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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

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3 loads of laundry


Cleaned top of fridge


Decluttered most of kitchen


Clean out kitchen food cupboards


Tidy bookshelves in living room/ schoolroom


Wash inside windows living room and master bedroom


Bake cookies


Cook chicken schnitzel and veggies for tea


Clean kitchen


Still to do - bathroom

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Good morning!  Nice relaxing day here.  I have to do some batch cooking for my oldest - the conditioning program he is on (for football and baseball) has put him on a new nutritional plan to gain major weight this summer and he has to eat a ton of food.  I'm trying to make batches of rice, protein, chili (in the 90 degree FL heat), cut up a bunch of vegetables and fruit, etc.



-work out (lower body HiiT cardio and leg weights)


-laundry (at least 4-5 loads)

-make sure oldest stays on task studying for finals

-Publix and Whole Foods

-batch cook (rice done; chili in crockpot; chicken tenderloins marinating in citrus/cumin blend.  And I have a ton of pots and pans to wash.  Kid better appreciate this....)


-figure out how many days of WWS1 we have left for youngest and figure out how to get it done ASAP so we can be done with school

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Good morning! Hoping for a day without rain. I can't even remember the last dry day we've had.


•go out to lunch with my dad

•stop at walmart to buy hoses and surge protector

•wrap dd's birthday presents

•get hay steamer working


•dinner: fettuccine alfredo

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Well, I woke up around 4 am with the worst heartburn- probably one the most painful episodes I've had. Feeling better now.



Clean kitchen

Paint porch chairs

Plant flowers I bought yesterday into new pots I bought yesterday

Tidy up trees, fertilize, mulch


I really need to load up my van and do a goodwill run-the clutter is bumming me out

Make kids help -haha haha


Send hubby back to Lowe's today for mulch and gutter downspout

And clear caulking


Gently encourage hubby to do his honey you better do list or your wife will be in a MOOD


Have a good day ya'll!

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I was on a roll last night, clearing some files and stuff.  It felt SO good to get rid of a pile of papers dating back to 2015!  It probably wasn't the best use of time with all the deadlines I have, but it made me feel lighter!


I also spent a lot of time on my kids' summer calendar in the wee hours.  I still have a lot more to do, but it's a start.


So I went to bed somewhere around 5am.  Not sure why I was so wound up.  Might have something to do with my kids being away.


So now I am supposed to be working ... well I am working, but not on the thing I'm supposed to be doing ....


Today should be quiet like yesterday.  I assume my sister will bring my kids back pretty late.  I am just sitting here alone at my computer.  It's kind of nice.

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