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A very well done Chinese history series

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I know it can be hard to find good books about non-Western history sometimes. I have been super impressed by this series that I recently discovered about Chinese history:



It's called Understanding China Through Comics. Apparently it was published a few years ago but went out of print (the prices on the editions from a few years ago are some of those, crazy million dollar Amazon books) and is now being released on Kindle for a reasonable price - the last volume will be out in a few months. I've been very happy with it. This is one of the first concise, accessible to American kids sources I've seen for the whole span of Chinese history - and that's something I struggled to find when I was teaching in the classroom. Chinese history was a big passion of mine in my college studies and this is such a good summary. Probably best for about 4th or 5th grade and up, but useful through high school (or to adults if you feel you know nothing about Chinese history).

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