

-laundry (tons)  DONE:  7

-clean oven and my auto cleaner doesn't work (kids made a frozen pizza and cheese and grease dripped everywhere)

-make cranberry sauce

-make herb muffins for Thanksgiving

-find recipe for making mashed potatoes in crockpot

-check to see if turkey is defrosting properly

-try to get an hour or two of sun (tan fat looks better than pale fat....) - NOPE, TOO CLOUDY

-go through clothes to decide what I am packing for cruise

-mall for any last minute cruise purchases

-dinner (left over ham from yesterday)

-if DS16 isn't on pain meds, help him with a rough draft of his paper that is due Monday - NOPE, TOO DRUGGED UP

-start typing up day by day instructions/schedules for my parents while DH and I are on vacation

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Good morning!


We are up bright and early preparing for our horse vet appt., which will take most if not all of the morning. Ds19 is staying home from work this morning to help with the vet work.


•vet appt.


•office work (Yesterday was an office work marathon. I went through 50+ bills and got them all paid. There are just a few things left to do - our personal credit card bills, a corporate report, and some paperwork for our group health insurance renewal.)

•menu plan & shopping list (Still haven't done this. I'm living life on the edge by putting off my Thanksgiving shopping until Wednesday.  :tongue_smilie: )

•dinner: homemade pizza

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Go to upscale grocery store for homemade sausage meat for stuffing and, if available, Jerusalem artichokes


Drive a bit to get to poultry farm to pick up (pre-ordered) fresh killed turkey. I've had 'fresh' (aka chilled, not frozen) turkey before, but this will be my first real fresh one.


Regular supermarket for dairy stuff and free turkey breast (my freezer is not large enough for a whole turkey).


Make and frost sweet potato cake with brown sugar icing.


Make stuffing using jarred chestnuts, as fresh ones are still not peeled, lol.

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The vet just called and they are delayed because of an emergency call. This gives me time to get the kitchen clean before they get here.  


ETA: Change of plans. It is terribly cold and windy here today and the vet is concerned about the horses getting chilled while they are sedated. We have rescheduled for next week when it will be warmer and less windy.

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Good morning!


Get pork roast prepped.

Get kids started on their chores/work.

Call orthodontist about moving dd's appt.

AHG stuff


Get china, silver and table linens out.

Make apple pie.     Apples cooked. 

Pick up CSA box

General house tidying. 



dinner - pork roast, sweet potatoes, cooked apples, whatever green veg comes in my box



oven is cleaning, windows opened! I really need to remember to do this at non-holiday times. 

kids are playing outside with the dog, burying him in leaves over and over again   :D

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Just got back from ortho. She agreed to allow me to use one crutch with walking on the front of the boot as a trial, if it doesn't work, then I guess we'll go to the scooter.


Still on restrictions (no standing, no walking, no weight-bearing on the heel, rest), but at least I can get around a little. And I have a note for light duty at work and should be able to get out of chem lab (they have a dry lab I can do). 


I just need to fit some foam in the back of the boot, because it's too big there.



- class prep

- load of laundry

- wash dishes

- i don't know what else



Hope everyone is having a good one!

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Up in the wee hours getting reports out.

Homework corrections for 1 kid.

Got the kids off to the school bus on time.

Discussed business succession planning.

Took a nap.

More business succession planning (will this ever end??).

Back to work.  Hoping to stay on a roll and get lots of reports out.  Also need to respond to emails that stress me out.

Pay some bills.

Make some appointments.

Should practice my TKD form using online video. 

A little reading, housework, exercise.

Kid to horse riding.

Hope to get to TKD after horse riding.

Clean out the critter cage.

Make kids practice their music.


Kids to bed.


Whatever I'm forgetting.

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Good morning! Took dd2 to practice, then to her second practice. Made spiced pecans and cranberry sauce and am in the process of cleaning the kitchen before I have to pick up dd2. 


To do:


daily chores

take ds3 trampoline park

quick shopping trip

pick up ds3 from trampoline park

figure out dinner, maybe just leftovers

take dd2 to practice

maybe a beer at the new taproom by the pool


Have a great day!

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Cleaned kitchen, cleared lots of stuff (mostly belonging to other people  :glare: ) off the counters and wiped them down.


Cleaned paddocks, stalls, and haysheds for about 1.5 hours.


Cleaned hay steamer thoroughly and am descaling the boilers with vinegar and water.


Did two loads laundry.


Now off to face my office work...

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gathered materials  Made materials for next chapter.  But my problem has been that I don't 100% like the book we're using.  I actually like my own lessons (that I had when I used to teach Japanese as a living.)  OK  I just talked to dd and we're going to switch to my lessons.  So never mind the materials I just made!  Later I guess I will work on new materials. 

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Back from my class and showered! Having some oreos and watching The Curse of Oak Island.


Did the laundry and dishes. Had dinner. The modified boot situation is working out, yay! The mood seems improved as well.



*begin grump!* 

I am just so disappointed in this course. It's one of those ones that you have to engage in discussion in order to make it work and no one else wants to. I refuse to be the only one talking, but because no one else will, my grade is going to suffer on the participation side. At least there are only two weeks left-- one is presentations and the other is just turning in papers. I think if I hadn't been looking forward to it, I wouldn't be so sad about it-- I have another course I'm just not engaged with but I didn't expect it, and I just kind of feel meh about that. I had liked lab, except the manual was really poorly written in places. Whatever. You win some, you lose some.
*end grump!*
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