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Oh dear!

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I made a beautiful venison casserole for tea with leftover venison roast.


Was cooking in the oven beautifully in my great big airtight pottery casserole dish


Has cooked for 3 hours


Took it out carefully and checked if it was ready


Thought it needed 20 minutes more


Put it back in the oven and




I managed to rapidly tilt it on its side, yell out to ds13 to bring the biggest stainless steel dish and save enough for tea.


I still have to clean the oven


It was my favourite dish. I had it on display on an open shelf when not in use


On the bright side I now have a dish for planting succulents

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Sorry about the dish.  I've had quite a few break over the years, but never one like that.  


And, in the interest of full disclosure, when I read the first line of your post, I thought the title of the thread should be "Oh, deer".   :leaving:

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